Homemade 2x72 Belt Grinder

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Homemade 2" X 72" belt grinder
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Roger Vaillant: would like to see all your components closer , also a video on your forge

Roger Vaillant: very impressive ... i like it

Al Yan: nice work. reminiscent of a space shuttle arm

Mike Kelly: Wow. Really like your creativity. Do you have plans with measurements of your grinder available for purchase? I'm looking to build in the near future and your design seems to have everything going for it, including rolling stand. The best DIY out there.

Andreas Nilsson: I don't understand some people.. This guy made one of the most awesome grinders on youtube, he is polite and generously explains how he did it so other people can learn from it. Still 16 people dislikes it?! For what?

Rex Bear: What did you use for your drive wheel? How do you keep it from spinning off the left hand thread? Did you key it and use a set screw?

DS Splicer: Nice build. Very innovative and resourceful!

Terry Nelson: Great Design,

Donnie Mendoza: "WOW",,,,If I didn't hear you say other wise I would have thought you had paid 2-grand for it and was just showing it off for us to buy one too do to how nice it is..VERRRYYY NICE JOB..

Jeremy Jenkins: very nice engineering. A lot of thought went into it for your specific needs.. Thx for sharing..

Bob Smith: In the vid you said you are going to make another assembly that will use different size wheels for grinding. Do you want to sell your old assembly?

Matt S_.: Nice build. Amazing design. Everything made sense to me except for the tracking adjuster that you made with the skateboard truck. Couldn't quite see what you did there. I watch again though maybe I'll figure it out. Thanks for posting

Martha Ruffin: Best I've seen. Simple and effective. Your explanation of it for video is good to. For those asking for a plan just go to your junk pile and get to work. A few weekends, trial and error and some thought and you will be there. It's not that hard.

Mitch Ryan: Are you sure your not a machinist

özkan cambazoğlu: super daha ötesi yok bence

William Bidel: Marcos, I've looked at them all and as you say this is the most "innovative" yet to be posted. You have earned another subscription from another follower. Have you straightened out the problem with Google yet. I need to get more of your intelligent output.


Richy P: fantastic work!

Nucc's Garage: do you have a video on that jig?

JB Marker: American DIY at it's best! I love it!

foster Gwyn: what did you use for the wheel on the actual motor? from what ive seen they dont have the wheel you have on yours.
Homemade 2x72 belt grinder 5 out of 5

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Roger Vaillant: would like to see all your components closer , also a video on your forge
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Homemade 2x72 belt grinder