DIY LED Lights For Woodturning

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DIY LED Lights For Woodturning
DIY LED Lights For Woodturning
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tom brock: just got mine. can't wait to hit the shop to make base. get light from IKEA. they are $9.99 + shipping. so i bought 3-so overall each light was $ 16.00

Ken Rizza: Cheap alternative to a good LED that can be found on

As Wood Turns: Hmmm. I'm sure that I'll remember this next time I'm tempted. For tenon sizing I'm now using sharpened end wrenches. Thank you for highlighting this risk. Alan Stratton

twistoftime: I am continually amazed to find YouTube turning videos that show turners using calipers while the piece is turning. This is a great way to discover just how sharp those metal pieces are, usually confirming that metal will penetrate flesh. You speak of being safe, and then demonstrate a great way to collect an injury. It only takes one slight mis-movement to catch and then fling that pointed metal piece into some part of your anatomy. Working safe means...working safe!

As Wood Turns: Well that's a tough one. How about gluing your blank to a scrap block - top to faceplate? Make sure your blank is a little longer than otherwise. This would enable you to turn a recess in the bottom, Then shape the rest figuring for a flat at the height you've targeted. IMO the flat should be covered by the IKEA lamp base. Then part it off at the flat. For me, turning would be a little awkward because you're cramped between the facepate and the base. but do-able. Give it a try. Alan Stratton

Alan Cann: Good evening Alan, I have had my Ikea lights sitting in my workshop for a month now, but I don't have a scroll chuck yet. Is there some way I might be able to do this with a faceplate?

Rick McQuay: I had that happen on some of my videos.

As Wood Turns: It wasn't the camera - It was the production software that downgraded the resolution. After your comment, I checked further, found the obscure setting, and fixed it. Thank you Alan

Rick McQuay: Nice little project, going to subscribe. Hopefully soon you can acquire a higher res camera.

As Wood Turns: Joseph - please check out my latest video. I turned a small bowl without a chuck. Alan Stratton

As Wood Turns: Yes, any tool with a iron base that needs light can use one. I just purchased 4 more. Alan Stratton

Bill Skoros: Nice fun and simple project. While I don't have a lathe, its a great idea and I can create something with a band saw for my small shop at home. Can always use more light when using it or my drill press.

As Wood Turns: Great idea - I'll get one for several of my other tools. Alan

Joseph Ford: Hi Alan - I'm always looking for more light while working - ops I mean playing - on the lathe. Very nice I'm ordering some today! I think some would be nice on other shop tools too, like my bandsaw!

As Wood Turns: Nice that it all works for you. Alan Stratton

Brown Suspenders: Thanks for the "lamp". I bought 2, attached 1 to a 4" steel spring clamp and I have saved the other. Fantastic lunch. Yes, they do make the "clamping" kind but the reach is much shorter..Now I am off to buy the 1x8 spindle tap. Keep the videos coming.

As Wood Turns: Well said. Thank you Alan Stratton

ZephZhang: "This is a shop article, it didn't need to be beautiful". I totally don't agree. What can be more pleasant that surrounding yourself with beautiful things that you've created while you work. It is like surrounding yourself with little reminders of joy and pride, plus it creates a welcoming atmosphere. Then again, I believe that the shop is a living spaces as much as is a kitchen. I think you did a nice job on those and I love the idea.

Greg Heller: The only Ikea store in Washington is on the Seattle side of the Puget Sound... I live on the other side and don't go to Seattle unless forced to... Thanks again for the ideas. Always looking for something new.

As Wood Turns: I understand, It took me some time to plan my trip as Ikea is clear across town. Thanks for watching. Alan Stratton
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DIY LED Lights For Woodturning