BMW 330i (E90) Vs Audi A4 (B7)

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RaTaMaHaTTa27: k04 turbo and audi been faster

badrul Amin: 3.0 vs 2.0?

Aleksandr Kazakov: The BMW, make sure you run clean oil, this engine is oil hungry, no oil no boost in vanos. After 4k rpms VANOS run on oil.
If you run old oil or do not replace it doe to your racing habbit, a Toyota Prius will keep up good with you.
Make sure oil is there and it is fresh, VANOS will do the rest.  4K and then Blaaaaaa! shift: bauuuaaaaeeeeeeiiii! 

Mina Azez: e90 330i ftw!

Max Andreychik: То

dopeofthepope: Straight six vs. 4 cylinders, atmosphere vs. turbo. Very uneven but still: the Audi is in all aspects the better car - with better shifting, even the 2.0 T could have made the race. Last but not least it´s about the driver, not about the car. A good driver can easily run out a BMW (or Audi) with a crappy driver in a Diesel Vauxhall or a similar car in corners. BMW has always been crap made for wannabe drivers, more marketing than car. I already mentioned this in another thread: Audis are the world top cars, the best you can get from serial production and all those BMW fans are like the football fans who stick to the loser team no matter what.

raefordroadauto1: sure BMWs look good but they sure are boring . they have had the same radios since good knows when . i rather have a 97 BMW than these new crapty ones . ever since my VW and went to Audi iv loved the whole vw/audi thing lol

Klaudija Brežģe: it's 254/268bhp of bmw vs. 197/217bhp of audi. i dare you, double dare you, say audi sucks one more time. 

Joshua Ramirez: the bmw has an I6 not a V6

Austin Newell: I have a 2000 323ci and i've beaten TT's whenever i've raced them. it's not a stock 323 at this point because i've redone and upgraded everything in the engine EXCEPT for the intake. all new 2013 parts on everything else and it's port/polished, plus i'm running on 98 octane with iridium spark plugs and the air is cold. regardless though, it's only a 323... a 2.5L INLINE V6, fuel injected. so far it's beating TT's, quatro's and even beat an S5 the other day, it was very close but still, i was putting him behind. i've got brand new control arms and the BMW handles amazing. all i can really say is that i'm not surprised whenever the BMW (with a little work) beats an AUDI. because with a little work the 3 series's are capable of 5.somethings and easy low 6's. mine's a 323 and i can hit high 5's/low 6's... to me that's impressive. 

Hans van der Zee: Don't do it

Hans van der Zee: I do 6.9 in a V6 Audi. And it sounds better. Love it!

MegaTabetha: Autocar tested a new 330i, 0-62mph in 6.3, what car did 6 dead, a 100% standard cossie 2wd does 5.8, back in 1986, and cossie is 300KG lighter. I love the 330i personally, would not own one, as don't like modern cars, find them boring, all the same literally in some cases. That said out of all the cossie people I know I don't know anyone with a std car, all had power hikes, as 204bhp(std)to 275 is only $300 or so, and takes about 1 hour if you're slow, so long as you can turn a screwdriver!!

Drew: close, but i think the Audi would still kill a ford cossie

1820AL: I kind of disagree.The Audi A4 2.0T from this era produced 200 hp and 207 lb ft of torque, 0-60 in 7.2 seconds with Automatic and faster with the manual, not 9 secs like you said. A proper comparison would be the BMW 325i or 328i from this era, which produced 215 and 250 hp, but less torque than the A4. 0-60 each was 7 and 6.8 secs for the 325i and 328i. I f you want fair competition for the 330i, than it would be the A4 with the 3.2 liter v6, which produced 255hp, and definitely more comparable

MegaTabetha: I blitzed a 330i, well and truly, muppet then tried to race a DB9, which I also left behind, my cars from 1988 2L 4 pot, a sierra, and still gets high 30's mpg, not all at same time though!!

MegaTabetha: Then try a cossie!!

Joshua Mac: Y not compare the BMW320i and the Audi 2.0T That would be more fair. if u were to compare the 330 with the Audi 2.0T, spec sheets on BMW trumps the Audi. This was not a fair race. 0-100 on 330 is less than 7 seconds where as the 2.0 is in excess of 9 seconds. BMW's are not unique anymore, I would buy the Audi for the looks anyday of the week over a BMW.

Drew: The 330 will give you more driver fun, it's a much better performer compared to the A4, however thats where it ends. The car has no soul, no character. BMW's feel like appliances, and nothing more.

Hugh Mannity: I'm thinking about selling my A4 to get a E92 3 series 330i, what you think don't bother?
BMW 330i (E90) vs Audi A4 (B7) 5 out of 5

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BMW 330i (E90) vs Audi A4 (B7)