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Chavela Riviuera: hahah my son (2 years) says all day : Maya kijke! (want to watch maya)
TiRex Gamer: Por el video de el reto de llegaarmas
Artur Neto: pessoal boa noite eu tenho um sansung galaxy S 2 lite gostaria de saber se dar pra trocar o lcd dele? onde acho barato pra comprae
Gigaloader: I agree with the color temperature of the screen. It lacks the red value out of the box...but you can calibrate the color to your own standards. Win8 has build in color calibration and if that's not enough Intel included their own software plugin for their onboard graphic chip. Overall this thing is amazing (considering the price) and replaced the use of my IPad. The screen comes pretty close in color to the IPad if calibrated right. Did anybody open this thing yet to see if ram and ssd drive is upgradeable?
choco bougie: Can you do a video about your studies please 😊
Arun Babu: I have some doubts... I'm sorry if I'm wrong.... Y did u take limits as l/2 to l/2? It should be l/2 and - l/2?
SUBARU WRC: I am 29 and love civic.all of them

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