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james ratley: I am a skater and a " Finger boarder" 
Rumplestiltskin Dearie: hey doll!, could you please do an updated review/wear and tear on your Azur speedy? I LOVE the color and style. Have you had any issues with color transfer?? I love it. Very pretty.
M.N .A: هلا ادا ابي اعرف وين جوالي لازم يكون الجوال شغال 
TheDrRJP: Midway is out of stock on the plain-jane sights, which are both front AND rear. Not rear only. Plus, it says the following: Notes: Does not include a set screw Well, SCREW that! Plus, what good is having a rear sight that can't be adjusted for elevation?. My SD9VE shot 3" low out of the box. To hit the bull at 10 yrds, I had to position the front sight in center position and tilt the rear sight down so that the top of its dots were below the front dot. I am going to call S&W and ask them to send me a few, new rear sights until I find one that works. Or, put a red dot reflex on it instead. But, before the sights go on, the replacement spring kit goes in first.
CoolageBrothers: 05:47
Alex Bewley: Wi-Fi 2.4ghz Transmitter (remote control) 2.4ghz. What happened is the DJI picked up the WiFi and thought it was a signal from the DJI transmitter. Even if you did it with the gopro it would have happened. Put the gopro on continuous shooting and then pick the photo that came out the best after flying for a while.
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