Crosman 357 Pistol And 760 Pumpmaster Review Part 1

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Christian Hernandez: your dumb bro the barrel is metal and the rifle isn't crossman

shelby gamer: why buy this buy a buck or daisy bb gun their more fun and reliable and cheaper with higher quality parts like or respond if you agree

Kobe Vickers: Kid you got new detail about what you talking about I'm sure half the things you said you made up and you didn't even call that revolver it's real name you said 757 is 357 and you gave all the credit to it because it was new we have no experience with both of them and you're just a kid that just wanted to get a little new toy and I bet you did the same with the pump master going to look at this new toy it's so amazing you don't even know what you're talking about half the video you didn't know rifling was you can't get plastic rifling you don't have rifling any air gun second off and rifling is in German so can you shut up you have no knowledge also seeing the UPS man made a mistake you sign online with your credit card idiot

gunz-n-gadgets: The barrel on my 760 is metal.

kadondog14: Good review man but may I suggest a comment that I have cut the barrel down and it is cheap metal not hard plastic other wise good video bro

XmiX Clan: It's called a airgun not a real rifle it's going to be plastic

Tristin Harper: Let's face it 760 sucks ass

Ed Franchi: crosman is not hard to pump try a sheratin

YourRussian People: Hey freak tard the barrel if freaking metal.

Jake Cortez: Swag

Lord_Horatio_Nelson: hey retard! only pellets

Alec Wyatt: The pumpmaster also has a rifled barrel.

Alec Wyatt: The magazine is in front the reservar is in back.

Alec Wyatt: The barrel is steel!

Wil Christensen: I enjoyed the review of the pumpmaster but you should have spent more time using the revolver

sebastian guzman: hey retarded in the crosman 357 you can also use bbs and pellets

Gerald Draws: The barrel is metal retard


dogcool132: Dude the barrel is metal
Crosman 357 pistol and 760 pumpmaster review part 1 5 out of 5

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Christian Hernandez: your dumb bro the barrel is metal and the rifle isn't crossman
Jack Herer: 6,666 views... creepy
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Crosman 357 pistol and 760 pumpmaster review part 1