Build A Garage, Workshop, Pole Barn, House

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Build a Garage. Workshop. Pole Barn. House
Build a Garage. Workshop. Pole Barn. House
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sth128: So what you're saying is that I should hire Chuck to build me a house?

mountainwheels: To be honest, none of this looked easy. The metal joiners are a great idea and save on lumber, but this is definitely still a job for a professional.

Kevin Vert: guess it doesn't really matter anymore even tho seems like a great idea since it's impossible to get ahold of anyone at this company and have listed complaint on BBB

Matt Kenny: I couldn't help but notice, he's not using 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 grade1 timbers at all. He's using 2x6's which are really 1 1/2 x 5 1/2 and sandwiching 2 pieces of 1/2 osb between the 3 2x6s. He's making his timbers. 2:44 shows a good view of what I'm sayin. Why is he making his timbers?

mtothem1337: How much does those cost? i would love to buy a set so i can copy them.

SleezyJeezy: What they forgot to say in this feel-good product video is, "Old Chuck has absolutely NO building experience! The only thing he graduated from was boy-scouts, and was raised by Mountain Lions"...

l84Cabo: Well damn...that sure looked easy. Not. Nice job though Chuck...for sure!

Orlando P. Abarzua: need sales in chile ? skype patriciony

Pudsy440: Bottom line - Chuck rules, bitches!

bdemaree: I want to know why they photo shopped the tyvec cover on in the last scene.

Knott Reel: Making rigs and jigs would take longer than the actual construction. 

Alamodem: Has anyone had any luck contacting these people? 

Edgars Zelmenis: What if im not like Chuk "smart worker" but "hard worker"? And i dont have a tractor

J.S. Velasco: Chuck is THE man!

trivalentlogic: ohh chuck

pan3215: "Easy second floor", "easy remote control", "using only a tractor", "simple product", "easy so everyone can build"..... IF YOU ARE A PRO!!!

Rocky Atlantis: Chuck is one smart son of a Ritch....!!

577666: Very expensive.

Elmer Fudd: Ridiculous. A conventional polebarn would be much easier than this abortion. Chuck got chucked. 

Yung Tunechi: Poor chuck... Concrete work is a bitch... 

MrTrekFanDan: Nice vid, but put 'advertisement' in the description!

Hugo853746: lol

tazaxx21: Does anyone know what happened to Socket Systems?

postmann1000: im chuck norris!

Grasshopper80s4ever: Hell with the horse I just tie the rope around my wife and lead her with sweets .

Edward Hamilton: Great idea, but the cost makes it meh... I would have expected a kit to do an entire building for a few hundred dollars. Chuck spent a few thousand dollars on those neat metal links alone. That's just not cost effective.

Neil MacInnes: It's easier than framing yourself and you get the full open span in your shop though

readmedottext: fantastic

Pimporly: That looks hard! Wow! Chuck did a lot! Your average "Joe" can't do You have to be smart to do that and have a spare $30,000 grand or so laying around. I would go with purchasing a pre-made two floor shed for around $12,000

thouartjohnd: @googles23m Chuck has no building background, just common sense.

davegulls: troll

callmebigpapa: Chuck makes me feel like a weak girly man

cordell moser: I want the plans for this garage does any one know the measurements and the price estimate for this garage if you do it would make my life a hole lot more improved!?

thouartjohnd: For all your answers call Socket Systems at 814-476-1927. We love to make your building dreams come true.

googles23m: This can not be done by the average person. chuck has some building background

VF1Skullangel: I'm not as talented as chuck but this is amazing! Id give it a shot if its cheap. How much to build a 3 car garage?

HersheySR71: Great Job Chuck! Chuck Norris! I'll take you to Chucky Cheese! =)

craftchick674: Chuck is a smart worker.

Inside My Shop: Impressive!

tbirdpimp07: this system seems pretty expensive to me 400 to do one gable without buying the wood but does seem like it would be alot easier then making the joints in just wood tho guess ya get what ya pay for ... 2 bad im poor lol

درواس: WOW

BooKittyRadley: @SocketSystems Too much. I can have 2400 sf with a steelmaster bldg and self installed second floor for half that. Plus, it will have higher snow load and wind load. Good luck with your product...

thydusk666: Two years later, Chuck is still working on his garage...

Brian Ludwig: Do you guys make metal bracket system for geodesic construction ? A sturdy hub design is needed in the industry and geodesic buildings seem to be the the popular way to go now days.

a2zhandi: Believe me when I say, "It's still a big chunk of money"

eastrockaway11518: RIP Chuck would have been proud to see it finished

thouartjohnd: Call 814-476-1927 Monday morning
Build a Garage, Workshop, Pole Barn, House 4.8 out of 5

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Build a Garage, Workshop, Pole Barn, House