CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm

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evilgel666: it looks like a sphinx

John Nguyen: Great review Sootch! 🇺🇸

Anti Law: ok, so I get home after picking up my new CZP09. Magazine holds 19 rounds.(both). I go to load the mag and it wont push up and click(fully engage). I remove a round from the mag(18) and now the mag fully inserts. with 19 rounds in the mag, it will fully insert with the slide open. even if I have one round in the chamber, the magazine will not seat with 19 rounds. what the hell is going on? where is the 19+1? don't have this issue with my other pistols.

Barni Szelepcsényi: Hi! You has a super videos.
I own too CZ P-09. How can i adjust a rear sight? With the small screw? Can you tell me?
Greatings from Hungary (Europe)! Thanks!

pavolpi: Česká Zbrojovka.

David Ricardo: Qua to custard la pistol

David Ricardo: Droids demand

Kyler Havard: No it's not the sig sauer p226 tactical operation holds 20+1

RayGunz: The pleasure of shooting that gun I have to say is above and beyond a lot of others so feel lucky that I own it CZ is my choice over all others I do own a Glock 17 and it is a limited edition version out of 250 but typically I go with CZ I would put my life on them before anyone else. Amazingly I have never had a problem with any of them never a misfire stovepipe failure to eject failure to fire nothing I am used and used my CZ and never a failure. I am 32 years old and I am still astounded every time I even see one I will probably continue to collect them for the rest of my life anybody up for a trade I will trade my Glock 17 never fired for a 40th anniversary edition cz 75 B the clock I have is the my Glock edition out of 250 there are 999 CZs

JayzBeerz: sucks my came with a polymer guide rod

FLY ROD: Thank you for the video.

Michael Aronson: Thanks for the info. Great video. Will be on my list for future acquisition.

M. Chico77 9s and 40s: yet california with all their "gun safety rules" seems to be the place where most the shootings are happening.//////This is nothing against you californians who have a brain but come on idiots.Wake the freak up people,govt,liberals,...whoever lives in fairytale world on top of a happy rainbow toadstool in the woods surrounded with fairy dust!! You taking the guns out of the citizens hands who could possibly prevent these tragedies from happening.the cops,are they gonna do it? LOL A shooting happened by a jihadist(thats what the news says,his religious affiliation makes no difference to me,just the fact that no one could stop him) just a few days ago in a state tough on gun laws,wake up america,before we have stones to throw to defend ourselves

Jeff Kenway: somebody let me know is the guide rod that comes with the po9 also made of steel?

jblcva: CZ's are known for Accuracy+...

jblcva: Hillary 10/25/15 If Elected She Will Call for TOTAL GUN CONFISCATION..She is a congenital liar...She should be indicted over the e-mail server bull sht. America has NO SECRETS! In Pa alone in 2014 they had 600k hunting licenses sold ...We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights...Read the founders thoughts on the individuals right to keep and bear arms for the confused people..

Jason Somers: This will defeat any sig, any.  Alloy, plastic, whatever.  The best part of it all, it has a cheaper price than probably any Sig, depending on where you shop, holds more rounds too.  It will destroy that new Sig P320, 250, etc.  No matter what nutnfancy or whatever anyone says.  That new trigger is sweet.  The reason I say that the sigs suck is because they want you to buy all of this other crap, it seems like a nice bargain at first.  As you add stuff up the cost raises up.  Sig quality has just really fallen off, customer support too.  Hold both and you'll see, quality is quickly felt and seen.

Viper Dagger: Ok someone answer these two questions for me.

Are the ergos better than the CZ75?
Is the trigger pull better or more crisp than the CZ75?

I am considering a CZ75 or this in the later future for a full size 9mm

Nicholas Evans: i wish there was more aftermarket support for the p09. there seems to be more with the p07
CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm 5 out of 5

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CZ P09 Duty Pistol  19+1 9mm