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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Герман Власов: And that video marked as best? :))
linkieloos: Eddie is more of a Manhunt-esque character than GTA (total nutcase). And that laugh at 2:26... Creepiest GTA laugh I've ever heard.
Np Nayar: Indian demo crazy !! Listen.
diastolicny: I was set on a mighty mule 502 until i saw your video. Got to do your homework with these types of products. Lots of parts can go bad as i have read by googling the various companies. Parts and support are extremly important. Thanks for the video.
Justin King: I can paint all kinds of things now... flowers, lace, faces,, stars, hearts, etc... BUT- I cannot get a good LINE for the life of me!! That and scrollwork! I have been practicing my butt off but when it comes to doing it ON THE NAILS, i flub it all up! I don;t understand and it is so frustrating! You make it look SO EASY, and it should be... i mean... they're just little swoops of lines, right? So much harder than it looks, and YES I try the 'place the brush and turn the finger' technique as well. Some are good, but most ore just ridiculous looking.
Alex Rider: will paracord do as the string?
Autobahn St.Charles: Come over and have your wipers inspected at Autobahn of #SaintCharles We use only the best #Bosch Icon wiper blades. You do not want drive through this winter like the guy in the video.

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