Using Six Multiple Screens In Mac OSX Mavericks - Pros & Cons

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Using Six Multiple Screens in Mac OSX Mavericks - Pros & Cons
Using Six Multiple Screens in Mac OSX Mavericks - Pros & Cons
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Brian C: Thats not good for your posture and eyes to have monitors stacked up on each other.Your eyes should be eye level with the monitor.

noblsht: Does that require an additional graphics card? You need to be much more specific

Oliver Ansell: 0:09 - Mavericks, not Maverick. It's a place name, not an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

Super Nova: poor thing :(

Keybraker: Both are bad i their unique way ...

MrID36: Actually.

Royal Murugesh: super

joanofarc33: I had to reinstall SL. Maverick was so slow! It took forever to load any given app. It took forever to reboot. Watching a video on Netflix was glitchy. I just decided to get rid of it. If I buy a new computer w/Mavericks at least I will have apple care to deal with any issues. I don't have time to tinker with a new OS if the one I've been using is fine and trouble free. 

John Dunn: I was going to do a a pc/mac for the better half but after you video I think I give it a miss untill thay FIX this problem 

S Butler: I like the individual screen control with the new implementation. My work only requires me to use one full screen for each individual and unique application. For example, email on one full screen, web browser on another, MS Excel on a 3rd would be how I'd use the multiple screens. I'm considering multiples so your review is quite helpful, thanks!

Nesti Gee: ok show us how to fix it not just talk about it!!! wow

light yagami: why does this guy need a laptop when he has like a 6 monitor setup 

Richard Dale: Why on earth do you want or need six screens? other than to show them on YouTube. You can't possibly work efficiently on six screens. For me Mavericks fixes the main bug bear with a multi monitor set up. Not being able to display a wall paper across six screens isn't really a fair criticism IMO nor is not being able to stretch an app out of one screen. At the end of the day how many people have six screens?

Oneness100 .: If there are things about the new multiscreen support that you want, submit feedback to Apple's Feedback site, they do read the submissions and they actually do eventually use many suggestions people have, it's just dependent on whether it's technologically possible, if it makes sense for them to do it, etc. I've had pretty good success with the suggestions I've made with Apple. So, it's worth a shot but it just make take them a little while to do it if they do implement any of your suggestions.

Benjamin Wheeler: I'd like to see Minecraft on that!

fred steward: how do you change the prefreences 

Anduin Arilan: People who love this behavior clearly don't use 2+ screens. You can straw man this and say "Noone needs 6 screens" all you want, but designers like me used to gravitate towards OSX because of Expose+Spaces. Sure you will never need to stretch an application across 2 screens, but Full Screen disables my secondary and third screen at every turn making them unusable. Even with Mavericks!!!?! This isn't Full Screen, its Full Screen & Lose the Other Ones.

michael wheatley: get a tv a computer and a hdmi cable how hard is that people?

Laurent Richer: Hi there, Is there a Thunderbolt Card that can be connected to the Mac Pro (year mid 2012)?

ray revalee: getting my new Mac in about a week, for me this multiple screen set up is pointless and such a costly waste of time. I would imagine the default setup which you dislike is the best since you'd be able to do some boring work on a couple of screens and have a movie going or browse the web on another etc… I see absolutely no advantage to having one application window expanded over multiple screens unless you're nearly blind and need to have one app stretched that huge. I could only imagine a 3 screen setup being needed.

Kadeem Booth: Dude. You can only use one computer at a time.. What are you doing that needs an iPad, iPad mini, MacBook Air(s) and a pro?! 

Nick Goldston: thanks for the video, but how can I get it to go back to the mountain lion version of the spaces if i'm running mavericks? I just want my other screen to go black for gaming.

salehali Alkfesfec: Ok showing pros & cons! but why the freak on 4 screen ? 

M.A.B. Beats: What year is your Mac Pro and which device are you using to get multiply screens?

Matthew McKendrick: @ Dieter Rams This guy also uses 3 Dell displays so its not quite as expensive as you think.

Mono Shyguy: Are you an accountant...I mean I don't see the point of all those screens.

