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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Lacey Kay: This might be a dumb question- but when you have the phone on the charger pad thingie, does that have to be plugged in? I understand that the phone itself isn't plugged into anything but can the actual charger be used when it's not plugged in?
alexandersemen: @airbus91 the bass is non existant
John Munro: Please view the fixed version of this video: Biomes Our Earth s Major Life Zones (fixed) 
teguh pujianto: itu kenalpot nya apa merk dan tipe apa yg di pakai? gahar bangett info donggggggggg,,,, ke: teguhtrivial24@gmail.com
Greg Anson: Wow, really sorry for not following up on questions: Used Meguiars Hyperwash, dilution is hard to say since I can't measure the water flow, but I put in about 3-4 ounces at the bottom of the foam cannon, fill it up with water the rest of the way, and then adjust the foam cannon for maximum soap. If you had a higher GPM pressure washer, you could get away with straight soap in the cannon and using the minimum soap. SuperNovaDetailing is spot on...GPM is more important. 
stargate4698: The pizza place who delivers, should stop all deliveries to that particular barracks.
Stephanie Woods: I had some fluid stuck in my ears for months. Nothing would get rid of it. Wasn't painful, just annoying to hear it swish around when I did yoga. I did this video and it cleared it up the first time. Wonderful!

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