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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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RabbidRacer24: Did anyone notice that this MSR is boasting a carbon fiber forend?
Xcorgi: Package one should only list at $18,500.00. No one is going to let you rip them off! Major Fail!!!
David Averbeck: Did you rejet that with the new exhaust
PierceMedia: audio is much better. good job guys!! there's still room for improvement.. .
Dan white: This bike is fine for the price i had one to befor it got stolen... but the seat sucks its a fail hurts in the front end where uR legs bend at under your thighs a regular triangle seat with good padding is better bike seat 
Cristine Melo: awesome... so perfect..
bryce frazier: disappointing that a watch of the reputation and price of the Luminox cannot get the second hand to align with the markers...a deal breaker for me. Much less expensive watches i.e. Citizen and Seiko do not have this problem.