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Neumann Michaela: ich brauchte kein Geld ausgeben um die Polizei los zu werden bei der Mision mit den Zug,ich bin einfach so lange über die Autobahn gefahren bis ich ein Stern nach den andern verloren habe so geht es auch.
rage of the letter 'y': doesn't print black when red ink is missing Imagine if that was me not doing one thing if I'm lacking something else entirely I'd be some kind of internet troll sitting in my attic bitching about ethics
LooplabMixer: It wasn't SOS, that was too long and doesn't translate correctly...
Marvin Gabel: thats what i need. Lots of granite boulders on my farm. I would rather chop them up instead of jack hammering them. Thanks for the info
Baron welder: Yeh I push the swivel into the tommy bar and the tommy bar into the ground ( 1:26 swivel and lead falls out as he walks off LOL!). 
Amfibios: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAH this is a joke right? "here i'll show u how well my build works" --> 5sec later blows up by the weakest enemies xD that's the build someone would have if they were farming lan casual until they reach "elite ng+++++"
Izabella's Vlogs: What's the seed den?

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