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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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martin27: CinnamonGood
Christopher Wanha: The bringing in the television part is funny, but I think it makes it easier for the "dupe" to logically deduce they've drawn a forced card. <-- I don't do magic, so perhaps all cards are forced?
TheSmike: hm erinnert mich an ein asus iPad im querformat xD
Chloe wolf 3 Gardner3: chloe thats my name
Michelle Laurel: Your so pretty
PawnchYoFace: you do realize they run on the exact same graphics engine right? they have different configs that is all
dworth24: im not having issues with the motor per se but the key cylinder to lower and raise the window is giving me a problem. i got inside the tailgate and see a small box with 2 buttons on it. one button loweres and one button raises the window. when i push the buttons manually the window goes up n down. but using the key from outside, i can make window go up but it wont go down even though it seems the key cylinder arm hits the button, just not hard enough i guess. have you dealt with this issue and is there a particular name for the box with the 2 buttons because i cant find it anywhere thanks