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Kraut2121: This is a free country, not a secure country. Get it in your head government swine.
Kian Voghooee: can i offer some tips as a fellow wild hunter? use your hunting assistant on the right side and have the jaguar sitting on the left side when doing the chin. Sonic roar can mob the left side mobs whilst hitting the chin. Use the hunting assistant on the right side in the same spot again when doing the eyes, and just jump down to clear the mobs on the left, or use the tele. 5th job skill is best used to clear the mobs at the bottom since it lasts for 30 seconds and you dont have to go down. Try it out, see how it goes! Nice vid never the less :)
jus52200: What's Funny Is The Production XTS Looks Very Similar To That. Usually Carmakers Change The Whole Design Before It's Released
Hugo Boss: What i have learned playing on Very hard is to strictly follow the path of default victory conditions - taking only the settlements needed to complete the campaign. A luck and smart diplomacy also is a factor. For example i joined and won war against Arverni and made everybody love me, then i bribed those allies into military alliance ( as they owned a regions i needed to complete the game). My campaign is not over (still have 1 region in North to take, i have 10 armies and 1 enemy) yet but i  think, that victory by pure military force is nearly impossible on Very Hard or Legendary as you will end up fighting against 2/3 of the map. The game simply wont allow you to sustain enough armies. But i will definitely follow your campaign and would like to see myself proved wrong. Good luck!
Goku 123: I hate gohan
Essie Winter: I like reading the comments XD LMAO
jay hambers: Hello is car still for sale and price guy...