BMW 330i (E90) Vs Audi A4 (B7)

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Ivo Grydev: men bmw and audi have parts from porche and nissan the audi and bmw never going to be the same and bmw do you now the bmw gtr a? you are so stuped and lame this is AWD not RWD Audi is one of the most fastest cars in the wolrd 100km\h just for 2 sec. and that is the Audi A4 b5 rs4

george Bmw: ahhahahha Bmw rules

Black Jack: 258 bhp 3.0 vs 200 bhp 2.0... not big difference at all.

San Miguel: @Derek Townsley. The 330i would win.

BD Realest1: new 330i, against new audi a4 3.0tfsi seems more fair, audi will destroy that punani.

mahunik: I would like to see a b8, that would be interesting since stock is has a lot more torque. The turbo is also updated

Kez Bmw: Str8 6 all day every day

Mrcloc: I've been torn whether to sell my 320d and get a 330i (but an older model). Recently took on an A4 2.0T (2004-2008) and gained slightly all the way to too fast (but not that much). 330i will definitely pull away from me, but the dual with that nice A4 and this vid confirm I'm keeping the oil burner.

Derek Townsley: Ok this should have been paired with a B7 A4 3.2 like mine, and then we would see who would win.

acnconstruction: run that 330 up against an S4

Kawi450: Drag racing with windows down... tools

RaTaMaHaTTa27: k04 turbo and audi been faster

badrul Amin: 3.0 vs 2.0?

Aleksandr Kazakov: The BMW, make sure you run clean oil, this engine is oil hungry, no oil no boost in vanos. After 4k rpms VANOS run on oil.
If you run old oil or do not replace it doe to your racing habbit, a Toyota Prius will keep up good with you.
Make sure oil is there and it is fresh, VANOS will do the rest.  4K and then Blaaaaaa! shift: bauuuaaaaeeeeeeiiii! 

Mina Azez: e90 330i ftw!

Max Andreychik: То

dopeofthepope: Straight six vs. 4 cylinders, atmosphere vs. turbo. Very uneven but still: the Audi is in all aspects the better car - with better shifting, even the 2.0 T could have made the race. Last but not least it´s about the driver, not about the car. A good driver can easily run out a BMW (or Audi) with a crappy driver in a Diesel Vauxhall or a similar car in corners. BMW has always been crap made for wannabe drivers, more marketing than car. I already mentioned this in another thread: Audis are the world top cars, the best you can get from serial production and all those BMW fans are like the football fans who stick to the loser team no matter what.

raefordroadauto1: sure BMWs look good but they sure are boring . they have had the same radios since good knows when . i rather have a 97 BMW than these new crapty ones . ever since my VW and went to Audi iv loved the whole vw/audi thing lol

alxspam xxx: uploader sucked isn't 2.0t its 3.2 qt

alxspam xxx: audi sucked have only one day e90 330i and i can say that can't say it that audi is race car but about bmw Sure 100% just a mad car i can't imagine if i have e90 m3
BMW 330i (E90) vs Audi A4 (B7) 5 out of 5

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BlancaBusa: I made that video years ago. My 10yr old daughter filmed it. That was the first take and done just on a whim because so many were complaining how hard it was on a forum I'm on. I did it to show you can get them off in less than ten minutes a side not the thirty or more everyone was saying it took.
But Derek please feel free to stop complaining and make your own video showing us how to do it better. I look forward to seeing yours. And I hope you make sure the lighting is correct, the focus is correct and make sure to use a better microphone too.

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BMW 330i (E90) vs Audi A4 (B7)