Raynal Reyes: mavericks is garbage

Michael Gonzales: So what do you use to make that many screens I can only do one screen with my one display port?

skinnymg1: You guys cried to have one thing fixed and when they do fix it, you cry about them changing something else. You would think that after all Apple goes through to give you what you want, you could at least show some gratitude. I personally like it the way it is now. I have no use for spanning across monitors, the break up that happens is more annoying than what you are bitching about. Not to mention the fact that they GAVE you that OS, they charged you nothing for it, yet you still complain. I understand why the hardware is so expensive now, with Apple trying to please you anal retentive pricks. 

ryan cincinnato: great video! I have one question for you. Do you find the text on the monitors blurry at all? I have a retina macbook pro and need more room so I purchased a 27 inch hp monitor, but the text is blurry compared the the macbook screen. I know it's retina and all but I seen the monitor in stores and it was beautiful compared to when i plugged it into my macbook via hdmi. any advice? seriously need help. Thanks Ryan

Adrian Bugnacki: Is that necessary 

Rens Sterkens: first world problems...

Brandon Hedrick: This guy is either a) just rolling in money or b) is a professional that works from home. I don't know which one it is but this set up is pretty sweet

asd1235569: All of it....How much?

Julius Burton: I use the old one

MrBartleby451: Amazing set up. Maybe its not working how you want it to because so few people have so many screens? They've just not thought about it. Must have cost a fortune, nice though.

Seth Wieder: +MrThaiBox123 What hardware are you using to connect your monitors? Everything I see about DisplayLink drivers on OSX Mavericks looks buggy.

Eithel Agustin: Oh cool they added something that you can easyly do into a PC... Really mac this time im not buying it 

Dayton Leong: What monitor mount did you use to put up the 6 screens

Fahad Shamim: Really nice setup.... got few queries.... How can you change the display settings to the old one??? I really hate the maverick display feature.... and how you connect 6 screens without making them lag at all???? Looking forward to have your reply 

Vuvuzela: MrThaiBox123: If you want the old Lion style way of dealing with multiple displays in Mavericks, just go to Settings -> Mission Controls -> "Displays have separate spaces". Bam! I still think the Mavericks way of dealing with multiple monitors is a lot more functional than lion. Nice video btw!

Adam Genzink: In my case, I only use two screens, and even so, the new method would drive me crazy. As a video editor, I have one space for editing, one space for after effects, one space for photoshop, etc. Each "Space" uses both screens, and so when I switch to space four, I have photoshop on both screens, space five has Final Cut on both screens, and six has After effects on both screens. Now, while switching both screens individually might not be that much more of a burden, it would still be annoying. Beyond that, however, is the fact that it doesn't seem like you can easily drag a window from one screen to the other, which I do all the time in safari. I don't need to stretch the window across screens, but I do want to be able to open a new window and then drag it to the opposite screen. It seems that in order to do this, I would have to go to mission control, which in my experience has slowed down over time.

Chance Williams: Why u would need 6 screens i have no idea, but what i do know is that it looks really cool and the bragging rights. But what i would like to also know is would it be better to get 1 huge monitor or 6 monitors or maybe even 2?

DanielHjorthPhoto: If you have a TV with 8K resolution it would be pretty good :)

David Perkins: This is a freaking nightmare. the whole reason I use multiple monitors is to expand video and photos across the screens for faster more efficient editing. This update has completely ruined my workflow and made my extra screens freaking worthless. How the hell do you switch back to the old settings?

eTechMaster22: A 60" TV's resolution is 1920x1080, so the same 30" TV is 480x270 resolution. Want to have 4 monitors great for watching YT videos in 240p? His screens (I guess 27") are each of them 1920x1080 or even 2560x1440.

Patzek: OH MY freakING GOD!!! Whats that? sooo awesome!!!!

Fred Mistré: Very good video and very it's a professional work.

Jeff Barbose: And most video professionals have multiple windows instead of spanning a window across multiple monitors. There's NO WAY a photo or video pro would be editing or proofing a visual across two monitors, with two different calibrations.

Ryan Good: I have 2 screens, one built into my MacBook Pro 2012 and an external dell from 2006. Im glad they are making the change, as I have one screen always blank due do an app being fullscreen.
Using Six Multiple Screens in Mac OSX Mavericks - Pros & Cons 4.4 out of 5

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Using Six Multiple Screens in Mac OSX Mavericks - Pros & Cons