Homemade 2x72 Belt Grinder

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Michael Flynn: Nice build Marcos

tosee forall: Fantasic job, good to see material repurposed, keep up the good work. Excellent design by the way.

Scott H: Hey Marcos, That is one outstanding job you did with your belt sander. Your abilities exceed the normal garage DIY"er. Nice work, Real nice. An outstanding job and very functional. I like you re-purposing also, You "brainiac" Speaking of re-purposing...... I'll give ya $30.00 for those four wheels from your stroller hanging up from the ceiling in the corner of your shop....haha just kidding..........nice work and get some more vids out.. Scott

Ronnie Kephart: Marcos, what is the center metal piece-where did it come from? Someone asked but I haven't seen answer. Great idea. Did you ever make any more videos?

Sean Barrow: Great job! Where did you get the big wheel, and where will you get different sizes ones? You've inspired me, I'm going to build one myself!

mars1952: Wow! That is a nice looking belt grinder! Nice work.

Steve S: Where did you get the center piece of metal that the wheel and flat platen in mounted on?

James Johnson: amazing.

John Armstrong: Pretty darn good ingenuity. Looks like it will do the job quite well!!! I'm impressed!!! Ya need to sell the plans. I'd buy them if available.

Sam Parker: I have been researching retail belt grinders all day and this has more features than those do. Many DIY rigs limit features for simplicity but it seems like you have really improved standard retail units with this setup. With the smaller wheels that you mentioned it should be even more versatile. I would think you might have to replace the skate bearings with more industrial ones fit for purpose but I assume you have that covered already. Thanks for sharing.

Jose Figueroa: In the process of making one myself. got my hands on an old aluminum jet ski trailer lots of tubular alum, was wondering if a 15 amp dimmer switch would work for the motor speed control ?

xXTepicwinTXx: Hey Marcos how did you design your flipable/modular contact wheel to flat sander? Did you draw that out in auto cad and had a plasma table cut that piece out? Or how did you do that?

banjoman22: Awesome!!!! great work

wb93612: Awesome. Well done. Thanks for posting the video. That gives me some ideas.

venun tox: O melhor projeto até agora,muito bom ...

Frank Fomkin: Wow' fantastic work. I have been pondering a diy grinder and yours is very inspirational. I recently broke down my old treadmill for scrap but that was before i discovered knife making.

russ meek: Cracking machine that marra ,fantastic use of recycled parts and a bit of ingenuity, all the best with you knife making,I have just started messing about myself, Russ

Jeff H.: Limited fabrication skills aside, that's a nice machine.

FunkinTwisted: I love to build things too and do a fair amount of DIY building. But I have to say, this is outstanding. You have done a great job with an impressive machine........ you should be proud!!!! Do more.......... post more.

danny burgess: that is THE COOLEST grinder I have EVER seen !! awesome job

Steve Kurta: Super job. I'm planning for my 2x72. Love the truck adjuster and skateboard wheels! The rotating wheel-to-platen feature is crazy smart. Very motivating and great ideas. I'd like to see how your blade holding jig functions, can you do a demonstration?

Hashirama Senju: Nice job brother!

David Spiller: Awesome job Marcos!

slickdeville: freaking amazing....well done.

Larry Cederholm: hay marcos would like a knife made are you up for it

100nortonfan: Quite clever, Marcos. Thanks for the ideas, I am planning on building one in the near future and you have provided some great tips. Cheers!

mars1952: What size skate board wheels did you use?

rwashman: Nicely done! Very well thought out.

Paul Roberts: Awesome. Love the work. Good Job.

Gary Brown: I really enjoyed the video. I am just now building a shop and I want a grinder and was looking to weld or make one myself too but cost of the motor and all the idler, drive and tracking wheels were high. As well as the 10" wheel or other sizes. Did you only have to buy the Drive pulley and big grinding wheels? I will keep my eye out on a cheap treadmill that still has the motor. Thanks for sharing. 

Ribeye Rare: Brilliant 

sharp x: great job, thanks for sharing.

Marc Conroy: Fantastic work man, well done!

Scott McCarroll: That's brilliant very clever 

ChiefDork: good job, great idea but aren't ya missing something? like may be the kitchen sink...

Jose Figueroa: Thanks for responding Marco, I wasn't sure but makes sense guess I was worried about start up on the motor as well. I'll keep a look out on cragslist for a free treadmill thanks again. & Happy holidays.

Esmail Said: surgcial belt grinder

Forrest Simpson: That is amazing, great job!

wambolt1212: things awesome bro!

MochaTim: One hell of a job on the design and build. I would be interested in more detailed specs.

hasdrubal121: Well done, nice job there.

frank regalado: awesome machine and great imagination maybe get a manufacturer interested what does the piece you flip with the three wheels come from??

Petros Makris: It looks like too much! but why not :)

GnosisMan50: you might have to seal off the motor to prevent it from getting sanding residues

JoeSmith: This is by far the nicest home made machine I have ever seen, If you can figure out how to put such a thing into production, you are going to be set.

duane1234561: Mate if you made a kit and sold it in Australia you would make a fortune 

dale evans: Looks really nice I like it Your tracking changes because your tracking truck rotates on its horizontal axis. Another adjustment at 90 degrees might solve that.. I am in no way being critical, great job

Tiit Saul: wow. so many great innovations right there!

Abracahandra: Great job on the grinder my friend! I am in the process of making a grinder myself. 
Homemade 2x72 belt grinder 4.9 out of 5

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Homemade 2x72 belt grinder