Homemade 2x72 Belt Grinder

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Homemade 2x72 belt grinder
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Homemade 2 X 72 Belt Grinder - NWG
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megadwood18: nice job  I like that alot

Nigel Tolley: That looks like a beautiful but lethal machine. Your loose T shirt and 72" of unguarded belt makes me cringe! That aside, lovely.

Eddie the Grouch: Fantastic!  The changeover design is just brilliant and after seeing it I want to make a bench top version.  That's gotta be better than a grinding wheel  for tool bit shaping and sharpening.
Thanks for sharing, Marcos.

Kenneth Connolly: One of the best looking homemade 2x72 belt grinders I've seen.  Congrats on the clean build!

Jed Heinrich: That looks great!!! 
Once I start building my own, I'll probably use several of the features you have on yours! I never thought of using skateboard wheels, that's probably a little cheaper than the $50/wheel precision ground one from commercial retailers.
Once again, looks awesome!

Jose Ignacio Czudak: it's a beautiful machine. Hard to believe you to handwork. i try to make something like this. but this is so pro! Thanks for sharing

Neil Hatcher: Thats a great job.  Love how you can just flip over to flat to convex.  Do you have any plans for sale as of yet?

SSR KNIVES AND GUNS!: sweet job man!

TheAgentOfTruth: Really nice.
You're using just that spring for the belt tension?

Ironheart Fabrication: Great innovation, versatile while remaining simple in design!  Thumbs up...

tellket: Very nice!  He'll of sick monster look too. 

Kahain: that is insanely impressive.

bubby hardy: Hey man, that grinder is crazy awesome!!! I am currently building one from a treadmill and love all the cool ideas!! Really enjoyed watching!!

Raffaele Caré (Careless): I've seen someone use the skateboard wheels, but the truck tracking adjuster is a new one! great idea. How did you have the center rotating portion made? Was it laser cut or did you machine it yourself? Thanks for sharing.

Herman van der Merwe: Brilliant!!!!! I love it!!! I'm looking into making knifes myself but the equipment is too expensive at the moment for me. I also like recycling and re purposing All kinds of stuff so this idea is just awesome!!! Thanks for the upload Marcos!!

Larry Perna: Very nice job! Thanks for the video and the ideas.

Michael Anway: Marcos this is brilliant! Especially so for using so many of the parts from the treadmill,I see them on Craigslist all the time in working conditon for free! Now I'm going to have to pick one up soon.

Alamodem: That would be amazing. Even just the pivot part between the wheel and the platen. 

Dale Richardson: Excellent piece of work!  How did you acquire the large aluminum and the wheel on the motor? 

aurora52378: been hunting for a good design for my next grinder...  this thing is AWESOME!..  Nice work!.. 
Homemade 2x72 belt grinder 5 out of 5

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Homemade 2x72 belt grinder