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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Benoit Machtelinck: énorme ! ;p
ci: Came hear after watching Danger Dolan, couldn't read it myself.
Allen Chou: 用化妝棉沾水蠟擦拭,第一次沾多一點水蠟擦沒關係,接下來,上很薄很薄的水蠟,然後開始打蠟,簡單來說,就像當兵把皮鞋擦亮那樣就對!車子的部分,用棉花棒沾水蠟,由側邊輪軸處讓水蠟滲進去,然後用手瘋狂一直轉動輪子。上工吧~~
krumas741: Thx so much for 3k views
sheldonboyz: How tall are you?
atb102798: Here it. The worst car in the history of the world all things considered. 
gilasny: Love your videos ... very informative. Can we use something else instead of wax. I am having trouble find some in my area. Thanks.

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