Create Your Own Silhouette Die Cut Elements

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Create Your Own Silhouette Die Cut Elements
Create Your Own Silhouette Die Cut Elements
Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Creating your own cut and print files (Outline Only)
Silhouette Studio Tutorial: Creating your own cut and print files (Outline Only)
First Impression - Custom Stamps with Silhouette Cutting Machine
First Impression - Custom Stamps with Silhouette Cutting Machine
Overview & Demo of the Silhouette Portrait
Overview & Demo of the Silhouette Portrait
Silhouette Cameo Cut File from your own image
Silhouette Cameo Cut File from your own image

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Micaila Breashears: Hi there! Where can I get this software???

Linda Taylor: Sadly, there is no such thing as "free Disney clipart". After I saw the opening few minutes to this video, I "googled" free Disney clipart and a bunch of sites came up. But it doesn't matter, they are in violation of Disney's copyright.

Disney does not easily hand out permission for the use of their images. Once you submit your request to them, it would only be for one image. It takes weeks and they may decide to charge you for the use. If you are creating anything for sale using their images, they just haven't heard about you yet.

A lot of people are just creating images for their family members or for gifts. That is also a violation of the copyright. You just probably won't be caught by Disney for doing it.

Maria Colosimo: You Rock Susanna! Thanks so much for awesome tip and great video demo! :)

Paola Alvarez: I whant to see printing you on desing

Elena C: Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate this to us, it's really appreciated!

SHAWN BOND: Hello, I'm new to the Cameo and I have a question for you. You used the High Pass Filter when other people turn it off when they do a trace. What is the diff between using the High Pass Filter to trace and turning it off? When do you do each one? It's a bit confusing. Thank you for your guidance

Paper Craft Planet: Probably -- but since the Silhouette would read all the different colors in the photo, it would be a total pain. I'd edit the photo using something like Photoshop Elements or GIMP to make it what I wanted and then pull that new image into the Silhouette.

eekisageek1: is there a way to use the silhouette to make a stencil using a personal photograph ( im trying to make a black and white positive/negative image)? any help in this area would be greatly appreciated!

ReMarkovable: I cannot get images from my computer to open in the Designer Edition. I bought the software to create my own work, but when I upload my images, I get only a black box instead of the image. What am I doing wrong?

Paper Craft Planet: Nope :) I have it now, but not when I made this video!

Barb515: Are you using the Designer Edition Software?

slick176: omg i am so thinking of getting this machine! thank you for this video.

Roxane Renee: Susanna, Thank you so much for a great simple video. I was getting frustrated with my Silhouette machine and you saved the day! Thanks again:)

Carol Melancon: Very clear. Thanks for the tutorial.

zoeysWorld: hi are you able to print an image from the internet and then wre we able to put the registration lines so that we can then cut it.... just like what your doing here, but what if i wanted to print it out to get not only the outline but the details as well thanks so much

jasmine2501: Thanks, I think it will work. It's a fairly thin vinyl-based material that shrinks with heat. Monokote Trim tape is, as far as I can tell, the same thing as the adhesive vinyl sold FOR the Silhouette, so I think it will work. Thanks for your quick response!

Paper Craft Planet: I don't know what Monokote is -- if it's thicker than heavy cardstock, I'd say no. The Cricut can cut thicker materials but lacks the versatility of cutting your own designs. I also like the Silhouette's "app store" to purchase designs for $1 each.

jasmine2501: OMG, if it can do this, why would anyone buy a Cricut?! I'm looking at this for cutting model aircraft covering into designs, and making stencils for painting planes and other stuff. Do you think it would be able to cut model aircraft covering such as Monokote?

Paper Craft Planet: @ahsookie1 Sure! Give me a little bit to do it, but I'll put that on my list. Maybe next week? Not sure about best deal on the Silhouette. I'm still looking for a super sale to score the new Cameo.

Melissa Russell: I was going back and forth on which one to get. Doing my research,was glad i found your tutorial. I can't believe how easy it look's! Ive been tring to learn stencil making on photoshop for my airbrushing business and find it's very confusing. I have couple question's....can you do a tutorial on how to upload a photo and make a stencil? Also, where to purchase the silhouette for the best price?
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Create Your Own Silhouette Die Cut Elements