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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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m3zzah: @PowerSlaveAlfons Haha, then i guess i was kinda lost tbh
Don Stewart: ppsh-44
mipmipmipmipmip: Is there a 220V version of this machine for europe?
Monkey Thailand: งูเหลือมน่าจะรัดคอจงอางให้ตายไปเลยนะ
Lesly Santos: has anyone had allergies in which it feels like your throat is clogged or something and its hard to breathe or like theres like a feeling of dryness in the throat? cuz thats the worst allergy i have ever had..just wanted to put that out there cuz it was terrible :'(
Nick Carter: Pasta he's Canadian
Crazy_ Power: bel video ps4 forever