Homemade 2x72 Belt Grinder

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Home made 2x72 grinder
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dnahoghunter: that thing is just genius! great job!

danny burgess: that is THE COOLEST grinder I have EVER seen !! awesome job

mark eaves: Dang good job, thanks for not giving up and sharing that ability with us.

nwmetalbug: Im very impressed thats clever. I do machining for a living and have to say thats one of the best recycling jobs ive ever seen .

MrOldclunker: Awesome. If you ever get plans for the frame unit, let me know. Love it.

Chris3836: Hey where do you buy those thinking caps at?

maxim edwards: Very clever.

Ribeye Rare: Brilliant 

Dave Generic: Necessity is the mother of invention... pretty cool. I'm a pack rat i:e a "junk collector", have a hard time tossin' something that could be useful...I have lots of stuff to work from, so I have been on a similar mission... thanks for sharing

Gary Mayo: Very nice job! Add a place for a flower like inside the VW bug, and then you really have something.

BAMBAM5476: Keep up the good work 

Bushkill Blades: Genius. 

Jim Milne: You did a really great job on your grinder. I'm impressed with your inventive approach using the tread-mill solution. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

sharp x: great job, thanks for sharing.

ChiefDork: good job, great idea but aren't ya missing something? like may be the kitchen sink...

Marc Conroy: Fantastic work man, well done!

Mad Mazz: Excellent work.

Gary Brown: I really enjoyed the video. I am just now building a shop and I want a grinder and was looking to weld or make one myself too but cost of the motor and all the idler, drive and tracking wheels were high. As well as the 10" wheel or other sizes. Did you only have to buy the Drive pulley and big grinding wheels? I will keep my eye out on a cheap treadmill that still has the motor. Thanks for sharing. 

FedByFuel: Man, that is an awesome grinder! Very innovative!

umberto smith: You should upgrade the skateboard bearings to swiss :)

tehlolercaust: the grinder is great, but you might find that it's easier to grind to shape before heat treat.

mark stevens: Really cool bro. Great presentation. I didn't struggle to hear you nor was I left wondering what point you were trying to make through out this video. Didn't become nauseated by motion sickness which is usually due to prolonged shifty camera movement, and I can't say you left me with any major questions to as how machine was fabricated. * * * * * and 2 thumbs up for standards one expects from a DIY guy in his garage.

Delbert Hiebert: This is a machine that would sell big time. You aught to build and market, or make up a set of detailed plans to sell. 

ZeroCool: A true Hacker! Knife Craftsmen on the side.. hehe As an electronics guy who has been playing electronics since I was eight years old, I must say the controls in that machine would be hard to beat unless you had some money and time to put into it. I'm sure it has a pulse width modulator with a micro controller which also monitors the whole thing ensuring the RPM stays constant. Otherwise it could not have been used as a adjustable constant speed treadmill with the force of someone running on it. Use what you have. No reason to complicate the crap out of it and end up with something not quite as good. Hope your proud... I would be!

Jose Nunez: That is an awesome looking grinder. It is impressive that you made that yourself out of parts from different things. Really cool.

Dave Kuntzi: Great innovation and re- purpose I dont know if it was mentioned but the only concern I would have is the motor sucking in metal dust is that a sealed motor?

akram hamdan: Hi Marcos, which size these wheels.

Tiit Saul: wow. so many great innovations right there!

J1I9M7M4Y: Aaah.. Creativity at it´s best. Love your solutions.. You could easily attach a disc to the big wheel and have a disc sander too.

Alastair Seggie: Hmm the girlfriends treadmill is taking up valuable shop real estate and doesn't get used .....The kids never use their skate boards Hmm I think that both are going to have an angle grinder related accident.....soon

Karl Daubenton: I really appreciate people with ingenuity! Very impressive design and i love the fact that you re-purposed a lot of the hardware involved. I have been thinking about building one for a little while now, and your video just inspired me to get on it! Thanks for sharing!

Kale Klompstra: great work! Just started mine. Thanks for the video.

Trevor Frandsen: dude your awesome thanks for showing 

Raul McCai: Saddest thing about this is that you put it put it out in the public domain without going to the patent office first. This is one hell of a machine. However, you could do a Plans for $XX, and make some cash from your intellectual property. You didn't say where you got that large aluminum rubber covered wheel.

Duke Nguyen: It's amazing, Marcos. I really want to make a belt grinder myself to make knives. Your grinder looks too difficult to me but Thank you anyway!

GriffisCustomKnives: Wow Marcos incredible work, been looking for options for my next grinder. Right now I use a grizzly but I want to move up to something variable speed. Keep up the genius work. Definitely the best home made grinder set up I have seen. 

Jasmin-Dragan Katavic: you sir are a genius! RESPECT

hdoug5: fantastic build, if you didn't describe what you did while building I would swear that was a bought machine, a high end one at that, you need a patent on that one :) hope to see more from you :)

Chalemagne Boesh: Wow! Where did you get the big wheel?

Mike Yeakley: Nice job re-cycling! Very inspiring.

Paul Planche: Merry Xmas Marcos, hopefully you have some time free to put up your second video! Cheers

victor champagne: I wish I had seen your video before I began building mine. great work!

Nick Kat: Great design! Recycling the treadmill motor & speed adjustment was inspired. Big wheel and platen config is also original. have seen similar with smaller wheels but not a big wheel. I may 'borrow' some of your design when I finally get around to knocking one out! Great Work Marco, and your def not stupid!

duane1234561: Mate if you made a kit and sold it in Australia you would make a fortune 

Ben Nielsen: Very clever - I came across this video randomly while looking for something else and I really like the ability to repurpose the treadmill. Your solution to use the speed controller was very elegant, PWMs and variacs are possible solutions but you have to be careful what you use based on your motor type, wiring, etc. You saved yourself a LOT of time doing it the way you did. Well-done sir. How did you determine what spring to use for the belt tensioner? Trial and error, calculations, or the first one you tried worked well? Also with regard to the belt tracking, do you find that the belt shifts as you grind things closer to one edge or the other? I saw your kiln in the background - did you build that yourself or was that a kit? I'm looking for IFB that aren't as expensive as the stuff advertised on eBay... Thanks again for making the video, very cool and innovative!

marko3296: You are a genious!

Chalemagne Boesh: I have all the parts (except the bumper), but don't know how to weld - is it difficult to learn? What type of welding equipment do you have? Also, are you active on Bladeforums? Are you selling your work? 

akram hamdan: Thanks .Marcos you give me agreat idea of using skateboard wheels.iam order them from amazon to continue making my belt grinder.

NALU: Very cool man, love the innovation! 

thetopicala: Hi Marcos, your last words in the video... "if you can do a knife or"... I think I can, but have no skills for this kind of machinery unfortunately. Very impressed with your skills. You made it sound so easy by taking some scrap there and motor here... pumber too:) Wow!
Homemade 2x72 belt grinder 4.9 out of 5

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Homemade 2x72 belt grinder