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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Rocky-Senpai: This really ain't or is not even a Dead Island easter egg due to the fact that you are one Banoi Island LOL
PeterPanda: I want to kill a bunny too awwww
View Bens: i cant find the performance :C the amd application is open but no performance tab. any help? 
kloquewerk: Did you try using -x when booting the dvd?
Rachel Bentley: Thank you for sharing this video - I learned alot !
Zachary Caviness: What flight controller would I use if I wanted to control a multi rotor from my laptop with an xbox controller or a joystick? with the FPV show up on the monitor?
Oh MrPib: CJ2K probably seems faster because he might (correct me if I'm wrong) have better BCV (Ball carrier vision) than Bo. Helps him accelerate through holes faster. 

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