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salvatore DeAngelo: Terrible gun bad problem with Jamming And no fix for it
Max Zhu: Thank you.
Thad Axtman: RedBall sports makes a 20 round mag that is approved by Hipoint for use in their 995. Just pick up a couple form them and work great. Any other mag will void the warranty...I love the gun, ugly as all get out, but who's gonna judge the beauty pageant when they are lookin at the business end of barrel
USMACHINEGUN: it is easy to fold once you get it figured out. why would you need to unfold it any faster? If used for self defense, either keep it unfolded or use a pistol. 
Strawberry Jam Nipple Fuck: Its alreadt fixed
Just hard reboot it and its good to go

Jacob Dileo: If you look behind the fuse box inside the car right underneath where the hood latch cable runs there is a rubber grommet. Pop off that grommet and run a coat hanger up through the hole and it will come out where you're running your power wire. then you can pull your power wire through and have a cleaner install since you won't see the power wire when you open the door. 
barney scofield: new update sucks. does anyone know how to restore the previous version :/