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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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jsbccan: To nail or screw?
u1love1: I watched the hole series and learnt a lot! Thank u soo much Rob, it suits both men and women 
dwayne mills: is that your tail gate in the background..... cut it......weld it...lol
HiMy Names: What program is comparable for the mixer?
Elizabeth Costanzo: I had to install and flash the Rom for my Mini PC for Android 4.0 which was stuck in the boot menu. Because I have Windows XP Home Edition I had to download the 269 MB file from a mirror by typing into the browser How to re-install MK802 firmware which brought me to http://liliputing.com/2012/06/how-to-re-install-mk802-firmware.html . This site has written instructions and links to the drivers appropriate for the operation system you are running so I was able to get the MK 802 downloaded and unzipped it and then followed the rest of the instructions in this video and it actually worked. So my android is now up and running. My android has been down for awhile so happy to have it back. Thank you. 
John Fulton: What kind of Lav mic are you using? Many thanks!

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