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Valbru2000 V: @18genial y yo con mi leone
Michael Adkins: Even after 3 years after having watched the movie, I'm still having a hard time getting over how the Teacher had used overkill on JIn-Roh! He didn't have to circle around Jin-Roh like that, but I think that the Teacher could tell that it was one of his clones when Jin-Roh performed *Pugachev's Cobra* which both Jin-Roh and Teacher use in this movie. I've tried this maneuver myself in video games, and it's pretty neat when someone is tailing you in a dog fight. However, in real life, very few people can actually pull this off. It's sad that there doesn't appear to be any end to the horrors that the kildren face. You'd think that the kildren would stop killing each other and turn on their makers for making them fight in the first place.
Sandeep Patwardhan: +Ravikiran G here is the phone I was talking about
MsSupernova666: ik heb nog een fila donsjack zwart met zo'n witte streep van een paar jaar geleden helemaal goed nog. ik zoek nog iemand die deze voor mij wil vernietigen(totaal) en er een leuk filmpje van maken . (ik hoef hem niet meer terug )
niroj lama: nepali song love song....................<3
Glynn: i dont have
Paris Haymer: Can we see a vid of it dry, after u cowashedp

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