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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Karina Hernandez: They should put it in English 
KabukiKid: Haaaaate the art style in this game. Takes me out of the theme a bit.
mavestar: Great video thankyou !! Craig (UK)
Usman Ali: useless video we know that already
ipodmcpe: Nice video. Liked bro. I am darkenfire
fdsdh1: wait until they get close, even though our rifles have a range in excess of 2000 yards, and we have been trained to engage the enemy at 300 yards.... this is a dumb film, there is only too much 'symbolism' a man can take, and I think freaking trench Jesus was a bit too far.
Joseph B.: Love your videos I always learn so much and take it with me to work and life. Hope to see another video soon and hope your doing well

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