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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ian Yencha: Underground railroad thingie....
David Kaiser: \,,/_ AC DC  _\,,/
doddipatla sai siddardha: which one is best can u say either samsing or lenovo can u plz say
ScotSpeed: stumbled across it on netflix. watched it. i felt an emotion. that emotion was good.
Patrick Zelenak: Fr Barron has helped me grow closer to God. If you have an "ax to grind" or are suspect about organized religion, reflect on this for a long time: by our nature, we humans are social beings, helping each other along life's journey. If you want a perfect society get a robot to run it. We need ORGANIZATION and ORDER to give us PEACE in our lives. Thus, organized religion help us grow closer to God.
Rad T: its $10k in US. Europe - no idea
steppnwolf76109: what about in sand...I don't just mean a little sandy but nothing but sand. Im trapping in the Mississippi river so there is no good ground.