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jdwig: Wow, that's great. You definitly have a future in developing/writing movies.
Anand Reddy: HTC we need better screens and low power
Slava Oren: какой рип и какой профиль используете?
Muhammad Zayani Zulkifli: This video is quite irrelevant as no police officers in this world will ever leave a gap on a roadblock during a car chase. And it is pretty obvious that the Mercedes Benz C Class is competing against a car with an incredibly much lower performance, which is the Malaysian old Proton Waja which has been gradually replaced since a few years ago by the police force. The Mercedes Benz C Class should have been competing against the latest fleet of patrol cars owned by the Royal Malaysia Police which are the Japanese-made Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the local-assembled Proton Preve Turbo. Only then, we will be able to know the real performance of the new Mercedes Benz C Class, if it is possible for the C Class to defeat the specially-tuned for Royal Malaysia Police Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X patrol car. I wonder if it is possible for the Royal Malaysia Police to equip itself with a new fleet of patrol cars such as the Malaysian DRB-Hicom-Proton owned Lotus Elise and Lotus Evora. Then, no criminals will be able to escape from our police officers. 
kdsmith3575: My hair is a sneeze longer and I'm having a REALLY hard time developing a steady routine for refreshing my twa in the winter months to avoid wetting it every morning! It's completely flat to my head when I wake up, and when I only put moisturizer on it, my curls aren't defined. Usually I wet it, apply Giovanni direct leave-in and then Cantu moisturizing curl activator cream. I'd think wetting everyday is bad and washes your natural scalp oils away.
Llama Away: this skin is not even cool. its the coolpart of just having it and it saying alien invader on the loading screen.... the hazmat is WAY cooler and much much cheaper
fanvan rabbo: Nice maar wil je wel miss je mc meziek uit of zachter zetten danku wel

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