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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Laurel Smith: The pan doesn't leak like the spring form pan? and I didn't know a cheese cake was a custard till you said so. Things that I learn here. So handy. :)
rich r: What do some of these guys do for a living to afford these bad ass boats?  You probably need to make at least $200k a year to even think about shopping for one.  It's not just the boat, its the trailer, the truck to pull it with, storage, fuel and maintenance that all add up.
Rogério Giovani da Rosa: "Unique!" "Special!" "Unique!" And it's just a Pagani Zonda Rip off...
elion tuning Oliveira: da hora curti parabéns (-_-)
RichformO4: I agree intros get very old and simply pointless to have on any video. XD One reason why I quit reviewing my stuff.
Danzo Wrath: wow, your 1-5 trade proof vid are from 3 years ago, yet you want people to send to you first, and you want all high end cads. lol. good luck.
Carter The Brown: Liked the video! Personally I thought this movie was the weirdest film ever made. Hilariously entertaining. I even thought it was really deep too. Awesome. Check out my review as well. I tried to be as creative as possible for this unbelievably creative movie. Thanks and keep up the great work!