ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview

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ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview
ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview
ASUS AI Suite II Overview on Windows 8 and M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Motherboard Guide
ASUS AI Suite II Overview on Windows 8 and M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Motherboard Guide
ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview
ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview
ASUS AI Suite II Overview
ASUS AI Suite II Overview
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Alcatraz Aronsson: ive downloaded ai suite 2 from the ASUS site, and i've got the sabertooth p67, but mine does not look the same as yours, mine is all ''grey'' to say it like that. do ive got Another version or something? i cant controll the fan speed either. this is what mine looks like, . what am i doing wrong and where do i get that version shown in the video?

Zelvani: i just bought an ASUS CG8350-NRCH90, can i overclock it without completly ruining it? or do i have to get some extra fans or something? please help out

HiTechLegion: @huberthoeve you can find AI suite on the install CD that came with your motherboard, or you can go to the ASUS site and download it from the support section for your motherboard

chris ruana: @HiTechLegion does this Ai support Rampage II extreme?

David Bajen: Now its perfectly fine. Please get off the internet old irish maggot guy.

sold1ier: Northside! Go Cubs! I'm from Western Springs, IL =P

GamingCypress: Best thing I did was uninstall this software. The ONLY thing I liked about it was the thermal radar feature. But even after uninstalling the rest and leaving thermal radar it was still a hog at startup. Bloatware. Who the hell would think it would be a good idea to overclock through windows anyway........terrible.

SNOWSKIJUNKY: I didn't do the software installation on my machine, so idk if its installed or would you get to it if it is installed? do i just look up thermal radar, or AI SUITE 2 in program files or what? im using the asus z77 sabertooth...any input would be helpful, though im probably just gonna go to their site and download it

HiTechLegion: @GamingCypress For some oldtimers it is very hard to get use to overclocking in a windows atmosphere. Personally I (backdraft) still do it in the old fashioned way through the BIOS. AI Suite has it's place but it's not for everyone. At least you have the ability to install or un-install whatever you choose to use. Some other manufacturers force you to install their whole program.

Brent Lewis: Where's the blasted auto tuning button?!?

ryz86: yeah same, i found out it changes depending on model, if u have ROG its red, TUF is green, i think teal/blue for basic boards... they should just have a plain black/grey one for those who dont like poo green :P

Kain Draconis: thx for the video. still a question: do you know, if it is safe to use the bios update function? some years ago is was still said: "DONT FLASH YOUR BIOS, well, only if you have no problems with your pc. a bios update may crash the whole system."

ownTer: you find there is even a need for a fan controller with this software? Im getting a Maximus V and would not mind tossing the idea of a fan controller.

David Bajen: Very mature to delete your comments by the way...

HiTechLegion: @GamingCypress So far the ASUS UEFI BIOS are superior to the others.

TheGamingAffiliate: Hello, can you please help me? I think I messed something up on the Asus Suite ii and was wondering how I can set everything to default stock settings?

HiTechLegion: @ChiTownTino Yes I (Skataneric) am from nothern Illinois. Thus a northsider Cubs fan hah.

truck16a: What do you think of my Gaming PC build for 2013 with Ai Suite ?

Marigold14: do u need this software? it may be causing an issue in me trying to download a game for some reason

GRdestroyerH2: It crashes for me every time i startup

Danish1705: was looking the guide on how to update my sabretooth 990FX and found your video. Your a life saver man!! god bless :)

I Am Cn: this maybe a noob question..may i know how can i control all of my fan?it that needed to connect all your fan in your mobo?

TransynthMan: @HiTechLegion Thanks for the reply. I always like to update my stuff but I've never messed with BIOS before and never had an Asus MOBO and I'm just afraid I might mess things up.

louis hudd: it's asus

ekoboss: @NostalgicLink i have the same problem have you be able to fix it.

xRuFFZx: why the hell dont i have turbo evo

truck16a: What do you think of my gaming pc build for 2013, leave a comment.

asdf89287: mine AI suite only has tool, monitor, and settings it looks nothing like that...should I update or reinstall it?

David Bajen: Who are you even talking to?

publicanimal: AI Suite II on my Z68 with the i5-2500k is the best. I used their extreme auto-tuning utility to overclock to a stable 4.7 GHz. It was beyond easy.

ekoboss: @NostalgicLink i actually called their support and i thought my cd that i got with the motherboard was bad but after i received my cd from asus it was not the case same deal as with the previous cd,im going to call them again and see if there is a solution to this problem.

GamingCypress: @HiTechLegion True enough. I will say the concept was nice, just not for me. The uEFI bios on the other hand is great.

AnjoDark: This DON'T work to WINDOWS 8!!!!!! Asus update please

fausto412: apparently the latest version is 1.02.26 but the individual software versions are slightly different. 1.02.16 has some pieces that are newer than 1.02.26....would be nice if ASUS had a single page to go get updates for software from.

fausto412: Does ASUS update this software? where do I download the latest version? and is the software backwards compatible? I have a p6t deluxe rev 2 motherboard which came with an older version of this software. ASUS's site doesn't help on this question.

TransynthMan: Is it necessary to update the BIOS? I have a P8P67 that I just purchased and I'm not sure if I should update it or not. Any benefits of doing that or should I just leave it alone?

GamingFeeliux: will this software work on my Z77 Gigabyte moto?

momen Mazhar: bro i made my overclock from this program i got i7 3770k and i see my ram 1368 mhz i froget now but it`s 1300 mhz and the overclock 4182mhz it`s okay ? and when i play any thing my ram can up to 1600 mhz? or? .....

David Bajen: Im younger then you and still smarter >>->> There is no reason to be racist. Get an education and later on a job, atleast before you turn 50 y/o (not long from here on). Also, move out from your parents house, idiot.

Kain Draconis: @davehowellman ok, thx :) it was just about, if it is safer, but with what you said, it doesn't seem so. i still haven't tried, i am just a person, who likes to be up to date with his software and drivers ^^

Kaoz: dont install this. for the cpu temperature, it was reporting a value wayy lower than what realtemp and hwmonitor report. it seems that aisuite takes the cpu socket temperature not the actual temperature of the cpu.

David Bajen: Just like your english.

vicente serrano aparicio: Hola yo tengo la p8h77-v le ,yo no termino de aclararme ¿y perdón por la pregunta es con viniente actualizar los bios notare alguna mejora en el sistema , Un saludo

Hubert: how do I download/install this? Or can I find it in the BIOS? (if this is the case... where is it in the BIOS?)

Logan Decker: do you know why my suite doent use saved profiles ?

publicanimal: Yes, I always stay on top of the latest updates, whatever they may be. You can update the BIOS through the AI Suite software too, it's easy. If you Google "asus z68 series information thead" the first link will be a site that always posts the latest updates for Z68 motherboards.

Kain Draconis: @davehowellman good to know :) thx for the informations :)

ryz86: is yours a green colour? is there a way to change the colour?

Luke Biddle: Thanks for this. I will be getting an ASUS P8P67 very soon and I'm looking forward to checking out this software. Cheers!

Beanclone15: Eu acho o AI Suite uma verdadeira porcaria/bosta! Mostra a temperatura errada e velocidade da CPU atrasado. Eu tenho uma ASUS P8ZZ7-V LX
ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview 4.7 out of 5

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ASUS AI Suite II Software Overview