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Rose C: your lashes are so thick and dark! i love them
Samira Imoro: Hey do some body want to do it to its for20$and 10$ its for your kids to play and have fun with it
bell prince: มันรองรับ4Gใหมคับ
The Best: 1:Post this anywhere on the site three times 2:Log on to your penguin 3:Go on server Blizzard. 4: If full go on any server execpt the ones with Utimate safe chat 5: Type in the chat bar ERROR CODE SEVEN. 6: You will now achive 1000,000 coins, 50 items from the treasure book, forever membership, and 5 rainbow puffle
AnniePinkSox: ...your a year late...
michael galeancu: Id take that M5 over a slutty ferrari any day of the week.
Deadpool: Seriously, wii fit lady made it to the game before bowser jr or shadow mario...... God dammit

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