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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Estevan D.: i want it soooooooo bad
Uglywretch: The problem with the backpack is it's totally show accurate. Plus, wasn't he voiced by Weird Al? I love the guy, I just haven't ever found it cheap.... or cheap enough to equal the amount of shrapnel I happen to have in my pocket at the time. Ho hum. :(
Kuba Kufera: Jest język polski?
s0nnyburnett: Wish I could hear the story behind every car and what it meant to people like this video.
Bryce Castor: The Dice Tower previews Rampage, an Asmodee dexterity game. I'm not sure this would work across all ages but I love Eric's reaction.
Hansen Sebastian: Looks like Bunta's Impreza from Initial D, sans the wheels.
CasperPL: Supcio TNK HD !!!

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