Spectrobes Origins Walkthrough Part 3 (Wii) No Commentary #3

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Kaylin Patterson: I miss this game so much! I really do love the open worlds that it has, and the combat system is a cake walk.

Much Speed: Probrably dead.

coolsiteish: what happened to aldouis? havent seen him in the game

Jay Viral: 10 $

Jin Kaien: 1:36, Jeena must have a lot of free time to be learning those moves

khxmm: me too.

RoyalMystic: what is a name of this planet? Or if you know can you give me a list of al planets in this game? Thanks

Mr.Ω: U know what's funny I was almost done with the game and then my brother wiped out not only my game data but also all my data from all my games -___-

Bryce K: Anybody recommend this game? If so, how much?

Galledonium: 00:14 . Rallen : Those Lousy ... Donesnt that remind u something? Neku : Those stupid Noise Lousy=Noisy lol

TsuchiGamer 06: This is so helpful man thxx

EpicShadowBall: @woskis9161 & no damn vortexs at all!

woskis9161: This is better than beyond the portals when you have to battle ALL krawl on the field before you can exavate

Steve Saladbar: Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts kinda, and the excavation system in this is really boring compared to the DS styled version of excavating.

firstoftheoutcast: @Animasword no, it really mens "here we go"

XDRevolution26: @bickflick you spin me right round hahaha

DANJ65: is Aldous in this game?

xoncom: the mining system seems a bit boring i liked the 1 on the nds

YetiBerra: How does this work work in multiplayer? I can't see that the fights triggers like Tales of-series or Final Fantasy.... Or am I wrong? I just bought this game todaym, but I can't try it before the weekend... So I wonder if this game is like Tales Of symphonia 2, with the monster element?

Digifreak12345: how do you defeat that 3-headed krawl beast??,at kogorea??
Spectrobes Origins Walkthrough Part 3 (Wii) No Commentary #3 5 out of 5

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Pamela Arellano Diaz: Puedes hacer a jessi
john adel: one of the most amazing videos that i have ever watch it on youtube
DaxiiFreeze: Nico , se genre de jeux est fait pour les gens qui ont goûter au fps dès leurs plus jeunes âge .
Joe S: 0:50 "Not all those who wander are lost"?
kobalt173: Log how you stole walkers from the walking dead my favorite show
Munchkin Bros: I have got that board

Spectrobes Origins Walkthrough Part 3 (Wii) No Commentary #3