Lenovo 3000 N500 4233-52U Notebook

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Lenovo 3000 N500 4233-52U Notebook
Lenovo 3000 N500 4233-52U Notebook
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Rouven Rupp: my lenovo 3000 n500 have the intel core 2 duo and 4gb ram

Lune Maxidenis: today when i was in class i found outside this laptop! :D

maxxdblade: i have the version with pentium d t3400 geforce 9300m gs and 2 gigs of ram can i change screen card on this i mean is this supports mxm?

RadicalAlex: lol I didnt realize that you commented that 3 years ago until like 5 secs after i posted it.

Simon Christensen: Because the prices keep changing.

r31ncarnat3d: You guys need to stop posting videos on general consumer crap. When you stopped posting gamer/enthusiast products, your video views dropped from an average of 15,000/video to 3,000/video. If you want viewers back, stop ruining this channel and give the people what they really want.

PowerLinuxUser: The fact that you get a full sized screen, keyboard, and integrated cd-rom makes it so much better than the n10j. The celeron is faster than the Atom, and you get a lot more upgradability. The graphics card is hardly even better than the Intel GMA X4500.

playmobilsam123: I got this laptop for my Birthday on the 4th on july 2009 and it's great! With 3GB ram and a 250GB HD this is a good and fast laptop and also has a better processor than the review! And will accept games with reasonable graphics. I would reccomend this laptop to anybody!

LETHLSS: albert's a cool cat

jkpb015: these videos are for the specs. if you're interested in the product after the video, go to the site and look it up.

gallya: dude, these are dinosaur monstrosity speed computers. Really slow

pcandcargeek28: no, but u can get an external floppy drive

balbaldoodoo: Sweet Laptop

Nick030390: i got this laptop i have the 160gb in it 2 gb of ram and i just changed the processor out i took the celeron out and put in an intel t5800 core 2 duo 2.0 its a great laptop i just use it for school and sum gaming not much and video stuff i think it needs more ram tho

Nyssa Hunt: I won this laptop at an Honors Banquet :D

deathgrindcheese: you can count on cs1.6

Reuven Goldstein: highroller you're teh sex.

specialedbob: wow... does saying that make you feel better?

IkePwnzU: No offence, but booorrrinnggg... Let's drown him out and go on newegg....

Tuzioya: Its a GREAT laptop. With the celeron its for more common use, but if you pop in an intel pentium dual core 2.16ghz, you can actually get things done, like play regular games (sorry no crysis), and even do video editing, and with the cheap SDRAM these days, you can easily get 4 gb DDR2 ram, making this laptop nice and smooth. I suggest buying this laptop! :)

SanskritZ: this guy is actually pretty good reviewer

KeeL246: they never say the freakin price.

KeeL246: thats fantastic, its a shame i live in Canada and have no idea how that transfers inot Canadian dollars

パイズリの専門家: i hawe the same pc now and its soo goooooooooooood

peterpulpitpounder: Wow, that was a "late" response! (3 years later!). Ha, ha!

ElectricEng2011: i'm running Pspice ,MatLab and some other softwares on it really powerful

andmcl1993: the only part i dont like is the celeron

Simon Christensen: Dinosaurs

YezidiTube: what the 56k modem used for?

hamster7ff: I have just bought this computer It's got a 320 Gb hard drive It's really good

jonnyrb1981: Im thinking of getting one of these to run Autocad on . What do you think ? Im a Mac user but I want to keep my Macbook for music production

Molag-Bal: For my personal view is a piece of crap...

skyline777: these vids are good for people who would like a second opinion about general consumer products. it's a good way to be informed.

Paul Houde: Tiger Direct is a huge business. They're richer than you will ever be. They don't give a crap about Youtube views.

r31ncarnat3d: Cost efficiency. Each video costs them money: pay for staff+ Albert and Bauer, editing, and equipment. No matter how rich you are, wasting money is always one of the last things you'd want. If they want to make videos, then I just want them to at least get their money's worth.

jumanjigod: I got the same one for 200 pounds with a 3gb memory windows vista pro and 250 gig hardrive |^_^

RadicalAlex: it looks like a glossy, you can see a reflection in the beginning.

morgangamer22: COOL

peterpulpitpounder: How about the screen? Matte finish? I'm really interested in the viewing angles. Can't stand glossy screens. Thanks.

DeltaPhi79: @ImReniXx So then it's not the exact same laptop. :P

tom tom: where? plz reply

M Ca: Can the CPU be upgraded? What's the highest supported? Can the memory be upgraded to DDR3? what's the max? What the best video card this thing can support?

Ivan Pokenoob Moondistortion: be on the ball buddy lol

davisc1926: I bought mine for $400 through Tigerdirect and no sales tax.

rudgee Saputra: intel celeron is bad

newkie2008: the extra stuff, the battery and the WARRANTY (OMFG) of the n10j are much much better, and the external dvd drives are not to expensive

N3C494: I have that laptop with 3gb ram.I am progammer and that laptop is very good for my,linux instaled.

Jason Wang: chill dude...

newkie2008: don´t buy this laptop please buy a n10j fro asus is much better check the review from tigerdirect SERIOUSLY

DaveTehManProduction: cool highrollerr21 you fail at life kill ur self.
Lenovo 3000 N500 4233-52U Notebook 4.6 out of 5

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Harikrishna Pydipati: Can you please fix the audio lag?
Rouven Rupp: my lenovo 3000 n500 have the intel core 2 duo and 4gb ram
RobbieRobbie: no problem.
Ozterkvlt: BUT, the note 3 had way faster tracking than the 10.1, THERE IS A DELAY I CAN SEE IT. Goddamnit. Dont lie to people
yuya sato: I wear this and beckman in the same size :)
channelnw: The only pre workout supplement to ever give me a hangover. 13-14 hours of dry mouth, sweating profusely and stomach in knots. Never ever use this supplement. There is DEFINITELY some illegal additives in this or at least they would be illegal if the government knew about them. It had a very similar psychological effect to MDMA, which is quite unsettling whilst in the gym.
timcat100: MD H for whatever reason I can't reply directly to you, there is no reply link. Major mistake you are asking if you can use a cheap inverter!!! "Cheap inverters" do not work they smoke! I was able to get it to sync with a cheap stepper wave inverter. I put it through rigorous testing and finally smoked it too. Square wave inverters puke instantly. Xantrax inverters work fine, Go power pure sine...went boom! The grid can take it no problem and actually makes a meter record generated power exported. I have a net meter for solar. (Highly illegal to run a gen into the Grid) (walking away whistling) (hands behind back) Testing passed at the full 1750 watts continues load for 1 minute. ( a friend of a friends friend tested this for me) Anyhow DO NOT TRY THIS WITH A CHEAP INVERTER IT WON"T WORK. Get a meter with hertz and scope, check the accuracy under 1/2 load of the inverter AC first...if it's close to city power the Honda will sync. I put a 3000 watt Canadien tire square wave inverter into my Honda, in about 5 seconds the breakers tripped on the inverter but it survived and so did the Honda. If the Honda sounds like the load is reving up and down pull the plug instantly. they are out of sync. When they are in sync you will here the Honda rev down. Always plug the foreighn source of the Honda in first before you start the Honda. These gens are desighned to try and sync with what they sense on start-up only! They will trip every-time if you buck one with power already out of sync. My next test is to try and trick Enphase M250 Micro inverters to turn on by fooling them with a micro grid...looking for a 120 VAC in 2000 watt step up 240 vac with a L1 L2 N output 

Lenovo 3000 N500 4233-52U Notebook