CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm

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CZ P09 Duty Pistol  19+1 9mm
CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm
At the Range: CZ P-09 Duty
At the Range: CZ P-09 Duty
Quick look..CZ P-09 Duty 9mm 19+1
Quick look..CZ P-09 Duty 9mm 19+1
The CZ P-09 Has Landed!
The CZ P-09 Has Landed!
CZ P-07 Duty
CZ P-07 Duty
CZ PO9 Polymer frame pistol at SHOT Show 2013
CZ PO9 Polymer frame pistol at SHOT Show 2013
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CZ75 P-07 Duty 9mm Review One Fine Firearm
CZ P-07 Duty review by Nutnfancy
CZ P-07 Duty review by Nutnfancy
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CZ P-09 vs XDm 5.25
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CZ 75 P-01 9mm shooting and tabletop review
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CZ 75 P-07 DUTY 9MM 3.8 inch barrel doing heart shots with Federal ammunition
CZ 75 Police BD Pistol
CZ 75 Police BD Pistol

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MrKZizzle: Do you like the fact that the CZ line went to polymer? I really like the CZ 75 line of pistols but would certianly look at the new polymer frames. Thanks for posting ..

NOEL RANKIN: Are the frame rails replaceable like on an M&P or FN FNX?

King Conquer: still no 2nd video sootch!

JayzBeerz: This is my next purchase. 

pdx650: Sweet-looking poly service pistol. Nice review, too.

NOEL RANKIN: What an awesome review! Exactly what I was looking for. I want a FDE frame version at my favorite gun store. Im getting it now. Thank you

Tingtong Mahk: Nice vid Sootch. Thank you.

xjoseywales: I've been looking at a CZ for a while now. I was pretty set on an SP-01 (steel version) but the P09 piqued my interest. The only thing that has me put off is they are available so cheaply. Generally I see them less than a regular plain jane steel CZ 75. Are there any issues with these guns?, why are they so affordable?

mulumba: Can somone contact me via Facebook Joe Arnott Using my sons account and link me to the cheapest one of these

danneo65: springfield xdm 9mm holds 19+1

Jordan Munir: I like the price, but my next purchase has got to be a Beretta M9 or 92fs. I put it off too long already. Nice weapon though. 

Nate wahl: Did you ever make a video on installing the manual and the deroosterer?

kaaajeee: for a CZ this is really ugly :(

LongRange Bob: How readily available are additional magazines? 

Kevin Castleberry: Sig Sauer 1911, any model, .45acp. Everyone that had shot this falls in love. Including LEOs that carry Glocks gen 1-3 chambered in .40. By the way, why do our special forces carry Sig P226-229. That's why. Mud, blood and crud, they'll shoot through hell and back. Just my .2 cents, if you can afford Sig pistols or rifles, you will always be shooting under any conditions.

Lawrence Glazer: I have a Jericho RPSL which is said is a copy of a CZ. Great gun but it took me quite awhile to get to disassemble it. But as a novice it took practice and I do it easily now. Wish it had a recoil spring like the CZ P09.

John Mccray: Need that second video on the safety conversion! Thanks for the review. 

kevink400: Sootch, how does the grip size of this pistol with the smallest back strap compare with the smallest back strap on a M&P 9?

Doug Layton: Love this pistol - looks great, feels great, SHOOTS great!

rickrnash: plus p rated?

Angel Torres: I got one this past week, lucky to found one at a good deal. Shot 100 rds. with no problems. and quick too. With the magazine fully loaded doesn't feel heavy either. I like the de-roosterer and the serrations easy to grab and slide.

Al Codie: 19+1 ! Nice but it don't matter to me because up here in the great white north we are only aloud 10 rounds in our pistols . Good vid ,I like your channel .

blaster mitch: Sootch, you're videos are awesome. You keep it simple and to the point. No B.S. Keep up the good work!

Joe Romero: Great Video! thank you! 

CriticalDynamics STG: CZ P09 Mags work and function in the S&W M&P 9 full-size, but not vice-versa. I now carry 19 round mags with my M&P from CZ. They function flawlessly....

scott6154: Actually the Springfield Armory XDM full size 9mm is also 19+1.

Jason Loewe: I got a cz p07 duty a little while ago only because i live in Comi Colorado so we are restricted to 15 rounds. Just found out my friend wanted to sell my his his p09 duty with 6 19 round magazines. Now I can finally have big magazines for my p07 as well. Take that society =P

Dennis Velez: The Springfield xdm 3.8 9mm also holds 19+1.

John Milewski: Where did you get the bench block? I need one. Johnlm

Tim Orlando: I love your reviews the way you show every aspect of these guns thus will probably be my next cz I'd like a 97bd but I'm just a huge fan of high capacity that having a 19+1 is too hard to say no too keep up the good work!

Loquaciousgamer: I was considering getting the beretta A-1 again, but with two extra rounds and poly frame I want this pistol. Good job Sootch! I always enjoy your reviews.

MrNeedsdecaf: Does the extra safety lever come with the gun?

NakedSteak: Nice review, but I believe that CZ P 07 is called Duty, while in this review you have P 09 which is called Guardian Angel.

nogpoctok90x: +sootch00 Those blocks on the inside of the rail that you have pointer out, are they metal or polymere? Great Vid!!! I have been conteplating between the P09 and sig p250 full size 9mm. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

Jdmlsturbo: Fn57 20+1 rds

rjhengartner: Just bought this gun and like most stock cz's You need to run a few hundred rounds before the trigger smooth out...Overall it is a awesome handgun!!! A CZ won't fail you. 

KC Jayhawk: pretty bad ass, great that the .40 holds 16+1 !

0346GT: If you could on choose between SP-01 or P09?

metzgerf: In my opinion, the fact that it can hold more rounds isn't worth the fact that it's so much uglier than the P-07.

Иван Иванович: Брутальный дизайн. Интересно, как он лежит в руке и как лягается при выстреле?

mutedpker3: best handgun for homedefence? i even think its interisting for law enforcment 

Tony Arellano: The Xdm also carries 19+1

TactiKoolStuff: Are you the only Young Gun left or something? The freak happened?

mitsubishidiamante: that gun look sexy

scottfumc: hee hee, he said doody...

Mostly humble 1: My xdm compact 9mm holds 19 plus 1. Every damn time I load it it holds the same damn amount. 19 in the mag and 1 in the chamber.

n300zx931: I do like this gun a lot. My xdm probably wins with overall safety in a carry pistol. It also has the same mag capacity.

skru2b: Good question and I do not know the answer. If one wants to carry a pistol in roostered-and-locked state then the safety is a necessity. The deroosterer is a more convenient way to lower the hammer on a live round without discharging it. If you have a striker fired gun the deroosterer is meaningless, as is the case with double-action-only guns. My best bet is that it is mostly a design feature decided by the manufacturer and you either like it or not.

jayclames: Sootch, I'm a lefty. Can u switch the mag release? Thx

Han Sebi: 20???!!!
CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm 4.9 out of 5

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CZ P09 Duty Pistol  19+1 9mm