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Harmeen Singh Jaryal: hello alan, i admit that the tutorials you make are simple the "BEST"..... but i have a very important question.....i have successfully implemented ckeditor as a WYSIWYG Editor but i have got a huge problem...whenever i click on 'save changes' button, the contents get saved in the database but also gets wrapped up in a paragraph tab(

) with an extra

tag in the last line and if i dont add content and just press the save changes button it still adds a paragraph tag......plz help me....i am making this as project to submit in my college and i am stuck here so please please help me...........hoping for your reply soon....
Lily Magy de Velásquez: Bloquea la circulacion de la sangre por favor no sea tan tonto
TransparentCoconut: Crap, I just unlocked bite and now my game freezes before loading.
dev sharma: yes karnal is best city,,,,and my haryana is best and my india is great ...love from germany
mookie: Big thanks to pandoragate for the info about "Common Controls". I made a really nice widget and could not, for the life of me, get it centred on my home screen. Cheers. 
john becay: i didn't know they sold air conditioning in England....
gwp1ohio: just received my Mako's, contemplating baking them.