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jim tsang: @videogameobsession Sorry to hear about your problem. I have since contacted iRobot and they offered me 20% discount-same deal. I refused to accept and told them I would contact the FTC and let them determine if it is a fraud to charge customers over and over again for a faulty design when they should have replace it for free. I received a higher level call from them and offered me 30% discount which I also refused. They then sent me the green replacement for free. You may try the same thing.
kaylareneekhalli: Enstyle Micro Perm Yaky is good cheap hair too girrlll! It sheds but sealing the wefts helps! Also buy some argon oil and organix macadamia condition it is bomb!
Tara Collins: thanks, i never really plaid a violin, but you've helped me a lot . to learn notes
Ytz Gold: One day in the future, when China has dominated the world, destroyed all museums and symbols of our culture and has tortured everyone to think commie and not have any rights, somebody will see one of these survivor vehicles and will realize that - then - long ago, freedom and life existed and people had dreams and classy things. A shame the course of world currently.
GearsOfHidt1: @pivot1022 Haha lol
vegan Hanz: Luis Recio Jr should die!! He is the kid who said he wanted to take a crap in her mouth...wow, what a sick piece of crap!
1157StrangeKid: Why is this not in America? all we have is crap nascar

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