CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm

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Christopher Testa: Great video, thank you.

One Punch Negga: May Allah (GOD ALMIGHTY) bless America and it's democratic republic lulz

Albert Levy: I am thinking about one of these for Duty use. I work as an armed guard in a court system in Arizona. I have been looking for a duty holster if there are any. Any Ideas?

Loyd Lamberson: Great Review. This is helping me decide in between the HK P30L or CZ P09.

Edward Abel Bonilla: Trump is coming for our guns because more minorities, left wing, and LBGT are buying guns and we are all aiming at him. Just wait.

Jon R: freaka 40 S&W lol

Will Shephard: I switched to safety but it moves way too easy. If I put it down with safety on then pick it up the lever will switch so I'm gonna have to struggle to get deroosterer back in. Love my P-09 tho!!!

MotoViking: You really need to change this channel name to "The CZ channel" ! Lol. Great review as always!

Waltinho Caravan1: Isso sim é um dos melhores produtos já atirei top dms show show show show show show

Appalachian Gunman: My dad got one of these awhile back, I couldn't believe how accurate it was, such a sweet shooter!

madbomer72: Why would you ever buy a .40 sad and wimpy

dimmacommunication: This or sig 226?

Appolo Geticks: The mags say 19 but they only hold 18. It's not a big deal unless you really like dumping ammo, but it is false advertisement.

pigpaul: thank you@sootch00 just picked up one today in Vegas for $530 your reviews convinced me too get this. have a good weekend sir.

Draves: Is the P09 a decent conceal weapon? looking for a good full size 9mm for CC. right now it's either this, the FNS9 or the glock 17.

Aaron Ratliff: I going today to buy this gun...I never was a fan of 9mm but this gun has changed my mind

YeuLaKho: Need a better design for magazine base plate. It has too much gap between the mag well and the base plate. Look at Glock, 92A1, Vp9, the gap fit right. Yes, I have a CZ-P09. Overrated CZ ergonomic.

Kyle Rainer: Question of the ages: P09 or regular CZ75?

lukas ondrej: i have got ammo for pistol :)

taz Man: not a bad gun but feels cheap to me and bulky . although I do like the metal framed CZ;s
CZ P09 Duty Pistol 19+1 9mm 5 out of 5

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Christopher Testa: Great video, thank you.
Bilal Sarıkaya: hala ok google dediğimde olmuyor neden acaba
Der mächtig schmächtige Shawn - Unterbunter: Ich will immer noch, dass die Digimon immer risiger werden, je höher die digitieren. Ich meine das war eins der coolsten Sachen in der Serie:T
DannyLustiger: Thank you very much. Your video solved my problem.
Emiliano Rodríguez Falla: que es un modo invierno de un renault sandero
The Laundry Centre: Very nice! Sounds very smooth
Kentral: Ah, our good friends at Ocean.

CZ P09 Duty Pistol  19+1 9mm