Hi Point Carbine Review For First Time Ownership And Low Cost Prepping

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Thad Axtman: RedBall sports makes a 20 round mag that is approved by Hipoint for use in their 995. Just pick up a couple form them and work great. Any other mag will void the warranty...I love the gun, ugly as all get out, but who's gonna judge the beauty pageant when they are lookin at the business end of barrel

guy west: guard dag amo new one ?

tb marq: i got my 4595 in june of 2015 for $265+ tax, processing and FFL fee so around $300 when all was said and done. just recently picked up the jhp .45 to go along with it. one thing to consider is yeah the mags only hold 9 rounds (in .45 acp) but the ammo is light enough to where you can carry 10 mags on a belt with mag pouches. add that to the 2 mags clipped on the sides of the buttstock and one in the mag well, one in your sidearm and you've got some decent firepower for either weapon if the need arises, or simply if that's how you roll.

Joseph G.: I like your reference to the range and what kind of ammo is permitted. The indoor range I visit can't allow rifle ammo, to preserve the steel, but pistol ammo carbines are fine.  I have the 4595, and found that the ProMags work okay when I insert the 14-round mag while depressing the mag release button and chambering the first round.

MrRayMac1963: It's an ugly duck, but i love mine, and you can't beat the Hi-point warranty.    Only wish they would do a factory hi cap mag.  On a related note, using the Promag 20 rounders will void your warranty.  Thanks for the review MD.

ruby kaufman: One sweet thing is that, the Mag's are inner changeable between the carbine and the pistols or at least my 45 calibers are and I would assume the 9 mm is too! Plus I hear the 9 mm and the 380 Mag's are the same as well.

ray lowery: i have a Ruger mini-14 i bought years ago when they first came out, never thought of buying another semi-automatic rifle after shooting the mini-14 with 30 round bannana clips duck-taped back to back. Anyone reading this can tell me the advantages of switching to the Hi Point Carbine over the mini-14? The only reason i would consider it would be because of the round being used, i dont know how far a .223 would travel after it goes through the sorry piece of garbage that tries to enter my home? I did have a 9mm pistol once, liked the accuracy of the round, nice flat trajectory to the bullit. Any ideas to this situation would be appreciated, thanks 

Michael Mitchell: I picked up my 995 classic at a gunshow for $150 with 3 magazines then picked up a ATI polymer stock for $89 and picked up another 9 10 round Hi-Point magazines.

sunsetdarkness0231: I've grown up around fire-arms. Specifically rifles although I leaned towards hand guns. I've only shot three tactical rifles ,but never really had the chance to familarize myself with them. I've personally never owned a gun and am planning to buy one soon. I was wondering if this was a good first time gun in general. Not just as a tactical rifle ,but just something to start on. I know it might seem a little weird to get a tactical rifle as your first fire-arm but it's the class of gun I chose. I'm planning to get the .40.

Not8upwthit: They go with the 9's due to the weight. Defending my home I'll take the 45 acp EVERY time. 230gr at 830' per second is devastating. Sure I like my 9's as they have their place no doubt. Find one person that's been in a gun fight that would grab the 9 over the 45 with the same capacity. Not going to happen.

fredfurner: where did you get the mag holders for the stock?

Siunloader: Am really thinking about one of these.... I have an XD chambered in .40 it makes a lot of sense to have a cool "ugly" rifle that shoots the same round. Really good review! Count me as a new subscriber.

DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS: i am confident i am the cheapest sob around, so i have a hp 22 auto i got for 100, a 38 snub nose for 200, added to an old 12 ga. like 200. 
i'm not going to war as far as i can tell , so that seems adequate.
- but this carbine appeals to me alot, i could pick one up for 300. 
( the last carbine i had was an M-l  i paid 75 bucks for)

DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS: sub 2000 go for twice the price of a hi point around here.

Kevin Queen: anyone ever slugged the barrel on your hi point 9mm carbine. Im trying to figure out which cast bullet to buy

Russell Suender: Did you have trouble loading the magazine? A bit tough after 7-8 rounds.I know it's necessary to have a tight spring,but this much? 

Russell Suender: Fun for plinking,accurate at 50 yards,tight grouping,But I want to change the generic looking sites to a red dot type.


Captain Slappywacks: I have the .40 and love it. They aren't pretty but mine is extremely accurate and will feed any ammo you put in it no problem. If you see one for a good price scoop it up. I bought mine right after all the gun craziness started because I found a guy selling one for a good price and figured they were about to go up..sure enough, the only ones I've seen for sale around here are going for over $100 more than I paid for mine
Hi Point Carbine Review for First Time Ownership and Low Cost Prepping 5 out of 5

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Hi Point Carbine Review for First Time Ownership and Low Cost Prepping