Homemade 2x72 Belt Grinder

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mars1952: Wow! That is a nice looking belt grinder! Nice work.

venun tox: O melhor projeto até agora,muito bom ...

Michael Anthony Sawyer: Brilliant work, Marcos

Sam Parker: I have been researching retail belt grinders all day and this has more features than those do. Many DIY rigs limit features for simplicity but it seems like you have really improved standard retail units with this setup. With the smaller wheels that you mentioned it should be even more versatile. I would think you might have to replace the skate bearings with more industrial ones fit for purpose but I assume you have that covered already. Thanks for sharing.

GnosisMan50: you might have to seal off the motor to prevent it from getting sanding residues

Frank Fomkin: Wow' fantastic work. I have been pondering a diy grinder and yours is very inspirational. I recently broke down my old treadmill for scrap but that was before i discovered knife making.

dale evans: Looks really nice I like it Your tracking changes because your tracking truck rotates on its horizontal axis. Another adjustment at 90 degrees might solve that.. I am in no way being critical, great job

danny burgess: that is THE COOLEST grinder I have EVER seen !! awesome job

Bill Nichols: WOW! Great job sir :)

Nick Cattafi: Absolute genius innovations. How did you construct the main piece the flips,with the large wheel on one side and the platen on the other. Where did you find that piece. That is where my plan stall as i do not have a welder I will need to repurpose something else. I agree with others,if you sold plans,even simple one,I would buy them.

Larry Cederholm: hay marcos would like a knife made are you up for it

Thetruckingprepper: Wow! That is well built . Very cool but I need it back now. Just joking. Good job .

slickdeville: freaking amazing....well done.

rwashman: Nicely done! Very well thought out.

ChiefDork: good job, great idea but aren't ya missing something? like may be the kitchen sink...

100nortonfan: Quite clever, Marcos. Thanks for the ideas, I am planning on building one in the near future and you have provided some great tips. Cheers!

Marc Conroy: Fantastic work man, well done!

Forrest Simpson: That is amazing, great job!

Gary Brown: I really enjoyed the video. I am just now building a shop and I want a grinder and was looking to weld or make one myself too but cost of the motor and all the idler, drive and tracking wheels were high. As well as the 10" wheel or other sizes. Did you only have to buy the Drive pulley and big grinding wheels? I will keep my eye out on a cheap treadmill that still has the motor. Thanks for sharing. 

Mad Mazz: Excellent work.

akram hamdan: Hi Marcos, which size these wheels.

duane1234561: Mate if you made a kit and sold it in Australia you would make a fortune 

Tiit Saul: wow. so many great innovations right there!

MrOldclunker: Awesome. If you ever get plans for the frame unit, let me know. Love it.

Ribeye Rare: Brilliant 

nuff sed: this guy taught the a team

Mike Yeakley: Nice job re-cycling! Very inspiring.

marko3296: You are a genious!

FedByFuel: Man, that is an awesome grinder! Very innovative!

Kuhl Dad: Wow! Well done.

akram hamdan: Thanks .Marcos you give me agreat idea of using skateboard wheels.iam order them from amazon to continue making my belt grinder.

Chalemagne Boesh: I have all the parts (except the bumper), but don't know how to weld - is it difficult to learn? What type of welding equipment do you have? Also, are you active on Bladeforums? Are you selling your work? 

designink: Just Outstanding!!

akram hamdan: very good.but tell us about motor rpm and hp 

ZeroCool: A true Hacker! Knife Craftsmen on the side.. hehe As an electronics guy who has been playing electronics since I was eight years old, I must say the controls in that machine would be hard to beat unless you had some money and time to put into it. I'm sure it has a pulse width modulator with a micro controller which also monitors the whole thing ensuring the RPM stays constant. Otherwise it could not have been used as a adjustable constant speed treadmill with the force of someone running on it. Use what you have. No reason to complicate the crap out of it and end up with something not quite as good. Hope your proud... I would be!

Jasmin-Dragan Katavic: you sir are a genius! RESPECT

Frank Bailey: nice

Petros Makris: It looks like too much! but why not :)

Chalemagne Boesh: Wow! Where did you get the big wheel?

Esmail Said: surgcial belt grinder

Kale Klompstra: great work! Just started mine. Thanks for the video.

Trevor Frandsen: dude your awesome thanks for showing 

sharp x: great job, thanks for sharing.

Jeremy Lindsay: Wow Just awesome is about all I can say. Great job!

Duke Nguyen: It's amazing, Marcos. I really want to make a belt grinder myself to make knives. Your grinder looks too difficult to me but Thank you anyway!

Frontline Student Ministries: do you have plans that you went from or figure out configuration on your own?looking to build one .

Hugo van Schalkwyk: Dude, That ROCKS! Well done, Thanks for sharing

Chris3836: Hey where do you buy those thinking caps at?

mark eaves: Dang good job, thanks for not giving up and sharing that ability with us.

maxim edwards: Very clever.
Homemade 2x72 belt grinder 5 out of 5

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mars1952: Wow! That is a nice looking belt grinder! Nice work.
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Homemade 2x72 belt grinder