DIY LED Lights For Woodturning

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DIY LED Lights For Woodturning
DIY LED Lights For Woodturning
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tom brock: just got mine. can't wait to hit the shop to make base. get light from IKEA. they are $9.99 + shipping. so i bought 3-so overall each light was $ 16.00

Ken Rizza: Cheap alternative to a good LED that can be found on

ZephZhang: "This is a shop article, it didn't need to be beautiful". I totally don't agree. What can be more pleasant that surrounding yourself with beautiful things that you've created while you work. It is like surrounding yourself with little reminders of joy and pride, plus it creates a welcoming atmosphere. Then again, I believe that the shop is a living spaces as much as is a kitchen. I think you did a nice job on those and I love the idea.

As Wood Turns: Ikea likes you to take their full route around the store. However, if you ask specifically they will give you directions for a short cut. Enjoy Alan

MrSkeeter18: Thanks Allan. That is a great idea. Thanks bob

As Wood Turns: Don't wait too long, the fun is going on without you. Alan

As Wood Turns: Nice that it all works for you. Alan Stratton

As Wood Turns: I understand, It took me some time to plan my trip as Ikea is clear across town. Thanks for watching. Alan Stratton

Scott Taylor: Elegant solution to an old (and ongoing) problem. Thanks for sharing :)

RealRuler2112: They at least used to make these with a magnetic base - have had one on the lathe for several years. Most useful $10 Christmas present I ever got. :) They're especially useful for thin-wall turning, judging the thickness by the amount of light coming through the wood, and like mentioned before, since they're LED the vibrations don't kill the filament (because there isn't one).

Allen Tyler: Great video Alan keep up the good work

Colin Tonkasdad: another project to do when my workshop is finished its refurb! nice one cheers ...

As Wood Turns: Thanks for watching. Alan

Greg Heller: The only Ikea store in Washington is on the Seattle side of the Puget Sound... I live on the other side and don't go to Seattle unless forced to... Thanks again for the ideas. Always looking for something new.

Pablo Gazmuri: You can also buy a round magnet with a metal case at the ACE hardware store which are about 3" in diameter. You then drill the two holes for the screws and washers to make up for the height of the screws base.The cost total is $20. Thanks.

Larry Pierce: Where didyou find them for 11.00 ? Cheapest I've found on ebay and Amazon for 19.95 plus shipping.. Great Idea Larry PIerce

Mike Waldt: Guess who now has no excuse not to go to Ikea with his wife!!!!!! Great video Alan, thanks. Take care Mike

Bob Daniel: Good idea! BTW I always find it a bit confusing that the action in the video is not in sync with your voice-over... you'll be describing something about the tailstock for example, when that part of the video has not happened yet, or happened some time earlier... just my two cents!

David Borch: Thats a great idea. And with the lights being LED they are not subjective to breakage(burnout and such) like other bulbs, they are low voltage and last longer. So the cost savings is great. Great vid,

As Wood Turns: JANSJÖ LED work lamp, black $9.99 Article Number: 201.696.58 Per Alan

carl53301: Very good idea thank you

As Wood Turns: It wasn't the camera - It was the production software that downgraded the resolution. After your comment, I checked further, found the obscure setting, and fixed it. Thank you Alan

As Wood Turns: Likewise Thanks Alan Stratton

Carl Jacobson: Great idea Alan, Carl

As Wood Turns: Great tip for the thin wall turning. Thanks Alan Stratton

As Wood Turns: I take tips from where ever I can find them. Thanks Alan

Bill Skoros: Nice fun and simple project. While I don't have a lathe, its a great idea and I can create something with a band saw for my small shop at home. Can always use more light when using it or my drill press.

As Wood Turns: Hmmm. I'm sure that I'll remember this next time I'm tempted. For tenon sizing I'm now using sharpened end wrenches. Thank you for highlighting this risk. Alan Stratton

Lamar Sineath: Anything helpful like this deserves a 'like' in my book. WTG, good find. :)

Greg Heller: I'm planning my next trip to the closest Ikea store.... Thanks Alan.

As Wood Turns: Glad you like them Alan

As Wood Turns: The voice over is one of the hardest parts of producing a video for me. I'm working on it but obviously have not not conquered it yet. Thanks for your observation. Alan

As Wood Turns: I'm even considering buying and making a couple more for other equipment: sander, miter saw, etc. Enjoy Alan Stratton

As Wood Turns: Well that's a tough one. How about gluing your blank to a scrap block - top to faceplate? Make sure your blank is a little longer than otherwise. This would enable you to turn a recess in the bottom, Then shape the rest figuring for a flat at the height you've targeted. IMO the flat should be covered by the IKEA lamp base. Then part it off at the flat. For me, turning would be a little awkward because you're cramped between the facepate and the base. but do-able. Give it a try. Alan Stratton

Joseph Foresta: Great Video, love any reason to do some turning. My wife just gave me a 14" swing lathe for Christmas so while I have turned pens and small projects in the past nothing big. It is a HF lathe so the nova chucks don't fit. I was wondering if you could show some face plate turning with no chucks. I have a root ball of a bush drying on my back porch that I would love to turn into a bowl but I'm not sure how to turn a bowl with only a face plate. any suggestions would be appreciated.

As Wood Turns: Well said. Thank you Alan Stratton

As Wood Turns: You are so welcome. Enjoy Alan Stratton

As Wood Turns: Joseph - please check out my latest video. I turned a small bowl without a chuck. Alan Stratton

As Wood Turns: Thanks for watching. Alan

Joseph Ford: Hi Alan - I'm always looking for more light while working - ops I mean playing - on the lathe. Very nice I'm ordering some today! I think some would be nice on other shop tools too, like my bandsaw!

Brown Suspenders: Thanks for the "lamp". I bought 2, attached 1 to a 4" steel spring clamp and I have saved the other. Fantastic lunch. Yes, they do make the "clamping" kind but the reach is much shorter..Now I am off to buy the 1x8 spindle tap. Keep the videos coming.

Gerald Jensen: Too bad IKEA doesn't sell these on their website ... they are only available at their brick & mortar stores.

houtjeboom: Nice Idea..... thank you Alan

Rick McQuay: I had that happen on some of my videos.

As Wood Turns: At Ikea - at the store only - I believe in the bedroom area. They don't offer them online. When you go to the store, ask directions for the short cut to the bedroom area. Enjoy. Alan

As Wood Turns: Most chucks offer adapters to spindles. I recommend a chuck for bowl turning. Early on, I turned with only a faceplate. A couple of approaches: 1) Screw thru the faceplate directly into your workpiece. 2) Glue another scrap piece to your stock and screw into it. A piece of kraft paper in the glue line between the two pieces of wood will help. To finish the foot, you'd need a scrap for a jamb chuck screwed to the face plate. Not much space here. Good Luck & start with a different bowl - Alan

Alan Cann: Good evening Alan, I have had my Ikea lights sitting in my workshop for a month now, but I don't have a scroll chuck yet. Is there some way I might be able to do this with a faceplate?

Larry Pierce: Thanks I check it out .. Larry

As Wood Turns: Thanks - I immediately liked them. Alan

As Wood Turns: Yes, any tool with a iron base that needs light can use one. I just purchased 4 more. Alan Stratton
DIY LED Lights For Woodturning 5 out of 5

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tom brock: just got mine. can't wait to hit the shop to make base. get light from IKEA. they are $9.99 + shipping. so i bought 3-so overall each light was $ 16.00
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DIY LED Lights For Woodturning