ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview

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ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview
ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview
ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview
ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview
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ASUS AI Suite II Overview for the Z77 Maximus V Gene Motherboard
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ASUS AI Suite II Review
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OWL: Can you help me HiTech?

I have a Sabertooth P67 and AI_SuiteII ASUS Update V2.00.12 but I get no Thermal Radar box?

MissMan666: DO NOT, use Ai suite. Its the absolute worst metode for OC. Use the Asus BIOS instead. Trust me, anyone thats into OC and knows about pc tech will never suggest using an app like AI suite. Hitech legion dosnt know sh*t.

Sick Vic: To bad it doesn't  work

Alcatraz Aronsson: ive downloaded ai suite 2 from the ASUS site, and i've got the sabertooth p67, but mine does not look the same as yours, mine is all ''grey'' to say it like that. do ive got Another version or something? i cant control the fan speed either. this is what mine looks like, . what am i doing wrong and where do i get that version shown in the video?

charizard4410: How do i remove, everytime i click on uninstall it brings up ai suite ii installation wizard. I can't uninstall it and i am getting pissed off.

Yannick Letourneau: how to delete OC profile i got 3 tha i dont whant anymore but i dinot found how to delete theam.

Doomsday: Who are you even talking to?

Doomsday: Very mature to delete your comments by the way...

Doomsday: Im younger then you and still smarter >>->> There is no reason to be racist. Get an education and later on a job, atleast before you turn 50 y/o (not long from here on). Also, move out from your parents house, idiot.

Doomsday: Now its perfectly fine. Please get off the internet old irish maggot guy.

Doomsday: Just like your english.

DV8DEVIATE: what happens if you get out of AL Nap mode?

momen Mazhar: bro i made my overclock from this program i got i7 3770k and i see my ram 1368 mhz i froget now but it`s 1300 mhz and the overclock 4182mhz it`s okay ? and when i play any thing my ram can up to 1600 mhz? or? .....

Chris Ruana: @HiTechLegion does this Ai support Rampage II extreme?

MichFedorchak: The Asus suite II sucks in one regard, don't install icontroll, it caused my PC so be complete bogged down with regard to network connection. I was only getting 3MB up and 1 MB down, on a 30/5 network, regardless of whether I was wireless or hardlined. And also even without the Icontrol, it still caused by PC to take an extra 30 seconds to connect to the network when rebooted, but that is all, and that I can live with for all the other functions of the AI suite II utilities.

Beanclone15: Eu acho o AI Suite uma verdadeira porcaria/bosta! Mostra a temperatura errada e velocidade da CPU atrasado. Eu tenho uma ASUS P8ZZ7-V LX

Yannick Letourneau: go to asus web site and look for yor mobo.

Brent Lewis: Where's the blasted auto tuning button?!?

TheGamingAffiliate: Hello, can you please help me? I think I messed something up on the Asus Suite ii and was wondering how I can set everything to default stock settings?

Nova Era: This DON'T work to WINDOWS 8!!!!!! Asus update please
ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview 5 out of 5

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ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview