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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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gonza nickler: estan buenos los dos Ford Fiesta Kinetic Design :D
niceprince: @shawnspeed3 inflation
Mikołaj Urbanek: Wartas, mógłbyś udostępnić linki do ściągnięcia tego sense? Oraz Androida 2.1, gdyż nie mogę znaleźć nigdzie do mojego HTC MAGIC
WillThePlank: 192khz ? I work in the music industry and I don't really know anyone who records over 96khz. come to that I don't really know much pro gear over 96khz and also it more depends on the quality of the speakers you use more than the sound card you could have 192khz and some crappy wall mart special speakers and it wouldn't make any difference but good card none the less =]
Fabulous Sophia: "So call 1800-idontcare :D"
reeffan: You mentioned lighting at the end. How much t5 on a 75g?
Alessandro Forgione: non te ne andareeeeeeeeeeee ahahahahahahha

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