Straight Talk Samsung S390g How To Install Java Apps

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coderspy: Something worth mentioning is that on this phone, larger jar files will give you a memory error when you try to run them unless you copied over the jad file to the phone before you installed the program. The jad file is used to tell the phone how much memory the jar file will need. I found this out after getting the not enough memory error when running some larger java programs.

Annie Kim: Can you download the .jar files strait from the browser?

toenail37: Does anyone know where I can download a QR reader app for the Tracfone Samsung S390G phone? I've been searching for one for over 2 weeks and haven't found one yet. Tracfone doesn't have a clue where to download a QR reader app.

SaraST8: Hi Annie, this is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. Yes, you can download the jar files strait from the browser with the use of this phone, but please make sure that you have enough memory. You may send us an email at if you have further questions. Thank you.

Lesberatti's Place: I have no ide what yoiu are regerring to./

Lesberatti's Place: I don't think this phone will be able to do QR codes.

Lesberatti's Place: I just purchased this phone, expect it to arrive next week.

johnmunch1: Does this cell phone have a blacklist or blocking phone numbers option that you don't want to waste your minutes on when they call in? And just the call reject button when it rings. Thanks!

Royce Barber: Could you tell me where you got a Facebook app? The opera app store only shows some kinda facebook chat app, and my samsung S390G (what this video is about) won't install it. @_@

coderspy: You copy it over the same way you copy over any file, which is via a micro-USB cable.

Lesberatti's Place: I don't know what the hell your talking about. Why don't you just format the memory after you add the micro nSD card?

ToxxicTess5683: what about .jad files? dont some apps need the .jad file too?

Lesberatti's Place: So how do you copy over the jad file? Why don't you give us the needed info.

LetArtsLive: net ten Samsung S390g Wifi Lockout problem no fix period

toenail37: I gave up trying to find an app after searching for about a month and a half.

Caramelldansen4eva: yes you can. Thats what i did with facebook and opera.

Caramelldansen4eva: Just go to on your mobile phone and you will find the download.

Phonegeek: first
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Straight Talk Samsung S390g How to install Java apps