R&D Conversion Cylinder - Pietta 1858 Remington

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ingenerare: You can use the cylinder with cartridges for home defense.

Peter Martinez: Cool!! ☺

Rusty Shackleford: can I fire a revolver with the conversion at an indoor range?

Nikki Nickerson: It is OK to covert as long as you load cartridges with black powder or Pyrodex. They Converted these revolvers back when they used them. It is not a new idea.

bobigny 93: how much cost?

papawx3: Shooting round ball {not basketball} is just plain fun, but when you want to kick it up to the next level up, and maybe go hunting, nothing beats the cartridge. It too is allot of fun. Just make sure your case is full, with no air between the powder and bullet, this is a different game from smokeless! I use corn meal to top off my cases {unless I am using triple seven.

Roger D.: I have the Ruger Old Army revolver in stainless steel, I found one of those cylinder at at pawn shop never been used..
 I gave 150.00 $ for it, thought that was a good price, I had been wanting to get one but not for the 300.00 that they were priced at from Taylor and CO. It is good little trick, the one you got looks just like the one I found..and I have the Pietta but I have the one with the brass frame, I think you will like it..have fun, now i'm getting rigged up to use the wax bullets, I bet if the old cowboys could see all the stuff we shooters have done and the conversions we have come up with just to shoot and not even doing it to survive or work they would laugh OL...at us shooters today, think us crazy....

ruby kaufman: Could we see this in the pistol, that would really be good to see, thanks.

Scott “citizen” Kane: I'm so glad you showed what it looks like installed into the revolver it showed how well it matches the frame

bobby wasabi: I forgot which one of the conversion cylinders load 6 shots

MrDeathd: cool

webrat55: Sorry....I jumped the gun, bad habit.

webrat55: You say 'single shot' several times...what you mean to say is 'Single Action'....

Aramis1750: My REMINGTON COPY 44. CAL. is it a brass framed, what you recomend?

Bob Sullivan: Nice video....I had a problem with my Pietta 1858 Stainless Remington with the hammer failing to securely index the safety notches in between the cap nipples. The cylinder would still turn even with the hammer nose in the notch. This, of course, would permit the cap to be accidentally indexed under the hammer which would allow the gun to fire if the hammer was bumped. I found the following link on the Remington 1858 Forum which demonstrates the simple fix.


Hope this helps. Now you can safely rest the hammer between the cap nipples and have it stay put. Now you can load all six holes on the muzzleloader cylinder!

Crystal Clear: Nice video. Do you reload??? If not, you should of went with a 45ACP cylinder. Just my 2 pennies. Good luck. I have heard bad things about the 6 shot cylinders. Am I wrong? Is it working well for you?

pjeter49: Hi, I have an Italian made copy of a navy (Colt?) .36 cap and ball pistol that I bought back in the 70's. It has a brass frame. I would like to convert it to cartridge firing, not so much for shooting bullets, but blanks (for fast draw competition) Do you know of any companies that make such an item... and what kind of money did you have to spend? Thank you, I enjoyed your video.

Twilight Shooter: www.macsreloading.com  sells 45 ACP lead bullet ammo , so you won't blow up your gun !!!!!!

BaronRogoff1: Really neat and comprehensive breakdown. I would like to get one for my 58' Remington. I already have plenty of black powder revolvers so it's really neat that you can do a conversion and have more shooting options.
R&D Conversion Cylinder - Pietta 1858 Remington 5 out of 5

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R&D Conversion Cylinder - Pietta 1858 Remington