Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip Mossberg 500 Shotgun Mod Non NFA SBS Best Home Defense Review

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Shockwave Overview
Shockwave Overview

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Robert Thrash: That's a BADASS looking shotgun.

HortonKansas: Really good presentation and really nice shotgun. I'm almost sixty and as far back as I can remember pops had two side by side sawed off's, one in his room and one in the front room.

jsj297: That don't look legal.

David trueslayor: Oh yeah how did  it end up shooting

David trueslayor: Nice ... keep the black cap looks better.

Elliot Fletcher: I know in WA state you need to have a 26.5" total length. I wouldn't go under this limitation with an 18.5" barrel, right? I just ordered a raptor grip for mine; I'm taking the stock off to put it on (obviously), but I'm not hacking the barrel or modifying the magazine tube AT ALL. This is a legal approach, correct?

Rankle Rave: Nice video Brad. If I want to get the barrel length down to 14" do I have to take it to a gun smith, or is that a length that can be purchased right at a gun store? The shortest I've come across is the 18.5"

thetizzle: is this legal length for most states?? also could one carry this out in say Colorado mtns.? solo hike last defense

chriszz9ch ChrisHamblett: Know what also greatly reduces the recoil? A stock.

Beltmaker09: Anyone know if this grip will work on a 410 shotgun

Beltmaker09: Cool but berral is not legal length

mick garner: This looks exactly like the asylum gatekeeper

Hdyt: is this non nfa?

Cole's World: Great looking shotgun. Good job man..

KutWrite: I'll have to see if this is legal here in the People's Republik of Kalifornski.

If so, it's the kind of thing I'd like to have at the ready!

PS I love the 70s "Blaxploitation" theme song!

Myanameis Beestingz: How much kick does a reduced barrel shotgun have? I presume it is pretty hefty, and the reason that you got the shockwave mod. Btw, how does the Shockwave reduce the recoil?

Miles-From-Home: well I dont believe you can buy these 14" barrels anymore and do this ..I would seriously check your state, city, county, and federal laws before you attempt this, wish I knew of this three years ago and made one out of my persuader!

Cooll Asice: Why are you hiding in the dark, dude?
What are you up to?

T-bone 686: that crap is sweet brother

Keefe Borden: Thanks for the video.... What kind of pattern does it give with buckshot at, say, 10 yards?
Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip Mossberg 500 Shotgun Mod Non NFA SBS Best Home Defense Review 5 out of 5

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Robert Thrash: That's a BADASS looking shotgun.
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Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip Mossberg 500 Shotgun Mod Non NFA SBS Best Home Defense Review