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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Friendly Nail: Haha Germany turned into a fish
Dad: I found this video by closing my eyes and clicking the one of many on your playlist.
bigman33 frias: please help!
Richard Sarpong: does the 2006 2wd have the back up camera ??
Ray The Comic Guy: Thanks guys, more reviews, raffles and everything is coming lol. Check us out to on ig, tftv comics
Bryan Averi: That is the correct knot... You want the weight of the airplane to do the most work. What you don't want is a rope that is so tight that all the stress is always on the aircraft tie down point. Check out how a boat is tied with a rubber stretch part in-between the boat and the dock. The rubber takes the stress until the rubber is stretched out the most, then it is taunt . Some thing happens on an airplane. let the slip knot 'SLIP' and let the weight of the airplane absorb most of the stress. When the slip knot has slipped all the way, it is now locked as tight as any other knot. but through the life of the knot tie down, you will prevent 90% of the ground wind produced stress. I was taught this at A&P school by a WW-1 pilot.
MarkCEO09: That sandwich looks good, but 15 mins wait? Might as well get some fried chicken and eat it while you wait lol.