Honda Atc200 3 To 2 Wheeler Prototype, Fat Cat Big Wheel Dirt Bike Pit Missile Kit

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pntpro1: What length and rating shocks did you use?

Francis Doucet: Hey gregory! I'm in the middle of the same project right now. But i'm stuck at the swingarm pivot! I have to re-think my design. What did you use? Looks like a really long bolt that goes through a steel round tube ( maybe threaded?) That you welded to the existing frame? I followed your thread on oldminibikes and wrote you a message on the forum. Hope you can help me even if that was 7 years ago haha !

Ken Lendener: the neighbors must love you.

Brian Pottorff: Gregory what kind of rear axle is that? I was going to just build one but that one looks great! Thanks.

Robert Smith: These ATC vehicles were not safe for people that did not get the concept of riding one. I rode the 250R all over Glamis Dunes in California in 1986 first time I ever rode one. Jumped it, Pulled wheelies at 50-60 mph while up shifting, rode it hard and it was new, never crashed. I did see people out there crashing them in the desert occasionally. It was that they did not know or expect the handling characteristics of the ATC. The main thing is not to let up on the throttle so the rear end drifts instead of rolling over on the sidewalls and flipping and getting your body english correct for the speed your traveling and the terrain your approaching. Most people got on them and thought three wheels so I do not have to balance the bike.

Tomislav 74: How much to build me one?

Barracua b: basura

TheJwdude: Not trying too be rude but we are getting too the point ware we are having no more Honda ATC 3 wheelers For 3 wheeler fans because people like you are cutting up Honda ATC 3 wheelers as well as Honda swamp-monkeys 

Darrell Hacker: beautiful job, I want one now , lol

David Shaw: Mine glides...
like it wants to cruise down the center of the road...
but mine is a hardtail...with one of a Harley's twin mufflers...
steering is a bit manual/but not hard, turns like a tank.
think I need smoother tires/got the original factory type dirt's on it.

Torbjørn Larsen: 3 wheelers are notoriously dangerous.. turning it in to a bike makes it much safer. 

Barry Larry: that thing is perfect

Vax Guidry: It's called a trail bike. It came out before three wheelers.



SoyBoySigh: This is beautiful I love it - (yeah I get it there are only "so many" ATC's but seriously there are way more than there are ATC enthusiasts!!! Besides, how many "Fat Cat" bikes are there? Sheesh....) All I wanna say though - coming from a bike background, and doing swing-arm swaps and rear wheel swaps etc - why in the heck did you stay with the "live axle"? Seems like it would make a lot more sense to copy what was done on the DAX & Monkey etc, do a bolt-up wheel with a hub containing the brake and bearings etc - seems like you could take just about ANY big old drum-brake hub and machine off the cush side of it - heck you could probably use two of 'em ... wouldn't work to cut the same one in half 'cause you'd need the inside wall of the drum's "bell" as thick as possible - but yeah the bearings in the hub makes a lot more sense than a live-axle. Just saying. There's a lot of room in there for a drum too, and when you think about it, it's a really light brake system compared to a lot of discs. I like that they're dirt-proof too, almost water-tight etc. Don't get me wrong, you did a HELL of a swing-arm swap on this bike - building anything that could accommodate THAT tire, heck it's brilliant! Just thinking though - probably a Harley fat-tire kit out there with a swing-arm big enough. If not a sportbike swing-arm with a wide enough axle etc.  INCIDENTALLY - I'm building a road race version of a "Fat Cat" - always thought of it as more of a "period-correct Super-Moto" really - It's a "KZ440LOL" from an '80 KZ440LTD - the wheels are Borrani 3.00x16" alloy chopper rear rims, and the front hub is a Suzuki 4LS (double sided) drum-brake from the '72 GT750J "Water Buffalo" - and the TIRES you see, this is the kicker - Maxi-Scooter rubber, radials are available as well as bias-ply, as well as square-shouldered side-car tires for when I put the 3rd matching rim on, with it's matching 2LS drum from Suzuki T500 Titan - It's for my Ex-Daughter, she'd like to haul her dawg around in the bucket of a side-car, so I was thinking either a racing-side-car flat-bed deck with a cowl in front, for a big old Kennel etc - OR a little scooter-type side-car bucket. or both, really - the bucket could pop on & off. But yeah, I'm finishing the bike first, and we'll see what happens with that third wheel. Might just make a convenient spare for tire changes. OR it could work on another matching bike wtf ha-ha....

ToyotaLandCruiser: I don't like this there's only a limited number of 3 wheelers and you cut one up man especially a Honda couldn't you have done one with something else 

Marion Robinson IV: That's hot!! 

selim malik: hey hey! Thanks for sharing! On a similar note; have you heard the talk about " Vidadsmedia Two Wheeler Supply Review " (should be on google...have a look)? My friends had some dealings with them and was impressed by their incredible customer service.

balabay77: Thanks to your bike I made one kinda like yours. Check it out

Charles McNeill Jr: that looks really cool. good job. 
Honda atc200 3 to 2 wheeler Prototype, Fat Cat Big wheel dirt bike pit missile kit 5 out of 5

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Honda atc200 3 to 2 wheeler Prototype, Fat Cat Big wheel dirt bike pit missile kit