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Sovereign Knight: I just did this on my 97 Accord SE. I WISH it was as simple as yours to take out. I had to go all the way back to the center console, undo the radio, undo the climate control bezel, then get to the gauge cluster. It was a BITCH! I also replaced the turn signal indicators,SRS,high beam,seat belt, and check engine light. (all #74's) After I got it all back together the damn check engine light would not go out! I thought I had an issue so I brought it to Pepboys and they checked it. Their computer returned ZERO codes! It turns out that the car's computer DOES NOT like the CEL lamp to be replaced with an LED! It will just stay lit! I replaced the CEL with a #74 bulb and it now it goes off. 
oceanoftimeGER: Incredible stage!
CaveiraGamerBr: 0:45 that scope from awp is so ugly , in the final version is much better :D
Mick Gepford: Is it stoked with fish ... If so can I come fish it of be more then happy to pay a small fee
david bruns: thanks a lot, you just made my day
FelisDestructicus: Love the cover of Rammstein's Engel. XD
@6Italia0: Wondering if this install is the same for this intake system, if so awesome, cuz this is the car I have:D