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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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livemeyer: I wanted to see this thing in action. You should rename this TI-84 unboxing, I saw no shot of a screen. On to the next video...
PlaystationPlayer: Hey i am getting this phone. I just orderd it from ebay today. BRAND NEW. Not stupid refurbished. Ihave an env touch and it kinda !@# up once in a while, not the best touch screen. how is the touch screen on the Dare?? i can't wait to get it. do you have to press very hard on the touch screen?
Super Jozzef: doesnt Nvidia shield K1 kills them all?
Shanna Anarchy: Set it ( the lipstick) with a translucent powder and you'll be fine :)
MBE Madebyear.com: Shame his mic is quite Sibilant!
AdventureMinerPro // MCPE: Why am i watching this?
I live in a tropical country!
oh, wait im a penguin.

TheNonfat: Looking at Nadal is like a spa to my eyes lol