Tristar T-120 9mm Pistol

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David W: Another clueless YouTube Gun Guru.
Forward sight is not adjustable with the Allen wrench-it's pinned in place like the pistol it clones-CZ75. Finish is Cerecote. You carry your weapons roostered and locked without the thumb safety engaged!!!???? Wow!!

Alberto Alvarez: Hello;
Could you share your opinion on the Tristar T-120 after two years of the video? Is it a reliable gun? Any wear  or malfunction?

Patriot News Network: Bought one, very happy.

Clone of the IDI Jericho 941.

Perfect for personal defense, accurate and lighter than a Baretta 92FS or 1911.

Joel Pruitt: You are unsafe.

Beedeequeen Grace: Just purchased one from Academy for $400.00. This is my first 9mm. Took it to the range last weekend after work, put 20 rounds through it-- Monarch 115 Gr and Hornady 115 gr hollow points. The pistol performed beautifully; I am very satisfied. This pistol is a great answer to the Sigs and Glocks of the world at a reasonable price for both gun and the ammo it shoots.

Power5: You don't know what a CZ-75 is? This gun is based on a Baby Eagle/Jericho 941 which is similar to a CZ-75 as well.

MrPHATSPEED: Since TriStar just started carrying it's pistol line this year, these are still pretty new to the market. I got a e-mail today from Gallery of Guns, and they featured this pistol in it. I requested a quote, and my local FFL price on it was $340.18 before transfer fee, and local sales tax. I thought that was a great price on a fullsize all metal 9mm pistol. Plus I've always loved the look of the baby desert eagle Jericho pistols. Now my Mark VII .44 magnum desert eagle will have a younger brother

alabaster77: The "Chrome" T 120 is indeed chrome, not stainless. The term "Stocks" is the "Gunsmith" specific term for what most call "Grips". The pistol is essentially a Jericho, Witness, Sphinx etc CZ75 type clone(For those who are unclear on that, it seems n8elq understands this already). I love the mechanics of this gun. I love the profile of it too. Personally I think this is the nicest looking CZ75 variant, including the original CZ pistol lineup. Good review, man. How's it shoot!? :-)

n8elq: Semper Fi! It was a long march!! lol I really dont know, it comes with 1 extra. Im not into more mags than what comes with the gun. My suggestion is to take it into a good shop and may they can tell you and even try a few to see what does fit.

Zapablast05: I'm new to guns but the only one I'm familiar with is a Beretta M9 because of the Marine Corps. I noticed you're probably a retired Marine, n8elq. Semper Fi! Back on subject I'm looking at getting this from GoG as well. I'm just curious about extra magazines. Which magazine is compatible with this handgun? I can't find anything on google because everything refers back to CZ-75 and Canik-55. I have no clue what those are.

thehotsixer1: Love the look of these Jericho guns.

n8elq: nope not sure, it came with 2 magazines and so far , ive never lost a magazine sorry i just dont know much about the pistol yet, i been working so much I have not even had it out to shoot yet.

newdefsys: subbed

Jerru Lopez: this looks like a copy of the Jericho 941 nice pistol

Lvl22nerd: no they dont, its Mec Gar mags that fit the CZ-75b

Old Grumpy: Good good video I have T100 model and I haven't shoot yet perhaps this weekend Any ways Let me say Thank you in Turkish " Tesekkur ederim "

NWPatriot_71: They are the same as Canik 55 pistols, the magazines are Mec-Gar (same as the CZ's) even the grips are the same as the CZ from what I have seen. Great video by the way, I have been looking at getting a Tri-Star or Canik pistol for my next pistol.

wawheeler21: Looks like a CZ... and a freaking tank.

John stanley: You can order extra mags from Tri-Star, here in the USA, in the Kansas City area, for about what you'd expect for a normal factory mag. Holsters made for an old CZ might not work with the tactical rail you see on the lower receiver in this video. If it's nearly as good as a real CZ, it will do just fine. The CZ75 has been used by foreign cops & military a LOT. I even knew a senior deputy with a high-population Texas county who carried one, roostered & locked, and he could've carried anything.

KKSH2: The sights on the Tristars actually glow in the dark when you shine a light on them.
Tristar T-120 9mm Pistol 5 out of 5

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Tristar T-120 9mm Pistol