Straight Talk Samsung S390G Overview

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Straight Talk Samsung S390G available for $59.99
Straight Talk Samsung S390G available for $59.99
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Straight Talk Samsung R375C Review
Straight Talk Samsung R375C Review
Straight Talk Samsung R375C Review
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Samsung S390g Mini Review
Straight Talk Samsung S390g How to install Java apps
Straight Talk Samsung S390g How to install Java apps

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SaraST8: Hi Margie, this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. We can help get your issue rectified if you can send us an email at, with your name, Straight Talk phone number and the phone's serial number. Thank you.


ToxxicTess5683: Actually you can get Java apps on it! ^.^

Anthony Maldonado: Ok so I have to $30 plan which only has 30 mb of internet. If I use wi-fi does it count toward my data?

TheBikemaster94: If it's your own wifi network it shouldn't use up any minutes ur bring up add. cost, there's a video tittled:Samsung S390 2MP Camera Wi-Fi Smartphone with 1400 Minutes, and one of the guys said that

ToxxicTess5683: If you use the wifi for web browsing, does it use minutes up? I just want the wifi web quick use of my facebook and twitter. :3 lol

toenail37: Go to and then search for Samsung S390G, youtube won't let me paste the hyperlink.

cellur111: You dont, its a tracfone.

Tucker Siddons: How to you get apps on the thing

ohwaddafook: okay that happened to me for a while..what u have to do is go to the menu and go to wifi and click enable and then find a wifi network then connect u will know if ur connected when the little blue thing on the top right goes green i had the same problem and i have no clue why you cant watch youtube w/out wifi its just the way it is lol hope that helps if it doesnt then call the tracfone customer service and they will help you out

Sharon Van: How do you get your Samsung S390G to play YouTube? Do you have to access it a certain way? Mine connects but won't load & play. Other websites' videos I get a "no video format for your phone" message. I use Tracfone. Thanks!

coolunusual: This was on sale at dominiks today got it for 27$!

LegitIntros: how do u add music! i dont wanna use a freakin sd card.

ohwaddafook: yup you can its awesome just go to youtube mobile I just got this hone and its amazing u will luv it you can do face book youtube google msn bing ANYTHING

Robert Thompson: I have this phone and it is awesome. I have Net 10 and they are great.

mangarda: This looks like an awesome my area it is available with Net 10. Does anybody know about Net 10's service and coverage? Are people happy with them?

WiCkEdWiCkEdClOwN17: can you change the wallpaper? like from a photo from the internet?

Jonah Gray: Just got this phone yesterday. What kind of apps are available for this phone? Please reply.

Blazed pochito: yes!!!! you can watch any videos from youtube or any other media from the internet

tornmask: oh yeah, for $50 bucks i'm gett'n this phone for sure!
Straight Talk Samsung S390G Overview 5 out of 5

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Straight Talk Samsung S390G Overview