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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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saul92100: no sabrás de otra que se le parezca..si si,, dímela porfa
Brandon K: can I see the other users pc with out them having to install it? I have there ip from a hack that I have but I am not sure how to see there pc. I am trying poison ivy hacking soft where but its to risky it could be a virus it self. Any help on controlling other peoples pc with there ip? Thanks
Quinn Twomey: how much are his stuff
Sirja St: whats the name of the song in that moment when stefan kisses elena ?
sefoftheyu: does this have an app store or a market place lice the iphone or android?
SosoSeth1990: @xanderthewhitemantv1 what? how does that work? i just clicked your 0:00 and it didnt skip the add. You lie!! lol
Dee Sean: So we just gonna pretend that they didn't steal ultra power saving mode from the galaxy s5? Funny how people claim Samsung doesn't innovate but other companies including apple steal their features 

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