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SnakeEater866: "Can I close my eyes and play a song that I wrote the drum part for and score a perfect score? and it was yes" Bullcrap, if you were to do that I'm pretty sure you'd be swinging the drum sticks in mid air a lot of the times, a real drum kit has more than 3 snares and 2 cymbals, and they're not aligned the same way the guitar hero drum kit is, if you had your eyes closed you'd feel like you're playing a real drum kit, I don't buy that bullcrap at all.
RussianB3ar: it the freak needs help shooting an airgun!?!?! it can only shoot like 50 yards max
Mikel Marbi: impactante -> goo.gl\ga59h
Maarten Mtr: Great, it worked for me! Thank you very much :)
Daily Guru: In today's video, I suggest a few more songs you really need to check out this week. Share and enjoy.
DoomShroomer: have you tested the Preserver for the Galaxy S5?
Aliaksandr Hladchanka: 66 666 просмотров... чтото тут не чисто =)

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