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GlovingSecret: Could someone please help? I have a problem with my nose, its always ALWAYS blocked. I can't smell, I can't breathe, I can't live my life. Been to many doctors but they end up saying that I shouldn't use nasal spary which is the only thing that allows me to breathe for few hours and then they give me some rubbish pills that do nothing! Do I need to do an operation? Please answer.
GUITARTEC DEAN: Two questions; Every shot I take with my R1 carbine, I "pell" the skirt with a Beeman pell. It just seems to make sense to spread the skirt out as much as possible. I have no proof this does anything, tho, but it adds an extra step in every shot I take, which I like. Has anyone ever checked the velocity of a given pellet that's been pelled vs. unpelled through an R1? Second, what is the Beeman R1 book I keep hearing about? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks.
mattm1495: how did they get a big star like Shrek to play a maid , Beth Chapman (dog bounty hunters wife) to play their mother
thanhnhan nguyen: cac ban k nen mua xe nay phi tien,,minh ham qua nen da ban chiec ex di mua xe nay,,cuoi cung minh qua that vog vi no di chang ra gi,,tieng bo no nghe k co mot cai gi goi la;xang uong nhu nuoc,,30km het mot lit xag,,Chua ke den cty bao hanh qua chan nan,,xe moi lay ve no keu roi,,mang xuong kiem tra thi ben bao hanh noi xe nay dieu trinh kho lam..dag doi dung cu mang ve tho moi sua dc,,cuoi cug mang ve,cho den nay da di dc 12000km.chang co ai bao hanh,,mang den roi mang ve,con nua nha cac ban,,suon xe bi ri set nhiu cho,,minh goi dien bao thi ben bao hanh bao mang di xigon kt..toi ma biet ben cty suzuki doi xu voi khach hang nhu vay deo con c mua,,ban thi noi ngot ngao,,ban dc xe xong roi thi deo co trach nhiem,,dm suzuki cac ban nen tranh xa ra di,,suzuki nhu con cat ma bai dat quang cao cho hay,,tu cham soc khach hang den uy tinh thi diu thua hang yamaha,,cac ban nen mua zamaha tot hon,,,qua buc xuc nen toi moi noi nhug loi kho nghe nhu vay,,mog cac ban thong cam\
DjayZa Jay: อย่ากด้ายอีกแล้วครับพี่กิ๊ก
sixgunnernick: I have no idea, definitely research it. 
Threenger Broasd: Thats cool might i make a request for a costum set

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