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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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TOYSTORY Mario fan: I got the same one as yours I just got her this cristmas I like how her hair is plastic cuse I won't mass her hair up I got the other with yarn hair I massed her up but this my fave doll I could not stop playing with her 
CountryBoyTrapper 777: If the plastic broadhead darts are deformed when you get them just dip them in boiling water and the will go back to their original shape
TheDutchTango: Hey bedankt voor de upload. Ik ben bekend met de tent en heb er ook 1 liggen, nu wil ik graag met een vriend op wereldreis gaan en vraag mij of het verstandig is om 2 van deze tentjes mee te nemen? Het lijkt mij makkelijk aangezien we ze aan elkaar kunnen ritsen en zo onze eigen tent kunnen vervoeren. Heeft iemand ervaring om langere periode in deze tentjes te verblijven?
Gamerlord97: I'm surprised your geography is still not the best, mine used to be only decent, but after logging over 500 hours in Paradox Grand Strategy games I'd say it's excellent.
ryan cooper: that blue is sweet . and the car is king . corvette ftw11
littleferrhis: Theres a point of taking it too far and I feel this is the line...
jtylermusic: As an electrician, soldering the copper (metal) pipe to the (metal) reflector, then soldering the biquad to the copper (metal) pipe...then soldering both the center (positive) coaxial lead and the (negative) outer, braided wire to the same copper tube is the same thing as shorting the two wires together. Can't posibly work! I'll try epoxying a pvc sleeve to the top of the copper pipe and soldering the center (positive) lead to the biquad (now separated from the copper pipe and asociated metal .

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