Biltema Robotgrsklippare LMR-24

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Fredrik Belfiore: Såg bra ut fram till kompostnehållaren kom i dess väg. Vad är intrycket än så länge? Är den värd priset? På biltema i borlänge har de kampanj på den för tillfället 5999:-.

supergeten2: Vad för något? :o)

akke8484: Tycker den låter mycket

lillpip: För 5999 kr och gör det den ska, får den föra lite ljud.

Mostarc Eros: glupi robot ccc... uopste nema izgleda memoriju terena vec manta bezveze naokolo... iz ovoga filma izgleda kao los produkt :(
Biltema Robotgräsklippare LMR-24 3.7 out of 5

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Gaius Caligula: How does she get abs and all those muscles? Steroids... This video could have been 2 seconds long. All they would have had to do is flash the word "steroids" across the screen and bam, everyone would know how to get abs like that.
Yashwant Singh: why is sound muted in between ... sound should have been more fun !
Jose Porras: Would you show me how the setup goes for scratching, I've checked my Cross fader settings and my setting on Serato and i cannot get it optimized. help,...
RebelRockChick92: love this video it really helps a lot for people like me who can't go to the gym, could you do more demonstrations doing at home workout with the stability ball, it would be great!!!
bendover535353: It's still a ford but haha
PokerNinja: beautiful case. Could you give me a ballpark on a project of this nature?
Vincenzo Carotenuto: Che auto sarà mia al più presto

Biltema Robotgräsklippare LMR-24