Honda Civic R18 Turbo By Turbo Specialties (TSI)

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Honda Civic R18 Turbo by Turbo Specialties (TSI)
Honda Civic R18 Turbo by Turbo Specialties (TSI)
Honda FG1 R18A1 with TSI Extreme R18 Turbo Kit
Honda FG1 R18A1 with TSI Extreme R18 Turbo Kit
R18 Turbo
R18 Turbo
10 psi turbo r18 tsi kit 2008 Honda Civic
10 psi turbo r18 tsi kit 2008 Honda Civic
2006 civic ex, tsi turbo kit, engine bay overview
2006 civic ex, tsi turbo kit, engine bay overview

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Teezy McSteezy: Could this link up to an R18 in a 2012 civic? When looking at the website it stops at 2011 for the R18's

SlowChildren Playing: SOUMDS GOOD. I like this kit because of the options you have with a Garrett turbo, nuthing to throw in a lorger turbo later and re-flash.

PS, if you buold the "bottom end" of the motor but keep boost low and upgrade the clutch it will last just as long as stock.

Endilecio: Reason I asked is because if you turbo a civic and want to drive it daily u cant push heavy psi through it. I wanted to know what's a civics psi limit like for audi comes with a stock turbo or evo and even subz stock turbo. Can civic have turbo and still drive daily for years down the road?

Endilecio: Yes its very true what you are saying... I never had a civic or any other car and put a turbo or SC on it because I know the engine will not last long... anyone who watch or keep up with world GT racing or go to the track know cars setup for racing cant be used for daily use. the only cars I will every turbo are cars that come turbo already like VW, evo, ssubaru, audi that I know can handly it from the jump because it was made that way in mind. I will never ever turbo a civic and drive it daily.

mindsmirror: My main point was that people see videos all the time of stupidly fast cars, but people who have never owned such a car have no clue how much maintenance is required to keep them on the road. I wasn't saying that this car is maintenance free. People think to themselves "Why didn't you get this other car or product for the same amount of money which would have been faster?" These people do not seem to understand that many of the cars they see on YouTube are quite expensive to operate.

mindsmirror: It would surely depend on how much driving is done each day, what kind of driving is done (City vs highway), the climate of the region, how "hard" the owner treats the engine, and how well the engine management computer is tuned. This will all vary greatly, of course. My comment about the ridiculously quick cars you see not lasting long was referring to things like 500whp Civics and these 1000whp Supras and GTR's. I see no reason why it couldn't last for years of daily driving though.

Endilecio: and with saying that... how long can this engine last with 8psi flowing through it on a daily basis???

canosgmk: Is there any videos or proof (long term) that this set up will work with an auto transmisison? Normally, increaseing that much power, you would have to change the torque converter and reprogram the transmission computer (in the VW world, you would). Please let me know. I'm buying an 07 EX 4 door Civic this week.

canosgmk: BTW, im buying an 07 4 door EX civic this week. That is why im on this site. :)

canosgmk: I see no one responded to you. my currect car, 04 VW Passat has a K03 Turbo 1.8L engine. It really needs the turbo because the car is almost 4k pounds... I chipped it and have a few other fun mods and Increased my MPG. Disclaimer: it uses MORE gas when i drive it hard vs stock. So, if you stay light on the throttle and don't hot dog it, you will see an increase. If you drive it like the video, your MPG will go down.

Unpleasntguy: I want that for my '09 EX! Saving up the money now.

leutrim topalli: It works fine with 2010 civic lxs auto tranny?

mindsmirror: For about $15,000 total investment (2007 R18 Civic, clutch/flywheel, turbo kit, exhaust, shocks on stock springs, and a tune) you would have a car that's totally unassuming, extremely practical, quick, and fuel efficient (Often much more so than a supercharged or NA car because you can accelerate up to top gear very quickly at lower rpm with the huge torque increase). The powerband is far usable in daily driving. I think it would be a hilarious car to harass Si's with.

mindsmirror: The other thing is that people get all bent out of shape that it's not super fast, but the reality is that a lot of these ridiculously quick cars you see on YouTube don't last long. This setup is not extreme, and the engine should handle it just fine. As you said, the torque increase is insane. The powerband is massive with this setup. Their website shows 211whp and 192wtq (!!) on a dynapack. They say the turbo they are using puts out 230 flywheel hp and 205 flywheel tq. That is SRT-4 territory.

mindsmirror: Yeah, and consider that you can get like a 2007 R18 civic for less than $10,000 and bolt on this kit. Throw on a quiet exhaust like the Apexi Noir and don't put some loud ass BOV on there and you will have a car which is massively unassuming. Nobody will be the wiser and you will avoid taking crap from cops and stuff. The car simply will not attract any attention, but will be quick. Now, if you could mate a 6 speed Si, RSX-S, or ITR gearbox to this engine, crap would really get crazy.

mindsmirror: No matter how it looks, I can guarantee the difference will be massive. This kit provides a 60% increase in horsepower and a massive torque increase. This car is probably going to accelerate similarly to something like a stock Dodge SRT-4. The pull in 3rd and 4th gear looks pretty strong honestly. You also have power over a wide rpm range. Plus, you have the advantage of being in a VERY unassuming car which nobody expects to be quick. If you have a quiet exhaust, it's a sleeper for sure.

mindsmirror: It looks slow because it has long gear ratios compared to the Si. I have a feeling that you mated this engine to a short ratio gearbox it would be quite impressive. The website says this kit makes about 210whp and 190wtq (!!). So, the engine is outputting similar power levels to other factory produced 1.8L turbos with basic tuning (Like the VW 1.8L Turbo engines). Considering how cheap you can get these cars and the fact that it's probably a reliable setup, I think this is worth looking at.

Jack Flynn: Coming from the channel name hosting this video, procivic, aka The company clearly put the turbo they're selling for the R18 up on youtube for basic 101 marketing skills kiddo and so far from what I've seen lately on the honda civic forums is that it's working. Stick to your minimum wage job as a decent company grows. Basic Marketing Skills 101..

Daniel Girgis: If hes boosting 10psi its about 300hp, you're weak

wdherbert: Will adding a turbo kit like this to my 2007 Civic EX coupe increase or decrease gas mileage under normal everyday driving conditions? Curious, I always felt my Civic couldn't get out of its own way.
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Teezy McSteezy: Could this link up to an R18 in a 2012 civic? When looking at the website it stops at 2011 for the R18's
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Honda Civic R18 Turbo by Turbo Specialties (TSI)