German 26 5MM Flare Pistol

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Kyle Cho: I have a German luftwaffe flare leg carrier with 5 German flare rounds, 3 are still sealed in original waxing

Marco Antonio: As you think it costs?

Joey P: Good intro and video...  I got both the Gecco and the VZ44, both have the .410/45LC inserts. Both are very well made, but I prefer the Gecco.

MALICEM12: which is better? this flare gun or the czech vz44?

metisman100: cant any one just use a flare gun as a flare gun its not a weapon its a signalling device for if you get lost

StopMoss b: will the .45 long colt + 410 insert work or does the .45 have to much powder behind it?

locke6206: Sounds like you need to STFU and listen to what I was saying first. I was giving an example of how a flare gun can be used as an offensive weapon instead of just a signaling device. I would NEVER NEVER take a flare gun before I would my Glock 23 or AR15 to a shooting match! NEVER!! So listen to what I was saying before you open your trap and make your on troll self look stupid in the meantime. Have a great day!!

Afro Sergeant: now, what about, with w 12 gauge adaptor, using a 12 gauge insert, the ones that you put something like a 410 or a 38 special in and can shoot them in break action 12 gauge shotguns?

SurpriseSurpriseRVA: how is this guy gonna show me that awesome gun and not give a proper demonstration?

TenThirty-Two: Take some of the powder out of a .12g and you can fire them cut down to the right size.

PyroVuurwerkGRP: I have one from ww2!

fdsman: The videos you're speaking of (the exploding flare pistols while shooting standard 12 gauge ammo) Are not with the 12 gauge adapters. They are the cheap plastic Orion flare guns. I'm not saying this one will not explode in your hand if you shoot regular 12 gauge ammo but I've never personally witnessed one explode myself or on video.

dtwow: Can you safely put the .22LR conversion sleeve in this? Thanks.

Greg Ionadi: I have this exact same flare gun!!!

coozy100: in the idea of shooting 12 gauges... they have nfa regulated barrels that you can make then pay a tax stamp. it gets made out of thicker steel..and you have to make a stronger spring for the said latch although some german ones were made to shoot both...but those are almost none existent for that reason.. itd be smarter to use lower pressure 12 gauge rounds.. like the recoiless ones..

bmays002: @69Starmix96 Of course you get scared when you see a video of free humanity. Better sit down and think about what worthless slave scum you are. You are totally at the mercy of your benefactors. They will poison you, they will rob you, they will beat you down. You will take it because you nothing but a scumbag slave. You better get on your knees and thank them they let you keep the knives in your kitchen. Thanks for destroying Europe.

bmays002: @69Starmix96 Guess why you pay a 90% tax on gasoline in the UK. Guess why there are cameras on every street corner. Guess why they have taken away all your rights even the right to own a flare-gun. Guess why they flooded your country with immigrants and pay them more money in welfare then the average working class britain makes. Guess why they don't prosecute Muslims that rape and sell underage British girls on the streets. You slaves would have been better off if Hitler won the war.

saj12100: @locke6206 so this is better than the HK?

Dr. Face: what is it with americans and guns D;

homes24: Its Czech?
German 26 5MM Flare Pistol 5 out of 5

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German 26 5MM Flare Pistol