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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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TheAlexus123: I heard her mom had a miscarriage
Phenixtri: Hey Akaru I need some help with this skin i installed it & it works but for some weird reason it make my sako left handed while all my other weapons are right handed 0.o I have no were else to ask for help and in ur epic vid both ur sako & usp are right handed so I thought u might know what to do 0.0 10/10 btw XD
Marky Polo: Good video. Was fun to watch. BTW, do you use a Moisture filter on your guns. Also what the thing you put on the handle? A swivel?
NothingButLetters: I meant to give Sting-Joe *** 1/4, not *** 3/4.
puentes666x: how do you think the bazooka tubes will sound on a dodge ram regular cab? im thinking in buy a pair of them, because i dont have space for a subs box.
Huntercrafter: qual placa de captura vc tem/comprou?
Shadow98967: Lol. This comment was posted 3 years after the last comment. \/

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