Honda Civic R18 Turbo By Turbo Specialties (TSI)

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Honda Civic R18 Turbo by Turbo Specialties (TSI)
Honda Civic R18 Turbo by Turbo Specialties (TSI)
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10 psi turbo r18 tsi kit 2008 Honda Civic
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2008 Honda Civic LX Turbo R18 driving
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Full-Race Turbo R18 Honda Civic EX - powered by BorgWarner EFR 6255 turbo
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Turbo R18 2008 Honda Civic
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2006 civic ex. tsi turbo kit. engine bay overview
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Honda Civic R18 engine bolt ons build
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TSI Extreme R18A1 Turbo Kit
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2008 Civic LX Turbo - Springfest 2012
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2007 Honda Civic 1.8 on the racetrack 2/3
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06 HONDA Civic LX R18 - My First Car (SOLD)

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civicpride1986: It is quicker than an Si even with bolt-ons. watch my videos on here, i can keep up with one with I/E/H and beat Si with intakes all day and that was on my old tune making 180whp and 185lbs of torque, now am making 190whp. so it will be worts.

BearsDkills: 213.4 WHP.

popniggers: i saw this on the pro site, it seems weak on the ex, anyone know if its good on the Si?

Milorad Zivanovic: How much hp?

uzb: i would like to see the video of this kit on 06-07 si

canosgmk: I see no one responded to you. my currect car, 04 VW Passat has a K03 Turbo 1.8L engine. It really needs the turbo because the car is almost 4k pounds... I chipped it and have a few other fun mods and Increased my MPG. Disclaimer: it uses MORE gas when i drive it hard vs stock. So, if you stay light on the throttle and don't hot dog it, you will see an increase. If you drive it like the video, your MPG will go down.

giwsaw: yo si te gsno

civicpride1986: It will fit a sedan!

choleaoum: why the freak would you put a b series in a fa?

FSUDELUXE10: nice maggot laugh at 2:15

PRO Civic: Enjoy the video guys!

sleeperjd317: how much would it cost to get it installed?

Jerome Armijo: Exhaust is the only thing I don't like. Pretty fast though.

kamil511: faster*

KRZYBAI: what exhaust did u use????

7immortal7: 220 hp

dingo20: yup arman757 going to end up like that hogan kid who "thought" he was a pro and stuck his friend in a coma. really professional.

Robert Schmitt: weak

mindsmirror: It looks slow because it has long gear ratios compared to the Si. I have a feeling that you mated this engine to a short ratio gearbox it would be quite impressive. The website says this kit makes about 210whp and 190wtq (!!). So, the engine is outputting similar power levels to other factory produced 1.8L turbos with basic tuning (Like the VW 1.8L Turbo engines). Considering how cheap you can get these cars and the fact that it's probably a reliable setup, I think this is worth looking at.

RANDOM PHASHUN: what type of exhaust is that? that was decent man I diggs, lol the laugh at the end was funny

Arnie Caballero: 240p???? booooooo 720pHD please! =)

vullnetveliu1: lmao

blegthbloo: It's called a turn signal. lmao

detroittiger85: put some gas in it you dumbass

mindsmirror: My main point was that people see videos all the time of stupidly fast cars, but people who have never owned such a car have no clue how much maintenance is required to keep them on the road. I wasn't saying that this car is maintenance free. People think to themselves "Why didn't you get this other car or product for the same amount of money which would have been faster?" These people do not seem to understand that many of the cars they see on YouTube are quite expensive to operate.

adamra187: Token asian.

NemansMQ: HOLY crap THIS IS SLOW!! my Lude pre boost would eat this easy

kamil511: deffinetly lot fater

neonoxy: what did u put on ur xhaust manifold ? a cover ohhh yeah u need dont forget to replace ur ecu

allversionaz: Sounds like you have some compressor surge

wenpin3: that's not too bad, exhaust note is cool too.

Nick0202: doesn't seem quicker than a stock Si...could be wrong though

Marcus A.: That laugh was freaking funny, LMAO!

canosgmk: BTW, im buying an 07 4 door EX civic this week. That is why im on this site. :)

nateramirez95: crap sucks stick to k swaps or go a built b or even lsv

canosgmk: Is there any videos or proof (long term) that this set up will work with an auto transmisison? Normally, increaseing that much power, you would have to change the torque converter and reprogram the transmission computer (in the VW world, you would). Please let me know. I'm buying an 07 EX 4 door Civic this week.

veltpak6: the R engine is terrible

Dan Lieu: gunshots @ 0:47?

Sam: Alright people look at it this way: a well-equipped 8th gen Civic ran for around $18k new. The turbo kit is $3200. Si ran for $21k, same as R18 + turbo, but makes FAR less torque & a little less hp. Spend the same amount of $ on the Si in bolt-ons as you do for the R18 in suspension mods & you'll probably have two pretty evenly matched cars with the R18 coming out a little ahead with the torque.

newrosupcomingsi: yeahh for the full kit it is pretty sick; only thing i would change is the bov; too soft for me lol

gus738: is it just me or does this feel slow since its turbo'd?

hondacivic501: @myshadowz205 why is it weak?? why? he's being different... instead of using the si... he went with the r18 as his baseline... originality brother.. its what you can do with what you got

Jonathon M: I love that r18 pop @ 0:46

phatray: still slow

Amari Maahes: and with saying that... how long can this engine last with 8psi flowing through it on a daily basis???

civicpride1986: Are you guys blind? this guy is not even steping on the gas all the way, see where the video is recored, its only about 1/8 of a mile. BTW this car is pushing around 200whp and 200lbs of torque on 6psi, the R egnine is a great engine, stop talking crap if you don't know anything about it. I will post some videos of my ride as soon as i get my turbo install.

sonic911: how much do u think installation would cost

FSUDELUXE10: it will tear up an automatic transmission if you turbo it, stick to natural aspiration

arman757: i aint talkin crap but honestly im pretty sure my 94 coupe with just an n/a z6 swap and dc sports 4-1's is quicker than that. those r series engines are straight garbage

Amari Maahes: Reason I asked is because if you turbo a civic and want to drive it daily u cant push heavy psi through it. I wanted to know what's a civics psi limit like for audi comes with a stock turbo or evo and even subz stock turbo. Can civic have turbo and still drive daily for years down the road?
Honda Civic R18 Turbo by Turbo Specialties (TSI) 4.7 out of 5

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Honda Civic R18 Turbo by Turbo Specialties (TSI)