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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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bee top: @ 6:18, the photographer on the left, in the white sweater missed his snap shot of the CCX. He didn't even see it coming.
jakascott21: @KillerDrums777 he already dies either way, in xbox/PC version if you dont shoot him then he bleeds out and dies and on the gamecube/ps2/wii version he is killed by williams A.K.A tom reed
RussianFlowerChild: lots of am-track trains !!
RN Games: e basuca e 1:49 e mentira
lalalalove54: I'm gonna try this
nelizmastr: Unfortunately in my 1,1 the fan assembly in the front doesn't come out. It seems to be stuck on the bottom. There is no movement or point to grip down there, so I can't reach my CPUs. Really bugging me that I wasted money on something I can't use.
MrGuesswhatihateyou: No, Tilikum was NOT born in captivity. He was captured near Iceland in 1983.