Aprilia RS 125 Onboard

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Aprilia RS 125 onboard
Aprilia RS 125 onboard
Hyosung GT125R Onboard - Acceleration -  IXIL Exhaust - GoPro 3+ Silver [HD]
Hyosung GT125R Onboard - Acceleration - IXIL Exhaust - GoPro 3+ Silver [HD]
2002 Aprilia RS125 Review
2002 Aprilia RS125 Review
2 Stroke vs. 4 Stroke   Aprilia RS 125. Aprilia RS4 125
2 Stroke vs. 4 Stroke Aprilia RS 125. Aprilia RS4 125
Aprilia rs 125 top speed + 0 - 100 km-h
Aprilia rs 125 top speed + 0 - 100 km-h

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Baja5b-SS: you've got a red light on your dash.

broerbreaker9240Z: Depends, on full power it should get like 180.

Skyline4017: it's not a scooter and no 125 is not the top speed...i would say around 150 km/h is top speed

Filledwithsodium: That's an awesome scooter. Is 125 the speed of top?

suzuk bandit: which cuntry is this?

Mansdaz: this bike looks restricted?

miro ne: (clap)

Christian Sanfra: rappoti? 17/40?

Luck Harold: The fast and nervous bike. Two stroke forever!

Battle Forged 1944: sorry dude but this comment was not posted by me but from my annoying brother he posts on bike videos all the time with my account without me knowing.

Filip VÅ: probably the high temperature light as he writes in the desc. that the sensor is broken

Antonio Martínez Cano: Someone can tell me what is the orange triangle on the panel?

Antonio Martínez Cano: ¿Alguien me puede decir que es el triangulo naranja que sale en el tablero?

Timon Rückel: sry man, but why do you use the choke at the beginning when your bike is already "warmed up"?and why does the water temperature bar show something if the sensor is "broken"? :D I know I shouldn't care about it, but I think you should be honest to us, your very nice bike (I got the same ;) ) and yourselve.

Khalis Ross: Quite important. The "brain" inside your bike is starting up, so all the electrical systems will work well.

turbinebass: Hi mate; the red alert for what?

Joneew: is it important? i just got my rs and i want to hold it as gently as i can

netkongen: Sounds like crap

belgianmadman: is it full power? probably is but just to check..

Khalis Ross: It's your bike. Your problem. Don't give a crap bro.
Aprilia RS 125 onboard 5 out of 5

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Aprilia RS 125 onboard