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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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SkkyKidd: how do you move around
oIKracKlezz: yup
Sandra Segura: I have the tiger shark
john plewa: I love the stupid ass arguments people make for not having this and not doing that. Saying things like don't stock up on food because someone will kill you for it or don't buy a rifle because it will attract the criminals. Or police will go around gunning anyone down that has a weapon. What backwards fantasy world do you live in? Well that's my rant. 
SideReel: I know right? Kinda reminded me of the end of My Best Friend's Wedding. :)
ort37: hahahahahaha 2:25 (die kupplung du spast DIE KUPPLUNG !!!!!!!)
Grenadeur: Видеоряд - спойлер на спойлере! 

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