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72darkf: awesome skill level! outstanding..
firepig223: @GreyingGamer Thanks a lot!
Alibeeee: These are the most intense workouts ever!!! I have all three and I'm dying at around ten minutes in but try to persevere for the full 45 mins. If you're seriously looking for something to change your body I would try these
Roger Baker: Does this support Blue ray .ISO image with FULL MENU SUPPORT & also does it support DTS HD MASTER & DOLBY TRUE HD AUDIO ???
MrStreetballer5: For playthroughs a 16-25 minute video is great while in the case of fm5 and gt6 a video anywhere from 8-12 minutes would be appreciated. I think I speak for everyone when I say you should do more car vlogs bro that first one you did was pretty chill. Car meets possibly? Anyway yeah man lmao and for the game btw when your in air use weight transfer to move the car in air u can activate by pressing r1 and right thumbstick if i remember correctly from mc3 and mc2. 
Benjamin Gremaud: 2014 Bitch !!!
saleemjangda: @yammer123 Man you've got one hell of a victim mentality... Open up to reality of money; if you feel strongly about it, make this kind of money for yourself and do with it what you consider worthy.

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