Toxic Broadhead Durability And Penetration Test

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poetlionheart: Impressive!

msu8989: No mention of what bow you used, velocity, arrow weight, poundage, etc.....I could drive a coke can through 3/4 " plywood if I had enough force behind it! Sure it empties a milk jug quickly, but deer aren't made of soft plastic and kool aid.

Jakob Thompson: You should show the hole it made. i bet its impressive

BBKlima: One shot only?

runawaygun762: I'm not going to buy this broadhead, but I will say there are an awful lot of people who keep wanting more. "It drained water jugs fast, but let's see penetration. Oh. There's penetration, Uh, QUARTERING SHOTS!!!!" There are plenty of established heads that don't do great in plywood quartering shots. It's a new head, so there isn't going to be much in the way of field reports yet. Buy it or not, plenty of people are and we'll see the results soon.

ripfletching: I'd like to do a review on my YouTube channel

crxwolski: Ebay, $27 and free shipping

3006USMC: Im interested but need to see real world testing and whats with $45 for 3!!?

Steve Flynn: Hey Jason, Steve here from the Cliffs Off-Road park in Illinois. Just a tip, promote your company on your shirt in your videos, it's free, and you had some close ups that would have been easy to read. Good job on the video though, I think I'm going to try them this year.

jason rager: You should look on the internet. There is a lot of info regarding the broad head and other tests that have been performed by dealers that may answer any other questions that you may have.

Kurt Haugen: How about shooting it at a angle to show quartering away shots???? Too many question marks with this head.Prove me wrong!!!!

Tony M: ....I think if I was shot with that broadhead at 35 yards in the chest I could survive.......said nobody with a lick of sense. that broadhead is just plain wicked..

Chest Thumper Outdoors: So if the broadhead contacts bone you basically have to replace the blades?

JoeNue 2000: Let's see it at 35yds

Michael Pearce: what draw $ weight were you shooting in this?

jtmills86: With the head taking up some mass quantity of space. Is there any concern with it hanging up on massive quantities of tissue? Would like to see ballistics gel sometime.
Toxic Broadhead Durability and Penetration Test 5 out of 5

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Toxic Broadhead Durability and Penetration Test