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Zoe yy: Just saying she's going to the movies and she looks like she's going to work and that's just weird you don't have to ware a hole cute older look you going to the movies and everyone is tell her off and saying mean things about her she's not your daughter is she ? Because you act like it don't think about her think about you she's like 10 now and pretty much breaking her down if you hate her so much why don't you just stop typing and just ignore it and think if you were little and everyone was saying mean things about you and swearing at you wouldn't that make you sad and mad because everyone is bothering you and saying this. How would you feel if you were her reading these comments ? Thoughts? About this
Shauna Hennessy: Lovely rainjacket
JBOMBERXTREME: Thats better than zazinombieses python
randomwhaleify: When will part 3 be done?
mrpeebee1: Nice comparison. You sound quite simular on all pieces. I liked the Long Body the best, followed by the no USA (it sounded a bit more closed in the high register). The Link 6* sounded more closed than both 9* Links and the Jody mouthpiece was the brightest. When testing mouthpieces you can better play with more airstream: playing soft (as you did) doesn't reveal the differences very well. The 'real' character of a mouthpiece comes up when played loud!
hilal alhilali: The doll is cute

slc9800gtx: Who ever commented that regular D mode is faster than the sport mode, knows exactly what they are talking about. I own the 2013 Maxima.  Sport mode give your the sound of "simulated" gear shifts, but is slower 0 to 60 and uses more gas.  It just sound better in sport mode.  It may cost you 2 or 3 percent on your mpg in sport mode.  However, if you drive sensibly in sport mode, it gets near the same gas mileage , but less ever time you give it a hard acceleration than D mode would.  Also, as a side note, a K&N drop in air filer gives you approximately 10 percent better gas mileage. I get 30 mpg on the highway.