Yaesu VX-8GR Vs VX-8DR

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Yaesu VX-8GR vs VX-8DR
Yaesu VX-8GR vs VX-8DR
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R. Vilhena: VX 8GR was discontinued. Built-in GPS is never good. If the government is against you if the radio tender useless. One would have to throw it in the trash.

Harshan Perera: Can you do an video of what kind of communication devices and what products to use on disaster scenario. what would you recommend to keep in Bugy bag for a family?

Liam Phoenix: The specs on the DR it shows as quad band at 1.5W and triple-band at 5W with only 1.25 being blocked from higher power.

The way you were talking it sounded kinda like you were saying the DR didn't have the 2 meter band.

Stan Vizina: Took you 2:30 to say the DR was more submersible.  I can type it 28 times faster than that.

Wuety06: ugh why no internal gps, come on yaesu step it up! also did that out of band require removing surface mount components? i know the new icom does...which is weird because baofengs come unlocked and u think for $400+ they could have made a software unlock. If icom would plop in the 2 extra bands or yaeu would throw the damn gps in i would feel comfortable droping $400-500 on a hand held but i think until the next gen ill stick with the $40 baofeng 

Flávio Barbalho: Thank you for take your time and share this video! Cheers from Brazil

BlackWater SF: You must really be in the military you sound alil board and that damn carpet and chair look like something they would use

Richard A. Allcorn (KW7PTL): Great video ... it covered operations and general features.  I saw on GPS module (mic mounted or otherwise) in the video, and most of the time I could not see the display of the VX8dr due to glare. 

toppyjai: Sweet Grey Ghost bag!  Thanks for uploading the video review... good stuff!

tullyman82: Can you change modes USB or SSB on the Vx-8DR. I found NFM and AM just wondering. Thanks.

Jim Harvey: Can you tell me what antenna extension cable and antenna you're using? Thanks!

dano crenshaw: I have the vx-8dr and when you push the battery on the back of the radio it makes a clicking noise I think I know what is making the noise I wanted to check if yall have the same problem I think it is the clips that lock in the battery cause you have to push down the battery and pull the clips down

TJack: I spy with my little eye a GREY GHOST PATCH! Outstanding. Where did you get that from? Are you local to Utah?

Robert Driver: Is that a standard polarity or reverse polarity cable I would assume standard?

J Berry: does the out of freq. mod work on the Yaesu VX-6R

Steve Cabral: Can you send information regarding the expanded range mod for the VX-8GR. I really want to use the radio while i am on the boat. I'm not finding much on the web.

Josué FIALLO: How did you open from 140-174?

sigmaluco: I had it custom made by OddCables in San Diego. Basically a 4' SMA extention (female on one side and male on the other). They have a website (oddcables'dot'com) where you can order pre-made stuff or call and have them custom make something. It was only about $15 if I remember right. It's 4' long, but I'd make it 3' if I could do it over again. Thanks for watching.

Larry Cole: Hello. What cable are you using to connect the SRH77CA to your radio? Thanks!
Yaesu VX-8GR vs VX-8DR 5 out of 5

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Yaesu VX-8GR vs VX-8DR