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SuperDave21: This is not a Z-28.... it's a standard model Camaro with a Z-28 badge on the rear valance. There is no shame in building a standard Camaro... why do people continually try to pass of clones? Great looking car, and probably a hoot to drive. Nice package...!
AmazedMobile 117: That zoom in on todds face tho, 10/10 beautiful man full of liiiesss
Brian Robben: Read and summarized this book for my Take Your Success audience! It's unbelievable and I'm convinced every single person should read it at least once.
Александр Журавлёв: Характеристики и цены.
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Jimmy Dore: SOLD!!! God damn that 1911SC is just stunning!
KilerStreak's Gaming Channel: I'm curious; has anyone's Touch ID system stop working after jailbreaking?
A month or so after I jailbroke my SE (iOS 9.3.3), the Touch ID slowly started to stop working. When I unjailbroke it, same result.

Kyle Simpson: "How do you think the new cards will affect C'thun bolster? ok nevermind..."