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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Willy Luigi: Can you tell me what are your display settings for having full screen ? I have tried every resolution in model 2 configurator but none are full screen in HD like you, i don't have this problem with Sega Rally which is full screen in HD (and with the HUD in 4/3)
Rep. of Antarctica: So, not exactly a recording session, just a pause, but why not tally the death count again? Poetendo: 416 Niea: 334 Misconduct: 173 Total: 923 Let's see how they fare in the last parts of the eleventh recording session!
Ike's Outdoors: @canadaconman Haha! You better check out the Strother Valor review I just recently did. That is an excellent meat and potatoes bow!
SquishyFantasy Land: what country are u from 
Brainzter1: How long have you been playing COC?
aces high: the link is not working any more iam from the netherlands
Elena Stewart: Elena: FORGET U SONIC.EXE FORGET U >:( Elsa: AAAAAAAAAAAAA 5NATF *runs*

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