Tristar T-120 9mm Pistol

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David W: Another clueless YouTube Gun Guru.
Forward sight is not adjustable with the Allen wrench-it's pinned in place like the pistol it clones-CZ75. Finish is Cerecote. You carry your weapons roostered and locked without the thumb safety engaged!!!???? Wow!!

Alberto Alvarez: Hello;
Could you share your opinion on the Tristar T-120 after two years of the video? Is it a reliable gun? Any wear  or malfunction?

beezlike: How did it shoot?

vin mar: Did you ever make a video as you said you would on how to take down and clean the tri-star 9mm T120.   I bought one thanks to this video. 

everwharesismine: Joel is a puss!! good video.... thanks...

Mike L: Good Video. 

The fancy little rubber band is for grip "enhancement". LOL!

Patriot News Network: Bought one, very happy.

Clone of the IDI Jericho 941.

Perfect for personal defense, accurate and lighter than a Baretta 92FS or 1911.

Joel Pruitt: Chrome Vanadium moron.

Joel Pruitt: You are unsafe.

Beedeequeen Grace: Just purchased one from Academy for $400.00. This is my first 9mm. Took it to the range last weekend after work, put 20 rounds through it-- Monarch 115 Gr and Hornady 115 gr hollow points. The pistol performed beautifully; I am very satisfied. This pistol is a great answer to the Sigs and Glocks of the world at a reasonable price for both gun and the ammo it shoots.

Power5: You don't know what a CZ-75 is? This gun is based on a Baby Eagle/Jericho 941 which is similar to a CZ-75 as well.

MrPHATSPEED: Since TriStar just started carrying it's pistol line this year, these are still pretty new to the market. I got a e-mail today from Gallery of Guns, and they featured this pistol in it. I requested a quote, and my local FFL price on it was $340.18 before transfer fee, and local sales tax. I thought that was a great price on a fullsize all metal 9mm pistol. Plus I've always loved the look of the baby desert eagle Jericho pistols. Now my Mark VII .44 magnum desert eagle will have a younger brother

alabaster77: The "Chrome" T 120 is indeed chrome, not stainless. The term "Stocks" is the "Gunsmith" specific term for what most call "Grips". The pistol is essentially a Jericho, Witness, Sphinx etc CZ75 type clone(For those who are unclear on that, it seems n8elq understands this already). I love the mechanics of this gun. I love the profile of it too. Personally I think this is the nicest looking CZ75 variant, including the original CZ pistol lineup. Good review, man. How's it shoot!? :-)

n8elq: Semper Fi! It was a long march!! lol I really dont know, it comes with 1 extra. Im not into more mags than what comes with the gun. My suggestion is to take it into a good shop and may they can tell you and even try a few to see what does fit.

Zapablast05: I'm new to guns but the only one I'm familiar with is a Beretta M9 because of the Marine Corps. I noticed you're probably a retired Marine, n8elq. Semper Fi! Back on subject I'm looking at getting this from GoG as well. I'm just curious about extra magazines. Which magazine is compatible with this handgun? I can't find anything on google because everything refers back to CZ-75 and Canik-55. I have no clue what those are.

thehotsixer1: Love the look of these Jericho guns.

n8elq: nope not sure, it came with 2 magazines and so far , ive never lost a magazine sorry i just dont know much about the pistol yet, i been working so much I have not even had it out to shoot yet.

newdefsys: subbed

Jerru Lopez: this looks like a copy of the Jericho 941 nice pistol

Lvl22nerd: no they dont, its Mec Gar mags that fit the CZ-75b
Tristar T-120 9mm Pistol 5 out of 5

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Tristar T-120 9mm Pistol