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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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servetheearth: Thank you thank you for the re-upload!!
Keegan Bailey: No bass should ever have the power to break a rod. Hell, a 40" pike shouldn't even have that kind of power. I've had rods kink like straws due to poor manufacturing. Had that been me, I would have bagged that thing up and whipped it over the counter of wherever you bought it and demanded a refund.
snewso: i like how you added the chronograph readings and average FPS into the vid like taht.
charles ong: Lol I have the same mice as yours we're now mouse buddies for life ^_^
Сергей Казаков: лохи! даже не знаете, как чанки с картой склеивать!
Alex Bernhardt: how did you get it for xbox360?
TheD1rtyRider: This is not a review.

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