Biltema Robotgrsklippare LMR-24

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Fredrik Belfiore: Såg bra ut fram till kompostnehållaren kom i dess väg. Vad är intrycket än så länge? Är den värd priset? På biltema i borlänge har de kampanj på den för tillfället 5999:-.

supergeten2: Vad för något? :o)

akke8484: Tycker den låter mycket

lillpip: För 5999 kr och gör det den ska, får den föra lite ljud.

Mostarc Eros: glupi robot ccc... uopste nema izgleda memoriju terena vec manta bezveze naokolo... iz ovoga filma izgleda kao los produkt :(
Biltema Robotgräsklippare LMR-24 3.7 out of 5

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M. J. Tibor: I can't believe i watched this crap! Yet another Hollywood altered bullcrap movie. Why does Hollywood feels constantly to alter the original stories present in the Greek mythology? I'm not able to understand that. First, Hercules really was the son of Zeus, and he was a demigod. Second, in his twelve labors he encountered real mythical creatures that he fought with, and no, they were not just the mere imagination of people. Third, sorry to disappoint most people but Hercules indeed killed his family. This unfortunate and terrible event happened because the Goddess Hera hated Hercules for being the son of Zeus, so she have cursed him with a moment of madness and rage in which Hercules did not know what he was doing. The twelve labors, he took upon himself as a punishment for what he has done and was not forced upon him by any God only to please Hera. Unfortunately this movie does not present anything at all related to the real Herakles (in Greek) or better known as Hercules in Latin preferred by the Romans. Dark pink leather armors? A white amazon woman with red hair? Hercules getting help from a bunch of mercenaries? Achilles and Odysseus long dead before Hercules? WTF??? Should i continue? I rather not. This movie is yet another really cheap Hollywood product filled with violence, gore and a language that shouldn't be in this movie in the first place. As for the actor...i rest my case. Only God knows why they have chose The Rock to play an ancient Greek Hero. Thank God i haven't wasted my money on this movie and watched it on my PC instead. I feel very sorry that i did though. If you are interested in the real Greek mythology and the real Hercules, i honestly rather recommend Kevin Sorbo playing in the Hercules TV series. Much more genuine and more fun to watch. Skip this Hollywood load of crap if you want real Greek mythology. God Bless!
Raylene Hill: Yummy! Thanks so much i am trying to look for healthy recipes myself. =) Can u use a forming grill??? 
O2 Guru TV: @Emmalouise Yes it does. The front camera is 1.2 MP.
Psicoayudaespanol: Love it so cute right 
Growup510: I Love Jeanette Jenkins, great job. 
Jack Fitzsimmons: "Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono, Bono!"
karen riquelme: Se llama "Replay - Iyaz"

Biltema Robotgräsklippare LMR-24