Hatsan BT 65 RB 100m Shooting

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Vudu Hex: Hatstein

Максим Рыжов: для ста метров уж больно быстро пуля у тебя летит. Или скорость более ***00 кмч? Или может просто видео так звуки передает, что кажется дальность метров в 50. Я сам уже давно в этой теме.

Spiros Arethas: 115mm / 1,4mil = 82,14
82,14 x 16mag / 10 = 131,43 m  ig mag=16

vn bc: Круто

edino85: Nice! :)

Dimon: В руку стреляй

skyym3: At 1:46 there is a face on the wood plank. Creepy

fežubob bob: 100m shooting my ass!!! i got AT 44-10 scope 6x24 and at 100m the man its smaller!!!!!

RRiqu: Very nice shooting, good accuracy : )

Through the scope: Выложить видео не могу так как у нас это браконьерство.Охота и кроухантинг только из засидки.Обычно документы оформляю под ружье,тогда егеря и прочие не придираются(приходится таскать с собой воздушку и ружье).Хотя официально у нас это запрещено.

Through the scope: it's really become a silent

Sportman-un: Nice. Good shooting. Gotta love the BT65. I don't care about the sound that's passed on to the air tube. But it sounds a bit like a rubber ball bouncing.

TheMegatosk: GOOD...

DecayedOfferings: Man you gotta do something about that ping. That's brutal. Makes the gun sound cheap. I know it isn't.

cod4Anubis: isstock or you have modified the springer?

Through the scope: Best are Eunjin(Samyang) 1.13-1.25 g depending on your rifles speed. JSB Exact Monster 0,87 isn't best choice.

gsmnet1: What pellets best for Hatsan BT65 and velocity? For me most importent accuracy on 50-100 meters. I want try with JSB Exact Monster 0,87 with velocity about 320 m/s. And now trying find your pellets :) . Thank you

Through the scope: Eun Jin need small force to load. But this is very useful. You can feel each pellet in magazine.

Through the scope: One of the best pellets for BT hatsan 65 are Eunjins 1.13 and 1.25.The best speed for that pellets are 260-280m/s. You can easy adjust pellets speed by using screw driver. My hatsan bt 65 is modified.Result : 200-130bar 55 shots with speed between 255-260m/s

Through the scope: You can find new slow motion video
Hatsan BT 65 RB 100m shooting 5 out of 5

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KLSeba: Good idea, but when I'm at home, I'm certainly near other measuring tools, which are easier and more accurate. The only time I see myself using it, is outside, but I can't imagine putting my phone on some rough sufrace to check its length. I rather get a tape, than risk damaging my screen. It's one of those novelty apps. Great idea, but not ver usefull in a long run.
Luckation Games: 6:28 LOLOLOLOLOLLOL
Keirnoth: That dang red key.  Looks like I wasn't the only one that got fooled!
brettsky225: great colors. i love the glow one!
Cirno: Ah man, the plummer is getting OWNED by Kaizo Traps!
Kaizo traps... Kaizo traps EVERYWHERE! ;_;

Kelsea Smail: I was going to use this fogger in my room alone, seal my air vent to prevent from getting into the other rooms. I have unplugged everything that the Hazard label says. The only thing is the Breaker Box is in my room. Is this ok for me to keep on? Or should I turn off all of the breakers? The only thing is I don't want the refrigerator to be off because I have roommates and I do not think they would enjoy not having food... Not sure what do do.
thefightingclub1: this card sucks tbh, too many changes, injurys etc.. i wanted to see melendez have a proper fight. 50percent or more of strikeforce fighters are ufc cast offs. there are some great guys though, like shields, mousasi, now fedor obv, overeem etc.. just not enough to make any competative weight divisions.

Hatsan  BT  65 RB 100m shooting