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5cud6uddy: @sixdeuce4trey I think that it is a bit tougher paint than regular rattle can. I have habitually used this paint since I screwed up a gas tank on a Suzuki Savage motorcycle in the mid 90's. Back then I was really using flat black and engine enamel allowed me to do that without having to use a protective clear coat. This particular paint is fuel and heat resistant. I like that regardless of whether I am running an engine on the bike or not.
Sweet Dream: I really hope I won 
John Graham: I have a se tech tdi and it has been a great car. Love it and I think the armrest is great but I'm 6ft4. Get 55mpg driving very easy on a regular basis doing motorway runs. The bose sound system is great too. Very good value 2nd hand.
hunterknight4: i just did it in word, i put a black background and then printed it then added decoupage medium to seal it
FirstPlaceParts.com: Castle X Launch snowmobile jacket, features and benefits.
Tony Nguyen: Great sale!
luisito techno: y otra cosa cada modelo tiene qe llevar su color apropiado el modelo de sony 4 y en ese color es horrible el modelo de ps4 los colores qe triunfan son el negro y el blanco y se acavo el pls1 en gris si molava por que tenia un modelo qe si qe pegava con el gris pero lo k a exo sony solo es para sacar dinero nada mas