Biltema Robotgrsklippare LMR-24

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Fredrik Belfiore: Såg bra ut fram till kompostnehållaren kom i dess väg. Vad är intrycket än så länge? Är den värd priset? På biltema i borlänge har de kampanj på den för tillfället 5999:-.

supergeten2: Vad för något? :o)

akke8484: Tycker den låter mycket

lillpip: För 5999 kr och gör det den ska, får den föra lite ljud.

Mostarc Eros: glupi robot ccc... uopste nema izgleda memoriju terena vec manta bezveze naokolo... iz ovoga filma izgleda kao los produkt :(
Biltema Robotgräsklippare LMR-24 3.7 out of 5

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Brock Casanova: u play like crap :D and graphics crap.
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theaxoxelol: Under 301:)
Andy Heck: I'm new at this, so the following might not necessarily be a great idea, but I wonder if you could get a piece of scrap granite from a local countertop company and have them run it through the cnc machine to rout out beds of appropriate depths to accommodate the variable thickness of your stones? that way you wouldn't have to compensate on the jig between stones as much. If you did that on one side of the granite and left the other side flat, you could still have a nice flat surface and then just flip it when you need to sharpen. depending on the size of the stones and the chances that any replacement stones might not be exactly the same dimensions, you could have them rout oversized beds, and then cut scraps of wood to use as spacers and serve as a buffer between the stone edge and the granite. Love your videos- I'm learning a lot!! 

Biltema Robotgräsklippare LMR-24