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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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pad B: Blow waala job. *when she goes beneth the table*
david gomez: How about a video on why we need the wideband meter and not just explain how a lean mixture produces more power. Or can anyone explain to me how this gauge would be a good addition to my cluster. Why do I need to monitor the mixture? 
kimmer6: I got my blast cabinet 6 months ago and use it almost every day. Aside from the poor quality light my biggest complaint is that those gloves are way too small and I have a terrible time getting out of them even with talcum powder. Great tips...I might install the mods.
M0WBK: @mauriat ottolink...you could have respectfully asked but you are a bit late my friend,video was posted in October 2013 so why comment now. Lots of Hams don't read the books that come with radios so a video tutorial is what they like..73 M0WBK.
TheFPSGenerationHD: zwischen den Clips in der Videospur unten ist so ein Plus.. einfach mal raufklicken dann fügt der nen Übergangs Effekt ein.

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