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Auto Young: What are the negative effects of the ghost cam tune? I'm about to purchase a 13 GT and install a set of the custom comp cams camshafts. I've heard them in person and they don't really have that chop I want so I was thinking of using a ghost cam tune in conjunction with them.
Sexto: thanks again
RaxoYT: Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:
Sandy D: I wished so hard for my second daughter to have black hair, instead she was very, very blonde. More than my first!
Antonio Barnes: t5 are better 
Michael Amaya: This is one of my favorite books does anyone know any similar books i might like? i wish she had written more lol but i guess ill have to wait.. : ) thanks
IR2Leet: The only way to wake up is to give your love, faith and trust in Jesus. Because even if everyone woke up the way people keep saying wake up nothing will be done about it nor stop it. Just keeping making YouTube videos to get the word out. I wish something could be done to stop this. But it's the way life is suppose to end on earth.

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