Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Vs Galaxy Note 8.0

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Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 vs Galaxy Note 8.0
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 vs Galaxy Note 8.0
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IRON GAMING 56: tab note 8.0 is the best

Klaus Peter: Why did Samsung stop producing tablets with S Pen? ... just only building silly smartphones which are burning?

Jungcook ended jungkook but jimin still got no jams: What's the racing car game? And I like your videos 😉

Heyoupally: I only need 1 hand foe the 8, its very different for sketching

Yolos Games: miss you taylor martin.. by the  way my name is martin

Happy Imagination: I don't full understand because I'm french but can you answer to my question? : galaxy note 10.1 is better galaxy 8.0 for drawing?

Aidan Vorbeck: 2:04 : anyone else notice that it said that the note 8 has a 7'' wxga tft display??? the name says it all

Vini Oliveira: In Brazil every galaxy is very expensive.

Airspeed Gaming2: Just got my 4g LTE 10.1 note 2014 with the 2.3 Ghz t-mobile love this thing worth the money 

Baciul Alex: sry, but this comparation its kinda unfair, its like comparing a ps4 to a ps3 or a gtx780 to gtx 650ti

Linda Podell Goodman: Are there any leaks as to updates on the 8.0?  I really like the size, but really want what the 10.1 offers.  Thanks!

Pol Brachak: Hello!! Can u tell me why i can't run asphalt 8 airborne on sumsang galaxy note 10.1'' Edition 2014 3G on high graphics or medum???

T1ger8oi: Wow.. 8 cores? I thought it was only 4. So 2 different chips, doing separate tasks. That means it heats up far less?

Yigal Weinstein: This is such a laughable comparison.  The Note 8 is the right size for actually taking notes but it fails miserably in terms of its lack of resolution, memory, processor, and a failure of a usable Wacom stylus.  The Note 10.1 2014 fails miserably as it's too large to actually use in the field.  Can you really imagine using the 10.1 while trying to scribble down notes to an ad hoc meeting, trip to the grocery store, on a hike, even at say a coffee house where there are at least tables to place the thing - rhetorical question? 

To take notes using a stylus requires that either the tablet can be held easily with one hand - certainly the 10.1 is light enough but it's too bulky - or be placed firmly on a flat surface.  Note the flat surface scenario due to the size of the 10.1 usually implies a keyboard is far more efficient at input in this context, for a reasonably fast typist (+50 wpm).  So it's either buy a Note 3 or wait and hope that a Note 8 2014 edition will emerge.

Andrew Conner: still, this is the best review I've found.

Andrew Conner: speak english, not techy. Just tell me what it means about my experience when I use it, don't spout numbers at me.

Zach Townsend: I would love to use both of these for 8th grade but I don't know what would be best. I need portability, fast and fluent, good gaming that would be great if I wanted to play a game,

What would u recommend?

guy: I own the Galaxy Note 8.0, its relatively fast and has tons of features that go beyond a normal tablet, for its price, its a very good tablet. I bought mine at WorstBuy for 300$ and at the time, the Galaxy 10.1 cost between 499$ - 599$ If you can get a Galaxy 10.1 for 300$ then I highly reccomend it, just dont buy the Galaxy 7 inch tablet- they are noticably small, my friend has a Galaxy 7 inch tablet and im shocked at just how small it is compared to my Galaxy Note 8.0, the Galaxy 7 is basically a "super cellphone" only mildly bigger than the latest round of cellphones.

Dennis Soriano: nice comparison , same stupid...

geodeal: Versus?   I gotta go find an unbiased review.  
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 vs Galaxy Note 8.0 5 out of 5

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IRON GAMING 56: tab note 8.0 is the best
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animira567: Finally! Now i can use my frame for making these!

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 vs Galaxy Note 8.0