Lotus Exige K20 Swap

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Lotus Exige S1 Honda K20 Swap ITB
Lotus Exige S1 Honda K20 Swap ITB
Ride in Lotus Elise Honda K20 Engine Swap
Ride in Lotus Elise Honda K20 Engine Swap
Lotus Elise S1 K20 Swap...The Story
Lotus Elise S1 K20 Swap...The Story
Lotus Exige K20 swap
Lotus Exige K20 swap
Lotus Exige S1 Honda K20 swap Jrsc - ILLA
Lotus Exige S1 Honda K20 swap Jrsc - ILLA

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Game1Experts: Who remembers this stage from total imerision game? :D

Sloch: what induction and exhaust is/was this running? sounds good

1GotBalls: This is the Lotus Elise/ Exige S1. Meaning, unless it was one of the "Sport" models, ran at about 130bhp stock. So of course people love changing them with the 220 bhp k20a! Now as for the S2 models, they all ran 190bhp stock. For any 190bhp Lotus Elise, naturally, I would think that spending nearly $5000 on a fairly new K20a with transmission, then labor costs for installation/ fabrication if not DIY, is a waste of money. I own a 2006 Lotus Sport Elise and I would rather spend $3000 on a low

AwgTheMMAlover: outstanding project man, pure feedback and fun. freaking nice !

julien manzoli: Freiner au frein moteur sur un circuit, encore un sacré pilote...

DizzS2K: but that was with a compound setup (supercharger+turbo) on that engine. What i would do is beat the piss outta the toyota engine till it poped and then put the k in it.

thlin: You can't go wrong with toyota or honda, someone actually squeezed 680whp out of the 2zz motor

ZDEVIL74: Ferrari made 4cylinders in line in the 50's!! ;) And it's not a K20!! lol

lilpattman: I think am abit in love with your car

slckb0y: someone arguing about the advantage of a K20 over any other 2 liter engine is either retarded or had never drived a Type R of his life. this engine is like crack, once you tried it, you're hooked for life ;)

slckb0y: if ferrari was making an inline 4, it'll be the K20 ;)

koukicutter: oh my ears<3

J Lee: you bro """got skillzzzzzzzzzzzzz"!!!!!! nice driving!!!!!!!!!

larrieun: @ericsiewkk the best in my mind

Marcus Antonius: k20 vtec engine better than the 2zz vvti engine for the lotus elise & exige body.

akagodofheaven: monza circuit <3

DizzS2K: @02narutoshippuden i think its cause hes haulin

slckb0y: make me wanna rip the engine out of my CTR07 to fit it in a lotus :P

Greg Peer: Look at the tach, its buried!

Greg Peer: Look at the tach, its buried!
Lotus Exige K20 swap 5 out of 5

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osman Briceño: quede OP con esta guia de rengar tank =) y eso que soy level 12 xD 
PzazaTv rafaelpego: ครับ ขอบคุณครับ 
okc ober: wow, nice video, i have the k3 bike aswell, it has run 40.000km, i never checked the valves, gonna do this with your help ;)
Dunceman: people who say stupid crap like Mortal kombat is better than street fighter are retarded... they are different games with different mechanics dumbass... something like street fighter and king of fighter is somewhat comparable... not MK and SFxT
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hristaki99: What's going on with all these fanboy comments? I love both of them.

Lotus Exige K20 swap