Straight Talk Samsung S390g How To Install Java Apps

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33Dannyb: I meant Air Combat, oops.
Renan Oak: Muito boa rom... parabéns...
Ingrid Morbid: I just wonder how long did it last? I have a feeling those lighter ends washed out very quick or not?
0oKILLJAMo0: me pasas el link de adobe after effects¿?
FROSTedICE77: I read that the mics problem with the gopro is that you cant turn off the automatic gain control. Tried it on my computer and it was the same. Unfortunately i dont have anything else to test it with. I just ordered the atr3350, $24, lavaliere and will be posting a VS video of the two once i get it this Friday. Im going to keep the 24cm for high decibel sounds that may be distorted by wind noise, ie right by the exhaust outlet.
Luigithepwner: @syncronized77 What of the voltage? How would it perform with 2 7-cell nimh batteries of decent mah? Are lipos a necessity? Funny thing is, that has similar runtime to my brushless DBX VE. How does the stock EVX-2 ESC fare with these two beasts? Also, if broken in properly, what does motor lifespan look like? Thanks!

Straight Talk Samsung S390g How to install Java apps