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Vilma Marie: I'm feeling excited to try this way. You've explained it sooo well! Even though my hair ain't as long I feel like it will be the easiest way to do it.
gooddaymate: 技術比我差
Janae Jeon: Hi Joanna!! I'm new to your channel :) Ok so earlier this year I got into Kpop. Cool, right? Well, although I could NOT understand the language in the beginning, I COULD SEE the slim figures of these Korean idols!! I was so amazed at how pretty their tummy looked, how lean and slim AND LONG their legs were, and how little they weighed. To be honest I GOT OBSESSED over how perfect they looked to me. I started comparing myself. Not to brag or anything but my weight and height are actually normal and average so in the American view I would seem like a short skinny girl. I'm 20, 5'2, size 3 pants, size small/medium shirts and I weigh 117 pounds. Now, BEFORE you say how little or normal I weigh, I will note that although the numbers say i'm beyond ok, 👉I👈 Don't FEEL or SEE myself ok. I have a little bit of "love handles" or "muffin top" with stretch marks on the side, I have a tummy pooch and my upper inner thighs touch which I HATE. I do want a thigh gap and a flat stomach. I have slim arms so that part is ok lol but anyways the point of this comment is that I want to lose 10 pounds. Which actually is still normal for my height and age. My question is if it is possible to lose this weight before the Summer of 2015??? Thanks! 
Dell: *The new Dell Venue 8 Pro [video]* Stay connected to what matters to you with the Dell Venue 8 Pro. For product details, please see http://dell.to/18Vinds. #dellvenue #windowstablet #tablets 
nemesiscro: @FanOfReyMysterio1 znaci sramis se sto si srbin pa kazes da si bosanac? I to razumijem, bas mi te je zao xD svakako si ga najebo - nit si srbin nit si bosanac - ni sam ne znas sta si, sam si to pokazao. Tko zna, mozda si jos i hrvat jer ti je neki Ustasa silovao majku ili babu? kod vas se nikad ne zna, ipak su vam zene takozvane "radodajke". A ti balavac od 19 godina ces mene teeeesko uplasit, jos si mi ti pre zelen za to ;-) takve poput tebe pojedem za dorucak xD pozdravi si mamu od mene!
Lisa Sewell: I had to pay for it i had to pay for it i had to pay for it i have to pay for it lol
Henrique Trabach: e a autonomia da bateria? deixa a desejar? pq eu to acostumado com o meu atrix, q dependendo do uso gasta rapido

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