RCTIMER 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal With Controller & IMU V1.0

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OPENBOX / REVIEW RCTimer 2-axis brushless gimbal
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Part 2 REVIEW RCTimer 2-axis brushless gimbal & Martinez BLGC
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RCTimer 2 axis Brushless Gimbal + Alexmos controller
RCTIMER 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal with Controller & IMU v1.0
RCTIMER 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal with Controller & IMU v1.0
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Review: RCTimer wattmeter. balancer and battery charge indicator for RC models
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CumulusCard: I'd suggest you to get some better vibration dampeners.. lot of vibration in your video

Tasosmanolidis T aerial: na se rwthsw poso soy bghke peripoy

Kostas Michailidis: Ε βέβαια μεγάλη διαφορά και smooth κίνηση!

Sin Hwa: Hi, Can send me the gimbal setting file? i can't setting ......if you dont mind to share with me.

rOEN911: wreos,Doulevei me kaliterh akribia me ta moter anti gia servo?

Cataman Kosmas: Μπράβο Κώστα. Πολλή καλή δουλειά.

phattzz: good video. bit of jello effect

AIRFED .: I really wish my quadframe 2 axis servo driven gimbal did work better than this, but it doesn't. He's got a ton of jello though.

shawn thorvilson: I respectfully disagree about the quadframes servo gimbal producing better results. A properly tuned and balanced direct drive brushless gimbal will always out perform any servo gimbal I have used, or seen videos from. The rctimer gimbal is real great for the price. Not for everyone though because it takes some know-how to make it work. Servo gimbals are much easier to setup. My 2cents.

shawn thorvilson: Also the jello is a result of vibration. He has it directly mounted in this video. The kit comes with a dampener plate, but comes with rubber dampeners that are too soft. Put an earplug in each one and your jello free.

Kostas Michailidis: Ναι μπορείς να ρυθμίζεις από ελεύθερο κανάλι της τηλεκατεύθυνσής σου και το pitch και το roll. Συνδέεις τα ελεύθερα κανάλια από το δέκτη σου στις θέσεις Α1 και Α2 της πλακετας.

StoneBlueAirlines: Excellent

Multimadmanable: I hate to bum ya out but my 60$ servo driven 2 axis gimbal by Quad frame works better than this & far better video. No offence

Hoggdoc: I have the same issue with mine, but don't think its the gimbal's fault. Could be motors, props, or any number/combination of things. I found out it can actually have something to do with the camera itself. It seems that CMOS sensors are more prone to Jello effect than CCD sensors. My camera a AEE (20) has a CMOS.

Kostas Michailidis: Dude I am not a RCTimer dealer. I have nothing o do with them. But FYI I have never had problems with my orders from them!

SkyEye: teleia parousiasi!!!

Игорь Алексеев: great! thank you!

2561Harry: I paid for my gimbal may 19 still no gimbal no tracking number nothing good luck.

Cardesie: Thanks for your great video. Guy

Marcio Magrin: Amigo excelente video !, gostaria que vc me explicasse como os fios da placa é ligada e se consigo fazer pitt e roll no Radio controle manual, aguardo resposta Marcio Magrin

Kostas Michailidis: Thx Κοσμά

Johnny Bayliss: would this work plugged into a dji naza unit?

2561Harry: Hey rc timer I want my gimbal twenty two days please.

Muhammad Asadullayev: Can i use my android phone as imu accelerometer ?

mark c: why is the frame so much longer than the camera? I wonder if the lens being centered helps, I like that.

Kostas Michailidis: Dude this video is the first flight. I didn't care about the jello effect which here is the result of the gains change. If you see jello is not in all video. I also have the quadframe gimbal and I have to tell you that there is no comparison. Now if you like more your gimbal just keep it. Who cares? I just put this video for somebody who wants to install fast this gimbal, that all!

FPVREVIEWS: is this unit independent, or can it be controlled in flight? say to vary the angle up or down while flying?

illuminatorix: Πολυ ωραιο !! Is there a way to control the tilt servo? If I want the angle to be a little bit down, Is there a way to turn it and remain stable from the controller at that angle? Thanks :)

Kostas Michailidis: If you have spare channels on your radio you can control the direction of the gimbal

Jose Martinez: Good job man. I'm still struggling setting mine up. Did you really need an Arduino board to load the code to your board?

Kostas Michailidis: No you don't. As described on my video it is plug_and_play. I didn’t change anything. Be sure before connecting the battery on your controller you load your gimbal with the GOPRO (balanced). If you do so you will not face any problem.
RCTIMER 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal with Controller & IMU v1.0 4.9 out of 5

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RCTIMER 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal with Controller & IMU v1.0