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Kassie Smith: Not a half bad special; certainly had some interesting characters. Dr. Yung is one of my favorite villains, even with only one appearance. I think it's because I like scientist villains, they always have this unique air of superiority or curiosity about them.
Also Mew...don't...don't get me started on Mew...it was one of two moments that made me temporarily hate Yung...

Kinji-Tohyam Kun: Esa risa de kalathras cuando veía debajo de la falda de la figura de una chica de evangelion no parecía actuada lol
Nicekill BG: Vista + PORN = 2012!!
TWOV: I want to buy this collection
Michelle Morales: Puedo usar curry en lugar de cúrcuma ? 
Wanda Seeker: Sandrine's beauty is way tooo much for Will. Sorry for saying this. Sandrine's so beautiful. That's why I'm saying this. Peace :)
hi IM.THE.WEIRDEST.: i will give you 295 fo thouse jordan 11