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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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codey10: @RCWFREAK1993 the 351m are big blocks, they're basically destroked 400, the widsor is a small block but the cleveland are more like mid blocks, they're bigger than a small block but fit small block bolt patterns on the tranny
OmegaSconer: You can go wrong with it folks.............you actually can. Continue to eat these poisons and reduce your lifespan. The mind frame of those in the states is madness compared to the rest of the world when it comes to health. 
SimpleFun: Lol hilarious cause I'm from red deer haha they're are most definitely people like that here
Daniel Oluwadare: @V3dugo 'the most chilled reaction I've ever seen, I'd run out eat and STILL tele O_O
marcin l: nice ride
bosnian: what face shape they will look good on thanks
Callum Carmicheal: So i get banned of xbox live and then i try 2 run halo combat evolved i buyt and then it says cant lauch halo combat evolved anny ways of fixing that by mod or somthing HELP!