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Perception of Darkness: Hi!
I am looking into getting an USB Midi-dmx box for my liveshows. i intend on using a DAW software like Cubase or Ableton Live to send midi signals to the box along side the backingtrack and metronome our band using(Left metronome-Right backtrack).

DANIEL FAVOR: Thanks for your tutorials which are very helpful to me. But need help on part five of these series. I have tried to open it severally with no avail. Will greatly appreciate.
Cpt Awesome: Mäcklarren xD
Feledwards: theres one for sale locally in Seattle - 37K miles - $59K. $136K new? May be a good deal if value holds or goes up. Beautiful car.
yusuf emir özer: wazzup 1207 den çaldı
ghostly: You should have kept tom coughlin
Cintia Fernandes Dos Santos: Amo muito seu canal Beijos